Togetherness and completing tasks with friends in the month of Ramadan

in zzanlast year


On Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in the afternoon, we were with friends breaking the fast together at the caffee 'Jasa Karib Kupie' in Sampoiniet Kec. Baktiya Barat, Aceh Utara. Because at the end of the month we have a lot of reports to complete and we can't postpone it, because we have to finish them immediately, it's been two weeks we've been going through the holy month of Ranadhan. Because the saying goes, today is better than tomorrow.

What we have had time to do today, we should not delay tomorrow, but of course tomorrow we will have the opportunity to do too many tasks, we remember our health and age are uncertain because it is all the destiny of the Almighty.




Hopefully posting articles will be a motivation for me and steemit friends

Thank you to all the friends who have joined @steemzzang, @cjsdns and Atomy.


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