Steemit Engagement Challenge S5-W1 | Laughter is The Best Medicine

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Season 5 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge is here!

There is no better way to start this challenge than with a bit of laughter.

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“A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh burst forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around” Carolyn Birmingham

Contest tips

For this contest we want you to tell us why you think laughter is the best medicine.

We also want you to choose one of the two following statements and write about it;

  1. What made you laugh so much that you had to hold your stomach or wipe your tears
  2. Share a prank that you pranked on someone that makes you laugh even now when you think back about it
  • Posts must be posted in the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE community
  • Write a post with no less than 350 words
  • Post must be steemexclusive
  • All relevant languages are allowed
  • Use your own images, and if not you must Avoid non-copyright free images and post the source of the images
  • Use Post Title " Steemit Engagement Challenge S5-W1: Laughter is The Best Medicine
  • You must use the the #steem4betterlife-s5w1, #yourcountry, #club? tags, among your first 5 tags
  • Participants may not use any auto-vote services
  • Participants must meet the requirements of #club5050 #club75 or #club100
  • Paste your post link in this post to make searching easier
  • Up vote this post, resteem it and invite 3 other users to participate
  • Actively commenting on other engagement participants across the engagement community

Like with all contest there must be a verification and scoring process.

This will be as follows;

Scoring System or Verification Format
Verification Date
Month Date, Year
O'clock00.00 PM/ AM
Get Upvote0
Valid Comments from Other Users0
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌1
#steemexlusive✅ or ❌1
Bot Free✅ or ❌1
Verified User✅ or ❌1
Markdown Style2
Quality Content4
Total Score10
Club Status Verification PeriodMonth Date to Month Date, Year
Transfer to STEEM
Cash Out STEEM
Voting CSI00.00 ( 0.00 % self, 00 upvotes, 00 accounts, last 7d )

Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application

Development Notes from Verifier

Contest Assessor

  1. We do not guarantee that every participant will be supported by steemcurator01 or steemcurator02
  2. The jury's decision cannot be contested
  3. The main hashtag for this contest search is #steem4betterlife-s5w1
  4. Engagement: Post should get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments from other users. (Comments like “great” “good” “nice” etc. simple words are not eligible.)
  5. Participating time is from 00:00 (UTC) on Monday to 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday.

Good luck!

Note :

Team Leader@heriadi
Contest Ideas @patjewell
Cover Design@irawandedy
PublicationSteem For BetterLife Team (@klen.civil, @sofian88, @ubongudofot, @alanasteemit, @mariana4ve, @el-nailul)
 4 months ago 

Very good contest for "Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5 Week 1" with the Theme "Laughter is The Best Medicine".
This is a very interesting theme because laughter is a medicine for our soul. Laughter can release the burden in our bodies so that it makes us calm and comfortable. I wish this contest a success with many participants taking part in this contest.

 4 months ago 

I love this contest because laughing is a wonderful terpaia.await my participation,I will enjoy reading the entries no doubt,well done community.

 4 months ago 

I really agree with this theme, because there are many people out there when they are stressed, and made to laugh by their colleagues, the stress will definitely go away, it indicates that laughter is the best medicine 😂

 4 months ago 

wow wonderful contest i love it. I Will try to participate very soon.

 4 months ago 

nice, contest . :)

 4 months ago 

"Tak selamanya manusia tertawa, tak selamanya manusia menangis. Jadi tak perlu berlebihan ketika bahagia, tak perlu juga terlalu berlebihan ketika bersedih."Well, this is how life really is, so this contest is very good, we will present our entry soon.

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 4 months ago 

Tema muy valioso, ya que el corazón alegre hermosea el rostro. La risa relaja los músculos del rostro, lo cual, te hace agradable para socializar.

Deseo mucho éxito a la gran familia de @steembetterlife en esta temporada que inicia hoy.

 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 

Mi entrada.

 4 months ago 

Sungguh kontes yang sangat luar biasa bagi saya...🎉🎉 Akan saya coba

 4 months ago 

Hola buenas tardes por aquí les dejo mi entrada☺️

Steemit Engagement Challenge S5-W1: La Risa es la mejor medicina

 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 

Hola amigos, un gusto saludarlos, aca les dejo mi participación:
Saludos y mucho éxito.

 4 months ago 

Laughing has become my favorite thing, because laughing can make us free from mistakes even if it's for a while, but it's really fun. So really like laughing.

This is My entri

Thanks for Visits and support, Thank you always good people.

 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 

Saludos amigos de comunidad

Atendiendo con este reto vengo a dejar mi entrada:


 4 months ago 

Here we go team!! (•ิ‿•ิ)
Good luck to all those participating 🤞

 4 months ago 

¡Saludos amigos! Por acá les comparto mi participación en la dinámica:

 4 months ago 

Saludos, amigos. Por aquí les dejo mi entrada para este emotivo concurso:

 4 months ago 

Wow, very good contest for the week ;) Laughter is The Best Medicine is a very interesting theme as laughter stimulates our heart so it's good for our soul too.
I'm sure this is a successful contest and of course my entry is the best ;)
here we go :

Good luck to all participants :)

 4 months ago 

I am so happy to be part of this beautiful contest, my post entry, please-

 4 months ago 

Saludos a todos!! Adjunto el link de mi publicación

Steemit Engagement Challenge S5-W1 || La risa es la mejor medicina 🤣

 4 months ago 

Buenas noches comunidad

Comunidad Steem para una vida mejor.png

Acá mi participación en el concurso La risa es la mejor medicina que se realiza en esta comunidad y que forma parte de la primera semana de la 5ta temporada del #Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Suerte a todos los participantes

Hasta al proxima...

 4 months ago 

I Love this, Thanks a Lot for this great opportunity, I've learned a lot from the numerous write ups...
Best of luck to all contestants

Here's my contest

 4 months ago 

Gracias por la divertida iniciativa que nos lleva a recordar, así comparto mi participación:

 4 months ago 

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