Tips to Always Get Creative Ideas for Writing on the Steemit Platform


Since joining the steemit platform, I have met many steemians from day to day, not only steemians who come from one area, even steemians who are outside the area, I meet only for the purpose of learning from each other and trying to build. communication in order to interact with each other.

Of the many steemians I've met, I always find out the reasons why they rarely post, even most of them look inactive for a long time, you know? nearly all responded that they had run out of ideas or didn't know what to write about a particular theme to make it acceptable to readers.

Therefore, I present this contest as an effort to be able to share simple tips on how to generate creative ideas in writing. With the hope that it can be a motivation for newcomers or users who have been in a vacuum for a long time to be able to actively work together again on this platform that we love.

Contest Tips

As usual we will provide several points that can be followed to make it easier for you to participate;

  • Share with us at least 3 points the most effective ways to generate creative ideas in writing.
  • Do you think there is a special way to get creative ideas? Explain...
  • Subscribe to the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE Community
  • Must join at least #club5050
  • Participants are only allowed to use any relevant language.
  • Original or exclusive content and open to the public.
  • Post in the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE Community
  • Unlimited creativity, make writing as interesting as possible.
  • Use post title Tips to Always Get Creative Ideas for Writing on the Steemit Platform
  • Use the hashtag #contest-idea, #creativewriting and #yourcountry in the first three tags
  • Plagiarism is prohibited. Participants who commit plagiarism will be immediately disqualified
  • Use at least 300 words (use photo with source if not original file)
  • Put your post link in the comments field below.
  • Resteem this post so that many other users see it
  • Invite three of your friends to join.
  • Distribute 10% prizes to @worldsmile / @steembetterlife as a form of support for the World Smile Project Program which will be implemented in various countries. (optional, but it will help a lot of people in need)
Contest Prizes :
  • 9 Steem Power for the top 3 participants + Booming Support (conditioned and if eligible for support eligibility)

  • All eligible participants have the possibility to get Booming Support and February Curator Team (conditioned and if eligible for support eligibility)

Contest Schedule :

Contest posts are valid from 17 March - 21 March 2023 (Post Schedule refers to 23.59 WIB)


All entries will be judged by the Community team

  • The jury's decision is final and irrevocable
  • Contest entries will be found with the hashtag #contest-idea by the organizers and judges
  • We can't guarantee that the winner will get support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, but we will apply for support from the March curator team.

Thank you for your attention, and a big thank you to all those who have supported the WSP project so far.

Cc: @pennsif @disconnect

Signed, Contest Organizer

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 3 months ago 

It is going to be an interesting contest . Let me prepare my entry. Thanks fir the contest

 2 months ago (edited)

Bg,, cara bergabung di #club5050 gimana ya? Maaf saya baru aktif kembali di steem..

 2 months ago 

Hai @lidiasteem, selamat datang kembali si Steem...

Untuk bergabung dengan #club anda harus melakukan power up.

  • #club5050, Anda harus melakukan power up 50% dari pendapatan anda di Steemit. Dan dihitung selama satu bulan terakhir.
  • #club75, Anda haru melakukan power 75% dari pendapatan anda. Dan dihitung selama dua bulan terakhir.
  • Sedangkan untuk #club100, Anda harus melakukan power up 100% dari semua penghasilan Anda, artinya tidak ada cas out sedikitpun.

Jika anda yang belum dipahami anda dapat menanyakan lagi ke saya, semoga bermanfaat.

 2 months ago (edited)

Ou, saya kan baru aktif kembali, dan belum ada steem yang bisa di power up bg,,,rencana perdana mengikuti kontes ini... Jdi gimana tu? Apakah boleh mengikuti kontes?

 2 months ago 

Mungkin anda dapat membeli beberapa Steem di market luar dan kemudian di masukkan ke akun untuk power up. Maka dengan begitu anda akan tergabung dengan #club

 2 months ago 

Dear Sir sofian88

My entry is :

Seriously this is one best content till now. This is really meaning ful to new commers who come on Steemit and start writing but if they read these contest post so they will improve their writing too . I tried my best as I am blogger and regular poster in steemit.

Thanks 🙏


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