Prize Pool has been increased! - Thanks for all donations [TOTAL 150 STEEM in Prizes]

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This contest is sponsored by @stephenkendal

Check the complete contest here


Bringing new investors to Steemit

The main objective of this contest will be to promote Steem and Steemit in potential businesses in your community so that they can accept payments in STEEM, explain to them how to open an account in Steemit, how they can receive payments for their products or services sold and their benefits.


For your participation to be valid, take into account the following.

The company

  • The business must Register in Steemit.
  • The business must make the presentation of the business including photos of the premises and mention the user who has added it to Steemit as a Steem investor.
  • The business must post on social media or make a public announcement (for example, a sticker, billboard, etc.) that it accepts payments on Steem.


  • Write a brief summary of each business.
  • Add photos of the announcements each business has made about accepting payments on Steem to your post.
  • You can edit the post as you bring in more businesses that want to invest in STEEM, until the end of the contest.
  • Mention the username of the company registered in steemit.


  • The title of the post should be:
    Contest4Steem | Bringing new investors to Steemit by @YOURUSER
  • Post to the community 'PromoSteem 📣'
  • Tags: #contest #contest4steem #promo-steem #steemexclusive
  • Entries only in English.
  • Share the post on social medias.
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • 100% original content. Plagiarism is not accepted.

Aspects to evaluate

  • Number of registered companies or businesses.
  • Impact that a business may have on consumers.
  • Compliance with the rules.


I will donate 20 STEEM to the 100 STEEM that have been sponsored by @stephenkendal.

Total in prizes: 150 STEEM

1st place2nd place3rd place
4th place5th place6th place

Contest ending

The contest will end on June 1st at 12:00 pm (UTC VZLA) and the winners will be announced two days later to have enough time to evaluate all entries.

Competition jury


Steem on! 🚀



Hey @oscarcc89, can I add 10 STEEM to the pool?

 2 years ago 

Wow, of course. Thank you!
This will further encourage participation, thank you very much again!

 2 years ago 

Soon I will be updating the contest post. Thank you friend!

 2 years ago 

Una buena noticia.

Wow this will help not only steemit grow but also make more persons to signup but i wanna ask one question!

What about us that do online business for example I sell stuffs but i don't have a shop can i still partake in this contest?

 2 years ago 

Yes, of course. If you have an online business you can make an announcement on the social networks of your business, that now you accept payments in STEEM. In this way, your business followers will know about Steem or Steemit.

Remember that you must register the business in Steemit and make the presentation. Any other questions you can leave them here or contact me at the PromoSteem discord.

Firstly can i get the promo steem discord link?

secondly: How do we register the business here on steemit?

 2 years ago 


secondly: How do we register the business here on steemit?

Simply register a new account on steemit with the name of your business.

Ok then, thank you for this wonderful information.

 2 years ago 

This will help many to bring a lot of investments.

 2 years ago 

My entry for the Steem investor contest:
Shared on twitter social network:
yo invest 1.PNG

 2 years ago (edited)

Hello oscarcc89 this is my entry to the contest:

Shared on twitter social network:


Hello, here I leave my entry for this contest. Thank you very much for the initiative

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