Contest : "Diary PromoSteem" [Tell us About Your Daily PromoSteem Post Here] - Week #14

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Dear Steemians

So far I have reviewed the development of Steemit which is increasing day by day, we should give appreciation to anyone who has done it or helped and guided more people to join Steemit. Because thanks to the encouragement and motivation from all the promoters, everything went smoothly and was easy to do. For promoters who play a role in conducting PromoSteem to many people outside the steemit environment, we should praise them for the real actions they have taken so far.


PromoSteem activities can be carried out using various methods and of course every human being has different promotional ideas. With unique promotional ideas, wearing steemit costumes at festivals or even people who are really serious and enthusiastic and there are also promotional ideas through creativity such as making music, pictures and there are many ways that can be done for PromoSteem. Sometimes the promotion ideas are different but of course they have the same goal which is to attract investors and creators to join Steemit.

So from that I have a diamond idea where maybe you have done this idea before. Here I take the initiative to invite you to share stories about PromoSteem activities that you do every day. This is the same as the "Diary Game" but it's just that, here you act as a promoter and are tasked with telling your daily journey in doing PromoSteem with family, friends, co-workers, girlfriends or anyone.


Diary PromoSteem Contest

Through this post we invite you to tell us how you do PromoSteem in your place. Tell us about your PromoSteem actions on the Steem Marketing channel and do the PromoSteem actions according to your wishes. You can do PromoSteem on campuses, malls, cafes, restaurants, crowded places, face to face and others by using PromoSteem properties such as carrying Steemit banners, wearing Steemit clothes and other supporting tools.

The PromoSteem diary contains stories about your daily activities in PromoSteem activities, whether it's when you invite newcomers or other activities that are of course related to PromoSteem or Steem Growth and you can even do live via your own social media account. Send a screenshot and enter supporting data including how many people have joined your live on social media. Evidence is allowed in the form of comments and so on.


Contest Prizes

In this contest I have prepared 5 TRX for the first week of the “PromoSteem Diary” contest. Every week I will choose the 3 best posts and of course they will be included as winners. For 3 winners will get a Booming Support vote. Every day you can carry out PromoSteem activities and publish posts on the Steem Marketing channel. Below I attach the total prize each winner gets based on their ranking.

1st place3 TRX + Upvote Booming
2nd place2 TRX + Upvote Booming
3rd PlaceUpvote Booming

Contest Estimate

16 July 2023 - 23 July 2023 (23.59 UTC)


General Rules

To make it easier for you to make posts, I have prepared general and specific rules for the "PromoSteem Diary" contest. It is expected that you read carefully and thoroughly the contest rules as follows.

  1. "Diary Promoteem" tells about your daily PromoSteem
  2. Posts must be original (Plagiarism has no tolerance)
  3. Posts must be in #steemexclusive, never published on other websites.
  4. Post a minimum of 300 words
  5. Documentation of at least 3 images
  6. Each use of an image in the "PromoSteem Diary" post must be a personal photo, at least 2 images
  7. Only allowed to post 1 post a week
  8. Resteem and upvote and invite 3 of your friends to participate
  9. Include your contest entry link in the comments of this post
  10. Share your contest post on social media and include a screenshot in the comments of your post.


Special Rules

  1. Posts must be posted in the Steem Marketing community
  2. Create posts in English
  3. Users must at least join #club5050
  4. Use the tags #diarypromosteem, #steemgrowth, #yourcountry and #yourclub in the first 4 tags
  5. Mention the @ikmalhariamuna account once in your post
  6. Use a Title PromoSteem Diary [date/month/year] – Followed With Your Title
  7. Every image and story content in the “PromoSteem Diary” is purely an incident on that day/date.
  8. Share your post to Twitter and enter in the comments of your post


Notes :
  • Each post is not guaranteed to get votes from Sc01 and Sc02
  • Every post has the opportunity to get votes from community accounts and CCS Trail, of course with interesting post quality and good feedback for Steemit.
  • If you invite new members, please provide guidance in the “Introduction” post.



In the following I will attach a list of winners of the "Diary PromoSteem" Week #13 contest. Participants have done great work and contribution by telling the "PromoSteem Diary". Congratulations to the contest winner, thank you for promoting steemit in your life and I hope you always actively participate in all programs in Steem Marketing.

Post Link
@okere-blessingPromoSteem Diary [11/July /2023] – supervising and guiding my newbies3 TRX
@bossj23PromoSteem Diary [12/07/2023] – Promoting Steemit online and offline and signing up 6 users2 TRX
@estemPromoSteem Diary 14/07/ 2023 Recruiting new usersUpvote Booming


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Best Regards,
16 July, 2023



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