Steem forever - I am with you

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First and foremost wish you all safe days ahead of all of us with coronavirus threat to entire humanity and our loved ones. My support to all who are aware of this virus warning around The globe.Stay strong and follow local and state health environmental guidelines on this.Be safe my friends.
One link I find helpful to get more info about this world virus warning

Now back to my letter.
Thank you @dobartim for inviting me to this wonderful, original, one and only platform.
Steem forever-I am with you!

My point of view on the current position.

Open letter to my friends and followers

Step 1 introduction to new additions
After All this months and sleepless nights I can finally see positive changes. I can feel fresh positive community energy and glimpse of decentralized feeling on our platform.
Steem was down for two plus years and ranking of steemit site was going down for years long time before any new member joined in 2020 Old governance in general helped bring down steem with bad management and without constructive solution. I hope we can all work together now with new governance and investors to see how to make this platform strong again.
That was Shame and I think it is shame that some of old team members are now potentially leaving the rest of us behind on this steemit platform. All these years they enjoyed self rewards and self governing rules ignoring community requests for positive constructive changes. It was only matter of time when real investors will take interest in steemit. Now this day arrived . I truly believe that steemit is pioneering unique content distribution with potential token rewards and all other similar platforms are just copycats of the king /queen site . If you ask for my opinion I will stay with steemit.
I have read someone’s nonsense predictions about zeroing token if they move to new crypto path.
Like maybe Steem no more! !!! I don’t think so. The entire concept surrounding steem is officially pioneering and Became historical landmark of such unique cryptocurrency.
Internet rank of site platform is going down for a period over than one year. This is significant example of bad governance and old management decisions. There was no real solution to improve site performance and there was no real constructive solution for mass quality members onboarding. It was time for changes. Something should have been done long time ago. But we didn’t have real drive force to improve our platform until now.
In my opinion this was excellent chance and perfect timing.
It was time to become real decentralized platform and I didn’t see this much positive awakening of community since I join steemit site in 2017.
Even I have lost will to write about my opinion till now.
I am giving our platform real second chance as I can see positive energy and community has awakened.
Today is a new and better tomorrow. I feel it and I believe it.

Step 2 Work together
I am happy to see that Steem community is positive and well today. Much better and more decentralized than ever.
I believe that old governance and governance can work together and create positive constructive changes.

Step 3 Choice of vote
Just trying to be real here and less-sarcastic...
I feel that like if there are several agendas running in the so called “consensus. For me, It doesn't make sense to just give vote for all witnesses just to vote!!!!! You must understand first and than vote for the person that you really might agree with. Than make a vote that can make a difference for you and for entire platform.

Step 4 New leadership
T. and Justin is second most positive moment that could happen to steemit , business members know that this merger is best business deal that we could have under current situation where steemit was prior to Tron arrival , in my opinion
Disclaimer: this is only my opinion and you can’t copy paste or use my text here for any further communication without my approval.

Part of the problem in my opinion is that most of the witnesses aren't making public statements , so other members could not have leadership point of view. This way votes can get moved around by gravity and mass voiced inertia. This is the worst case scenario. Vote just to vote, without knowing real roadmap of real motives behind soft fork or hard fork proposals.
Witnesses are the one to guide us with professional opinion and solutions proposals. I give credit to few witnesses who really tried to stay neutral on discord channels and within and outside of steemit media and audience.
I will always appreciate this realistic professional few witnesses. Thank you for being here and being the part of this platform even if this might be last goodbyes to some members. I understand that some members want to abandon this site and move on somewhere else.
We will be here even when you decide to come back.

Steem forever -I am with you
In regards to choice of vote- the best is to find those who are on a path of action that you could agree with and vote for this members.

Question that I have is who is the most realistic and honest to give us broad view of true steps and intentions behind curtains, like fork or no fork etc...who of this grandmasters is honest to post about the real narrative of past, present and the future of steem and steemit in general plain terms

Step 5 random thoughts -speak freely your opinion if your witness failed to observe and describe properly new updates

Every person can make decision for themselves but it doesn’t drive a reason to pressure anyone to vote with steemit censorship manipulating tools like top favorite voting with favoritism and large rewards on witness circle posts, manipulative downvote strategy on opposing sides as they labeled “ clans “ ughhhh so disrespectful and unprofessional behavior for months from some downvote lobby teams , really damaged trust and image of community integrity , Creating impact to downside site rank year after year on internet rank. Falling ranking of platform site is proof of poor governance before Justin came in the picture ,

Step 5 a. random recommendations to correct previous negotiation attempts

I hope real team of business people besides software team can negotiate and agree on new constructive roadmap ahead of us. Time is of the essence.
I would call this a real Chapter One Town Hall
I have few members in mind that could be good for business negotiations with new team. Dm me on discord if you wish to talk about it. Only real constructive chats please not time to waste anymore. Time is precious as it should be to entire humanity with this corona virus warnings around the globe.
My support to all who are affected by this virus around Stay strong and follow local and state health environmental guidelines. Be safe my friends.

Step 6
Constructive proposals :RND

Idea shared with me Is probably one of the best voting system changes idea that would revolutionize Tron and steemit to top global rank of the content voting and fairness in power based on other real parameters, not only on purchased stake “might is right “ ideology , even top team would be taken by algorithm and voting formula that we invented , maybe top team will open gates to new approaches and positive changes
That leads me to RND and incentives for constructive concepts and ideas.
We need RND open minded management as chance to grow technology faster
Any suggestions on this? Dm me on discord but only constructive comments please as I value your time and I expect the same
Step 7 one team one mission

“We Win Together -only
One Mission
One Team “
Inspired and originated saying by @dobartim

Step 8
Steem forever - I am with you
I am staying with Steem.
Old negative downvote lobby became historical fossil of my steemit memorabilia.
Everyone is welcome to #communityschools


Steem ♨♨♨ On ! forever with together 💙💙💙 ♩♬♬

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but he is powering down.. Oh, why why why did we trust him haha

Thank you. That is positive change and hope for decentralized platform.

Have you checked the list for HIV-E exclusion?

Welcome to the club


Those people will never learn, never...

Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

Stay with you ✌️✌️✌️

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Thank you. We are here. I will stay. This is amazing platform where we can all learn something from each other while sharing our posts.



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That is the way. Positive energy much overdue. I really appreciate

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Dear @flysky

I wonder if you will receive HIVe aidrop :) Blocktrades mentioned that those who support Justin / steem will be excluded :/

That was Shame and I think it is shame that some of old team members are now potentially leaving the rest of us behind on this steemit platform.

I've been trying to figure out what to think about entire situation. In my opinion - neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted - and it's just power struggle.

Regardless, we're all going to be affected in ways we cannot yet predict.

Personally, I care to learn how many people I know will move to one chain or another. To see who I would lose if I choose one option or second one. Probably I will try to maintain my presence on both chains.

I'm myself worried. It's sad to see that witnesses gaved up the fight for steem blockchain so fast. And they managed to convince most users to migrate to different chain. I'm not sure if this is any different from what Justin wanted to do in the first place. Surely there are some small differences, but overall it's pretty much same shit. It will affect greately so many users and create more uncertainty in the nearest future.
Things are moving to fast and out of control. It's surely sad that things played out this way.

Yours, Piotr

neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted

Then find another chain and have fun there. That is the beauty of this.

JS is transparent about dumping ans centralizing Steem and that is why this is happening. Ez to see.

 8 months ago (edited)

I appreciate support and your input.
We have other things that we have to focus as well. For example Can this new developer tool surport trail vote?

Best regards to you @flysky I hope steem will be here forever.

Community is energized and evolving. Thank you for stopping by. Like your work on platform.

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