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RE: Steem forever - I am with you

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Dear @flysky

I wonder if you will receive HIVe aidrop :) Blocktrades mentioned that those who support Justin / steem will be excluded :/

That was Shame and I think it is shame that some of old team members are now potentially leaving the rest of us behind on this steemit platform.

I've been trying to figure out what to think about entire situation. In my opinion - neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted - and it's just power struggle.

Regardless, we're all going to be affected in ways we cannot yet predict.

Personally, I care to learn how many people I know will move to one chain or another. To see who I would lose if I choose one option or second one. Probably I will try to maintain my presence on both chains.

I'm myself worried. It's sad to see that witnesses gaved up the fight for steem blockchain so fast. And they managed to convince most users to migrate to different chain. I'm not sure if this is any different from what Justin wanted to do in the first place. Surely there are some small differences, but overall it's pretty much same shit. It will affect greately so many users and create more uncertainty in the nearest future.
Things are moving to fast and out of control. It's surely sad that things played out this way.

Yours, Piotr


neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted

Then find another chain and have fun there. That is the beauty of this.

JS is transparent about dumping ans centralizing Steem and that is why this is happening. Ez to see.

 10 months ago (edited)

I appreciate support and your input.
We have other things that we have to focus as well. For example Can this new developer tool surport trail vote?