Winners Announcement: My Neighborhood Watch #6 - Reporting Events Around Us

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our just-ended contest themed - My Neighborhood Watch #6 - Reporting Events Around Us. This weekly contest has come to stay and I urge more participants to indulge and tell their stories their own way. At this time, all entries were properly entered except for a user without club status.

I am glad to receive all publications made in this regard as they come in their different presentation styles. Though the number of entries entered was low, I also urge users to improve their post quality by applying the necessary markdown. The use of the Grammarly tool should be adopted to help improve post quality. However, users were able to show an inept ability in narrating their neighborhood-watch stories.

The top-winners selection has been made after due consideration of stated requirements which include post quality, markdown application, and user engagements. These are the top winners.

Top 3 Entries
@chilawlink🥇 (5 SP)
@richy20link🥈(3 SP)
@kuzboylink🥉(2 SP)


Congratulations to all selected winners and all other participants who were unable to make the list for the top selections, there is always a day, keep the spirit up. The weekly contest for the new week has already been published in the community for your participation. link to the contest.

Thank you


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