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Hello friends!!

Generally, in our world today we have different categories of people. The first category are those who like to work and have no time to rest, the next category are those who always like to have fun.

I live in a city that is known for been busy. Infact this city is regarded as one of the most busy city in Nigeria and Africa. People wake up as early as 2am to leave for work and come back so late at night. This has been going on for many years. I ask myself a question, what time do they have to rest?.

Someone once told me that our body is the life jacket we use to navigate planet earth. If you over work it and it get worn out then no body will lend you any to use.

This contest is titled "leisure Time". I would like to know what you like to do with your leisure time. Below are few tips to write on.


Simple Hints
  • In your own words and from your opinion, what do you think the word leisure time means.

  • What category of person's do you fall in from the short description I gave in my introduction? The first category or second? And why do you think so?

  • Do you have a set aside time for leisure? If yes tell us about it and if no, then tell us why.

  • What activities do you do in your leisure time?


  • Publish in steem Steem4Nigeria community.

  • Post must be #steemexclusive.

  • Vote and esteem this post.

  • Participants must not use any automatic voting service.

  • The participation time is between Monday, 6th November 2023 at 00.00 UTC to Sunday, 12th November 2023 at 23:59 UTC.

  • The publication can be in any language.

  • Post must be over 350 words.

  • The images used must be the author's own or copyright-free. (Don't forget to include the source.)

  • Plagiarism and the use of AI is prohibited.

  • Upvote and resteem this contest post. Follow @steem4nigeria if you have not done so

  • The user must belong to a club (club5050, club75, club100).

  • Use the following title: Leisure Time

  • Use the tags #ruthjoe-leisure #country (example- #nigeria) #steemexclusive.

  • Use the #burnsteem25 tag only if you have set 25% beneficiary to @null.

  • Post the link to your entry in the comment section of this contest post. (very important).

  • Invite at least 3 friends to take part in this contest.

  • Endeavor to leave valuable comments on other people's entries.

  • Share your publication on Twitter and drop the link as a comment on your post.

  • 7 STEEM Power will be shared between the top 3 winners (3,2,2 SP) in this contest.



We will patiently be on the lookout for your amazing entry for this contest. Do well to give your best by presenting in line with all the guidelines and rules governing the community and the steemit platform as a whole. We wish you the very best.

Cc: @xkool24

Thank you @disconnect


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Thank you ma for your support @patjewell

Pleasure! 🎕

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Interesting, I love this. Lemme eat first. 😃

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I will sure be waiting for your entry..

 8 months ago 

Sure, you'll read it soon.

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Thank you so much for your support

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

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You are welcome

This is an interesting topic. Sure to drop my entry for this contest.

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I will be waiting to read from you.

 8 months ago 

Thank you for sharing the contests with us

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 8 months ago 

This is a very interesting topic. I'll definitely participate in this contest.

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