(#burnsteem25)Weekly Mini Contest 1: What Is Your Steemit Name?

in Steem4Nigeria2 years ago


Hello Friends I trust you're doing great! It's My Delight to bring to You a very interesting contest which will help us to gets to know one another better, yes a contest that will help us to understand the reasons behind each Steemians name. I hope you will like this contest.


A person name has the greatest connection to their individuality and identity. It has a psychological effect on them and even others, so I want you to tell us your Steemit name, the meaning of your name and the reasons behind the name.


  • Tell Us why you choose your Steemit name
  • Is there someone you've dedicated the name to?
  • Are you satisfied with your name?
  • If you're given a chance will you change your name?



3 winners who writes so well and engage with other contestants will recieve booming support on their posts. And 6 Steems Power will be share for 2 runners Up. So we will have 5 Winners in total.

Although upvote is not guaranteed if your post is quality enough you can be selected among best posts of the day, and Community's curators can support you with these tags #creativewriting and #contest.


This contest last until Monday 8th August 2022. 11:59PM GMT

I'm Eagerly waiting for your entries!!

My Best wishes!!!



Nice concept... Just had a flash back on my choice of this Steemit name. My choice of this name in 1999 is still as fresh as yesterday 😊. Can't wait to read through our entries here.
Thanks for putting up this @goodybest

 2 years ago 

I'm glad you liked the contest topic, and yes I can't wait to read the reasons behind your Steemit name too! I hope this contest is gonna be fun for all.

Wow,what a nice contest as I will be dropping my entry here soon

 2 years ago 

Okay dear I can't wait for your entry!

 2 years ago 

Nice contest to participate

This is actually a great piece. I look forward to a lot of entries and reading the reasons behind some usernames. Good initiative, @goodybest.

 2 years ago 

Thanks prof, I'm glad you find the topic interesting and I actually looking forward to reading your own entry too. Lols

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 2 years ago 

Thank my friend

Wow! such a cool contest, soon making my entry.

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