Journal Entry - 20 May 2020

in Steem Diaries2 years ago

A long day of mega-muting and reading lots and lots of comments from the pros to the cons. The statement released by the Steem Shadow Council could have very well been written by @famigliacurione from beginning to end! Actually, I could have added much more, as can be witnessed in my HIVE Chronicles at the bottom of each Tino Take post.

Didn't have time to do a Tino Take today, but I can't wait to explore this issue. I hope that this Hardfork will allow us to move forward and stabilize the blockchain, rid the community of the many HIVE lackeys, goons, minions, parrots and cheerleaders, as well as Steemians who are just plain assholes. They all brought this on themselves because of all the flawed ideologies they have fanatically attached themselves to. This was an interesting move on the part of the Steem Shadow Council, and I am supportive of it. The Steem system has not seen this much excitement in quite a while.

I'm learning a lot from this situation, and this is where my wealth comes from. There's so much I could add, but typing is such a slow process for me; hence, why I can't wait to share my thoughts, verbally, in the coming days.

I finally tested out the Dlike app and was left a little disappointed, so I'm not sure if I will continue to use it or not. Remains to be seen.

I also had a chance to share a third-party video through Dtube, and I like it. I'll be using that option more in the future.

Loading my podcasts on YouTube now means that I can expand out to other platforms, so that was a positive move.


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