List of BoC Verification Member & Pending Verification “Weekly List No 73” Date: 30-07-2023

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Hello Everyone! Hope you all will be happy and well.

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In this post I will share both lists of pending verification and successful verification in the last week. Our community is growing very well, a lot of new people are coming and join our community. For all of them, it is necessary to complete the verification process to avoid the scammer. We want to make the plagiarism free community. So, for this, it is very important to force them to make their verification post and follow or community rules. Our BoC community purpose is to appreciate the creative work. Every user can share their creative content whether you like Art, Photography, Traveling, Music, Poetry, and Lifestyle, etc. there is no limit for anyone. you can share the creative content according to their own taste.

Account NamePending Verification Post Link
Not FoundNot Found

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Account NameVerified Post Link
In the last week, two new members complete the verification process successfully.

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Thanks for giving your precious time to my post.

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Please cast witness vote to @bangla.Witness or set proxy to @rme.

Vote @bangla.witness as witness
Set Proxy @rme as proxy

Cc: @shy-fox
Cc: @blacks

Quality Controller Mod @bountyking5

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Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

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