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I am Eladio Acosta, I live in front of the Caribbean Sea, actually in Puerto La Cruz, in the east of Venezuela, at the moment I am still single and without children, this July I am celebrating six years of uninterrupted activity in the Steem blockchain, in this new facet of my life I come with renewed projects for the entire community of users, all the content of my blog is 100% original, I can guarantee that no image, text or phrase has been copied from the internet to promote myself.

I am a professional in the advertising area, I have experience directing creative groups in magazine design projects and advertising campaigns for print media. Working in advertising companies, we always use professional ethics as our flag by not making use of phrases, slogans, or images of other creative companies, even though they are free to use by the author, in order to deliver highly professional and original services to the client; I have also worked with publishing companies supporting editors and photographers, covering regional and national news and events.

Since my beginnings in Steemit in 2017, I promised myself to increase my Steem Power, in those first years I did not receive any votes from the whales, while many users had the habit of turning off their accounts, I remained firm in my idea of ​​increasing My Steem Power, I even carried out a campaign for other users to upload their SP, I came to create and direct various projects, I carried out promotional campaigns for Steem Blockchain on the street and on social networks.

In recent years I have been active in external cryptocurrency markets, almost two years ago I completely turned off my wallet to invest in emerging cryptos, but I continued to post on my blog regularly, now I return with a new stage, among my main goals is to make my Steem Power grow again to infinity and put my experience at the service of this creative community that I have just met.

The photographs were taken with my cell phone camera, 5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 10% to BOC (@beautycreativity).

This is a 100% original content, say no to plagiarism

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Thanks for the support, ya estoy en el servidor de Discord

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5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 10% to CCS (@beautycreativity).

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