steemhealthcare community comment contest|| HOW YOU PLAN TO PROMOTE STEEM IN YOUR LOCALITY||10th June 2021.

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Steemhealthcare community has become one of the favorite community to many members, steemians have become active and creative within the community through their participations in different daily/weekly contests within the community. We want more users to be active and even publish their articles, comment, replies, and votes, etc in @shc-curator community. That is the reason I come up with this comment Contest.

Please write in the comment section how you plan to promote steem in your locality.


  • It is a comment contest, so to join in the contest, you must make your entry in the comment.

  • You can use any language.

  • the contest is open to all steemians

  • To be considered for the reward, you must be a steemhealthcare member. To learn more aby being a member, click here

  • You should write a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 100 words.

  • Use of images in your comment is not compulsory, but you can use a maximum of 2 images in your comment.

  • invite your friends to join in this contest


You can make entry till 12th June, 11:59pm G.M.T.
Thanks in advance for participating.


Top 10 entries will be rewarded with 1 Steem each if they fulfil all the requirements.

Please go through the rules before participating in the contest.

As always steemhealthcare community is excited to hear from you, let's make our community more lively and fun. Show the community your support by participating in the contests and publishing your article in @steemhealthcare community and be part of the community's continuous growth by delicating your SP to steemhealthcare

THE ADMIN @imamalkimas @mudajuli AND THE MODERATORS @ahyar92 and @lidiasteem ARE THE CONTEST APPRAISER.

This contest was initiated by one of the steemhealthcare member @goodybest


Please join us at discord and you can communicate with us for the betterment of the Steem Healthcare community

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Am so excited to participate in this contest, special thanks go to @goodybest the organizer of the contest.

Steemit banner

I printed a banner and places in my shop in other to promote steemit to my client and passersby,I made a steemit banner showing the steemit logo, my username which is my business name, and also an indication that I accept steem.Anyone who sees it will ask what is steem and that is an opportunity to me to tell them about steemit.

Steemit polo
The polo when worn advertise steemit to onlookers, I will endeavour to get another one so I can wear it at least twice or thrice a week to my work places.
Thanks so much @goodybest for the contest, I invite @fonexsignature @udyliciouz to participate in this contest.

 last year 

Thanks for participating in the contest @esthyfashion, truly the banner and you accepting steem as payment will surely promote steem in your locality. Keep it up

Hello Everyone! I trust we’re all good. I haven’t been too good 🥺🥺 but will send in my entry. Thank you so much @goodybest Ma’am, for this contest ideas

 last year 

Sorry @nneoma08, hoped you're feeling better now, I wish you a speedy recovery. And thank you for your sincere commendations, I can't wait for your entry

Thanks Dearie for your encouragement. I wasn’t sick, I lost my Sweet Mother within the week and I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything since then. 😢😢

 last year 

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about your great lost please take heart @nneoma08, May the God did all comfort consoles and comforted you. And please take solace in the resurrection hope, you will surely see your beloved mother coming back to life again Act 24:15

Thanks so much @goodybest for this beautiful initiative.
Here’s my entry for the contest.

Well, as regards promoting Steem, I have some already laid out plans towards achieving that.

My Steem T-Shirt is already at the printing press. I intend to put it on basically every time am out especially for casual outings for effective promotional activities.


I have this flier that I got from my City Co-ordinator @samuel20 that have been on my Social Media Stories. I intend to produce mine, print them and use for the sole purpose of promoting Steem.

I am also using my social media platforms massively for promoting Steem and intend to continue prospecting and recruiting for Steem.

I plan to have groups on my Social Media Handles to interact better with my prospects and training of my recruits till they find their feet on Steem.

I invite @ritatitus, @emidolling, @abims @lisacious to come give us their great comments.

That will be all for now. Thank you so much @shc-curator, @steemhealthcare for this opportunity.

 last year 

Wow what a great promotional skills @nneoma08, please keep it up with the good work, and your participation is highly appreciated, you really tried though grieving.

Thanks so much Ma’am

 last year (edited)

Hello dear @goodybest am happy over this, here is my entry.

My Steemit Polo
By wearing this polo often, people will get to ask about it. On this very day I wore it, people were looking at it, murmuring Steemit steemit, though they weren't bold enough to ask.

Steemit Flyer
I got this during one of our meetings with the city coordinator, and I intend to give it to family and friends so as to create awareness of Steemit.

This very picture of me wearing the polo is my WhatsApp profile picture, one person from my contact list saw it and asked me of it, I intend to maintain it as my profile picture for now. I also posted it on my Facebook status to create awareness and I'll continue to do that.

I intend to make a paper bag for myself bearing the steemit logo and a little description. By carrying the bag around, I'll be giving people the idea that this platform exists.

As time goes on, I'll also think of other ways to promote steemit. Thanks so much for this contest. @eliany @esthyfashion @dequeen @benson6 please endeavour to participate.

 last year 

Incredible! @mexacliff you're doing noble by publicizing steemit in this manner, keep it up!

Thanks so much

 last year 

Awesome @mexacliff! Thank you for participating :).
I look forward to your next post on the Steem Healthcare Community.



Thanks so much

Im weak tonigh
I'll make my entry tomorrow

 last year 

Ok, I'm waiting for your entry @paulyoung and don't forget to invite your friends too

Tnks so much

 last year 

You're welcome, but @joeboi I hope to hear how you intend to promote steem in your locality

Hello everyone ,

Am excited to participate in this great contest, because l promote steemit last week in my locality but I was waiting a great opportunity to say it out , my special thanks goes @goodybest the organizer of this contest .


Steemit logo

I plan to use steemit logo on my Facebook story and my what's app status , l will write there post and earn money Dm for more information.

Steemit flyer

This is one of the amazing tool, l will use too promote steemit , some people when you explain steemit to them without any thing to show, lt sounds funny but with flyer , some of the read it to their understand and asked questions, So l will get more form city coordinator and distribute it to illegable potential steemian.

I plan to do more with this two powerful tool

Stemmit T shirts
I plan to have another t-shirt like the white , this black l can't repeat it every day , seeing is believing,it will help them to asked questions and know more about steemit.
As time goes on, l will print steemit flex an paste it in our shop, It will attract more people .

I invite @jaspervicky @vickyreal @iamsuccess and @eliany to join this Noble contest.

 last year 

Great @dequeen, thanks for participation

 last year 

Awesome @dequeen! Thank you for participating :).
I look forward to your next post on the Steem Healthcare Community.



Thanks sir ,u will see it soon .

 last year 

Yeah 👌

Hello everyone
Well the thing is that since I am a newbie,I don't have steemit polo and fliers yet,but I can still promote steemit in my locality by telling my friends,my family members and even my neighbors about steemit.i can host a small party in order to help me do that.not just that, by tomorrow when I go to work, because I am off duty today,so I am home.

I will tell my colleagues about STEEMIT, how it works and what STEEMIT is all about.
a picture of me and my colleague last week.
With time,I will get the STEEMIT T-shirt and fliers which will really be of help to me and will add more value in promoting STEEMIT in my locality.
a picture [email protected] on STEEMIT T-shirt and me,it was this her T-shirt that attracted me to asked her about STEEMIT,I believe it will attract others too
These T-shirt will help me more in promoting STEEMIT and I hope to have it soon.
Thanks for going through my [email protected]


 last year 

Awesome @iamsuccess! Thank you for participating :).
I look forward to your next post on the Steem Healthcare Community.



 last year (edited)

Thank you sir, i appreciate.

I love this, thanks for bringing this to my notice

 last year 

Thank you @marajah I'm waiting for your entry!

I can't wait to join this contest .

 last year 

That's the spirit girl! Hope to read yours sooner!!

 last year (edited)

Hello everyone. Thank you @goodybest for this contest, I'm glad to take part in this.
I just signed up into steemit and I love everything about this platform especially the creativity and great
Opportunities involved. I'm grateful to @eliany for telling me about STEEMIT platform.
Here is my introductory post

Below are how I plan to promote steemit in my locality;

  • Sharing of flyers,


  • Printing of my polo,

  • Posting of steemit logo on my social media handles (Example; Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp ),

  • Telling my school mates about steemit on campus and

  • Making of calendar with steemit logo and place on my sitting room wall in other to be visible for friends and visitors that are coming in.
    I will invite @dequeen, @preciousisaac, @essynrandy and @vickyreal

 last year 

Awesome @adylinah! Thank you for participating :).
I look forward to your next post on the Steem Healthcare Community.



( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)✋Hola, un saludo especial a toda comunidad #steemhealtcare. Me encanta cada cosa que leo en esta comunidad y cada vez que puedo participo en sus concurso. Actualmente ya estoy desarrollando una una promoción de la plataforma en mi entorno familiar, en mi trabajo y con mis amigos. No he tenido la necesidad de hacer afiches publicitarios, pues hoy en día en Venezuela muchas personas, desde amas de casa hasta profesionales mal pagados están en la búsqueda de un ingreso extra y aunque soy nueva en steemit, ya he recibido algunas recompensas, por eso les doy mi testimonio de lo bien que resulta unirse a steemit. le hablo de nuestra moneda steem y su desarrollo en el mercado y un poco de cada cosa que he aprendido y pues ya se han unido al menos 7 personas con las que he conversado en estas ultimas 2 semanas. Evidentemente a todos les hablo de ✨ Steemhealtcare ✨ y sin dudarlo se unen a esta maravillosa comunidad. Y no se si alcancen a entrar al concurso pero me gustaría que participaran mis amigas @zulma2021 @emmalucia @mcarol19(ella tiene muy buenas ideas)😉 y @eumelysm Muchisimas Gracias y saludos desde Margarita-Venezuela 👋😃
 last year 

thank you for joining in the contest @susej2013


How do you plan to promote steem?

I really appreciate the initiator of this contest @goodybest for this contest.

  • For promoting steem, I will initiate a 1 month campaign in higher institution to promote steem in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Going from one school to the other, running serminars to educate student know more about steem. See post Starting from next month. I will need a flyers and more T-shirt to enable me do this.

  • I also planned to invite more investors to the platform, i will also reach out to business owners, telling them the benefit of accepting and making use of steem so as for them to invest and also accept steem in their business.

  • Currently I am accepting steem in my business, thus promoting steem. See my entry
    I also planned giving out calendar to my customer as a gift for patronizing me, this will interest them to join steemit.
    With this I will promote steem.
    Thank you so much for going through my comment.

I invite @essybrandy, @obrisgold, @comforteffing and @delightdear to take part in this contest.

wao great contest, thanks for the invite

 last year 

Hoped to read your entry soon @obrisgold

 last year 

Amazing @eliany, this alone will surely promote STEEM in your locality, thanks for participating!

This is a beautiful one, thank u for the invite


Hey steemians I’m happy to participate in this
comment section and would loved to promote steem.
Because of the nature of my job as a marketer, promoting steem in the various states I would travel to will be fun.
Various organizations I’ll promote steem will be:

  1. My friends should be my first contact to promote steem

  2. Health organizations like Uyo University Teaching Hospital (UUTH), University of PortHarcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), Federal Medical Centre Umuahia (FMC Abia State) and Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa(FMC Bayelsa State)All in Nigeria.

  3. As I go out to sought for clients in the police stations I will promote steem to the officers since we are giving them loan facilities

  4. Promoting steem in the saloon where I make my hair.
    Thank you for reading through my comment.
    I want to use this opportunity to invite @ddwosky and @vickyreal to join in this comment contest.

 last year 

Sure as a marketer I believe you can promote STEEM very well in any place you find yourself,Thanks for participating in the contest @essybrandy

My entry
My plans to promote steemit in my area:

  • I have been telling friends about how good steemit is and how it helps us to build our knowledge and or lives,on that angle I have been able to recruit one person @chambalino,tho he's still struggling with his achievement posts,I believe he will get it right.
    I still have more people am about to recruit because I don't stop talking about steemit.
  • Am planning to get steemit polo that is an attraction to people and it opens opportunity for discussion about steemit.
  • Sharing my steemit post on social media pages of my is another way to promote steemit.

Am still thinking of other ways too.
Thank you @goodybest.

 last year 

Thank for joining in the contest @beautybb
And your plan in promoting Steen is good. Please you can help your recruit with his achievement post by referring him to @cryptokannon post on that, here is the link
Regards from @goodybest

I will do so my lady

 last year 

Hi @goodybest, Thanks for this great contest idea. We will support you :)

 last year 

Aww it a privilege @ahyar92, thank you so much @shc-curator, I really appreciate your effort to support members of the community

How I Plan To Promote Steemit In My Locality


I'm glad to share my little way of promoting steem in my locality. First I share link of my post to a few friends and I've told them about the platform alongside with the picture above


I also shared the steem logo on my Facebook story and answer the questions my viewers ask.
I intend to get the steem T-shirt which will enlighten more people about steem.
As I grow in the steem world and use more tools to create awareness, more people around me will get to know about steem.
The rewards and benefits are also ways I use to inform people about steemit.
Soon to sign up interested people.

 last year 

Thanks for participating @jasperviky, I can see that you're barely a week in the platform, but you've tried your best in promoting Steen, keep it up

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