Update #2 On Our Daily diarygame 👉 Funny, Annoying And Exciting Diary With Kids/Kids Diary

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second week of this out daily diarygame.
Like we promised, we will always bring the update weekly so that all can take part. Remember that this is funny, annoying and exciting diary game with kids or kids dairygame. We want it to be everything about the kids. It's either an adult, sharing the activities of the kids daily activities around him or her or our kids telling is about their daily activities.

We want to get to know more about you all and it will be fun to read your entries.

Last week was great as we received some good entries, but sad to say that it was only one user that dropped her link at the comment section of the last week's announcement.

We will appreciate it if you can drop your entries at the comment section of this post if you are really sharing your diary game to participate in this contest. We already submitted most of the entries to booming and we will keep doing so soong as the entries are of quality. It is possible that you can receive support from either the chief curators or the my My Life (the Diary Game, My Town in Ten Pics, acts of kindness, charity) curation team.


How It Is To Be Done

It is just like the normal diarygame initiated by the steemit team. Just that we will like the activities to be for kids if you ha e kids around you, you can take part and tell us about their activities. If you are a kids, tell us about your day. Entries can be as often as possible but ones a day.


Funny, Annoying And Exciting Diary Game with kids (kids diary)

This project is all about diary game. Tell us how you are doing within the day or week and for our kids lovers, tell us how our kids are doing. Are they acting funny, annoying or exciting? What special thing happened that you will like to share with us. Are they having any celebration that you will like us to rejoice with you? Did they go shopping with you or alone? Are you having recreation or enjoying special meals together? And to our kids, how is it going with you? Are you in school, what activities did you carryout in school? How funny are your grades or your activities? What about your school mates? How did they behave today?

What other things did you do? Just let us know how your day is.

Mytownin10pcs can also be included but it has to be different pictures of where the kids visited and there has to be a selfie of the kids. Try to add what3word code to indicate the location. To learn how to do that, please visit this post by @eliany

Also, any acts of kindness the kids did or the kids lovers did along with the kids. This will instill in our kids, the importance of being kind or showing kindness to others. Even when it is the kids that received the kindness, we will like to hear about it.

It's going to be fun reading these diaries. We are surely going to be excited with the entries.



  • Pictures must be yours and must represent what is actually going on around you as regards the kids or you our kids.

  • Your entries must be what is happening around you and so there must be a backup picture

  • Each entry must be from 300 words and above

  • You must upvote this post, resteem it to get more popular and you must follow steemkidss

  • We will consider those who have joined our Curation trail and set it at 100%. We will also consider those who have Delegated to steemkidss to help us grow. To join, and delegate, please click here

  • Entries can be as much as you can but not more than one a day.

  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated

  • This contest post will be updated weekly, once the post pays out

  • Use the tag: #thediarygame #actofkindness if you are writing about kindness, #mytownin10pics if it is pictures of your city, #charity #steemexclusive #yourcountry example #nigeria

Please make sure you follow all the rules religiously


Contest prize- Booming support

We will select 5 winners and submit their posts to booming even if they had received booming support in their entry but it will have to be on any other active post they have, if they don't, they will miss the opportunity. So this means that you should always have active post in the community.

Winners will be those who made the highest entries. They must have post diaries at least 2 times a week and at most 7 times a week. The higher your entries, the better chance of winning. On this note, you must always update your comment and drop all your entries at the comment section of this post.


Entries starts now!
I wish you all success, enjoy!

We appreciate @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog for initiating thediarygame and for the supports we have been receiving and we hope to receive more. Thanks a lot.




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This is a beautiful contest. I will drop my entry soon

Impressive, let me get my camera ready for the kids

 2 years ago 

This is one of the best initiative so far on the steemit platform, this will help keep Community members active.

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