📢 Steem Kids Contest - Developing children's creativity: Week #8 [25 STEEM] + Winners week 7

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Hello, dear Steemians 📢

Let's make this activity something permanent in this community, from this month of March until the end of May we will have free theme. So you can use any material, be it paints, colors, drawings, cardboard, plastic, recycling, paper, Plasticine, etc. Whatever it is and that helps with the development of children's creativity.

Here is the result of week #7 of the project called "developing children's creativity" Theme: Carnival 2022, which was very fun and full of beautiful participation and children creating beautiful things in the company of their parents.

Steem Kids Contest - Developing children's creativity: Carnival 2022 ︎ [25STEEM]

We would like to thank the participants for having made the effort to do this beautiful activity in the company of the little ones of the house. And congratulations to the participants who were part of the top 5 of the day during the past week "they did great".

WINNERS Week # 7 - Carnival [5 STEEM c/u]

Our dear @crisvera, shares with us how her princess Julieth made with a little help a beautiful harlequin hat, ideal to wear during these carnival dates. Have you seen how beautiful this princess looks in the pictures, identical to her mommy? Don't miss it.
The beautiful @yannellys-32, always dear to participate in these activities, and for this occasion she brought us a Harlequin hat for the Carnival school parade, which she made with her beloved son Simon, Bolivar? XD. Don't miss it.
My friend @vane1990 who is in Bogota, shares with us how she and her princes made some beautiful masks of the Incredible Hulk and Catboy, to complement some beautiful costumes for this time of the year. Another publication not to be missed.
The lovely @lilip also shows us how to make a cute butterfly mask, which she made especially for her daughter to attend a school activity at this time of the year. A nice post with cute pictures and a beautiful result.
The beautiful @anderannahysa and her daughter used colored sheets, cardboard, and glue to make a beautiful owl mask. A simple post, full of love with genuine photos not to be missed.

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-02 a la(s) 17.42.12.png



Developing children's creativity: Week # 8 - Topic Free.

So, you can use any very useful material with which you can make many things for our little ones, if you want to decorate it with beautiful colors is great, plus the kids have fun painting or rather "playing with the paints" hahaha.

How to participate?

  • Content strictly for children "KIDS", so if you are an adult you can create something that any child can do at home when they see your publication.
  • Write a text of at least 200 characters in
  • The title of your post should start 📢 Steem Kids Contest - Developing children's creativity: "Title of your activity - by @author. .
  • Use the tags in this order #kids-creativity, #creative, #handicrafts #club5050,75,100. Remember to do it in this order and make the unique tag within the first "4" always and do not forget to add the tag of the club you belong to, whether it is club5050, 75 or 100.
  • You must resteem this post and post your participation link in the comments of this post.
  • Invite as many friends as you can.
  • You will only be able to share your participation in this Steem Kidss community.
  • You may participate over and over again. "Several times a week."

Prizes: 25 STEEM

Every Monday 5 STEEM will be distributed among 5 winners. That is to say, 25 STEEM will be distributed each week in publications created during the previous week (Monday to Sunday).

Each week the announcement of the new winners and the distribution of the prizes will be made.


The theme has been declared free until May and 25 STEEM in prizes will be guaranteed each week.

Can anyone participate?

Yes you can, but create content exclusively for children or involve them. The idea is to develop their creativity.


What are you waiting for to participate?

Thank you all so much, see you next time!

This contest is organized and conducted by :
Steemit Kids Team


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Felicidades a todos los seleccionados que éxito gracias por la elección. 🙋‍♀️❤️

Felicidades a las ganadoras

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Esooo felicidades lo hicieron muy bien

Muchas gracias, felicidades a los ganadores.

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