Edition 18: I love to take photos | My currency|| Booming votes for winners

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Hello my dear friends, I welcome you all once again to the 18th edition of the I love to take photos. I hope you all had fun with your cameras last week.

Many us love taking photographs, it has become our passion and we just cannot do without it. We always take out our cameras from where we kept it and position ourselves to take photos, it has become a part of us especially we that are here in steemit.

Photography is the art or process of capturing images, either on light-sensitive film or electronically in digital form, from which viewable pictures can be produced; activity of someone who uses a camera ~ SRC"

As we already see from the above definition, photography is an art and art is what we put our heart into to achieve it.
That perfect photo that tells a thousand story, that photo that stores up memories forever, That photo that keeps you smiling everyday. We would love to see it....

So for this contest, we are required to share our best photos for the week according to the theme I will be presenting for each week.

This week's theme: My currency

According to this week's theme you are expected to share photos of the money you use in your country. It can be paper money or coins. You can write briefly about the money, it's value compared to steem and USD.
And yiu can add any other information you wish to share.

You can only share up to 1-3 photos .

You can also include the What3words location of where you stayed to capture it. Also include the makeup of your camera that you use for the capture.

Contest rules

  • Your post should be up to 300 words or above but not more than 500 words. If you cannot write up to 300 words then you can leave your participation as a comment under this post.

  • The contest is now open for everyone in the community. So you are free to participate even if you're no a kid in the community.

  • Remember the kingly rule of steemit: Do not plagiarize

  • Post should be made in steemkids community and if you want you can set at least 10% beneficiary to the community account, @steemkidss

  • Upvote and resteem this contest. Also share your participation under the comment section of this post and invite 3 of your friends to participate. Mention me in our post so I can easily see your post.

  • Use the tags #lovetophoto, your country tag, club status and any other tags you wish to use.

  • For this week, use the title: "I love to take photos: My currency"

Reward pool: Booming vote for the top three winners

As you may have read, participation in this contest can either be as a post or a comment.

Three best photos will be rewarded with booming support on their active post in the community or the main contest post if it is still active. If you made it as a comment, then it will be another active post in the community that will be rewarded.

Winner will be determined by the quality of photos and the originality. Make sure you capture the image by yourself and not from a source in the internet.

Contest ends at the expiration of this post

Winners for last edition

For last edition there were up to 20 entries, 20 users participated in the contest and used the right hashtag or left their entries st the comment section . And they are:




Out of the 20, I was able to select 3 entries as the winners. You may see their names and post links below:

UsernamePost link
@nayita238i-love-to-take-photos-the-Best 2022 photos
@gacavinicoi-love-to-take-photos-Best 2022 photos
@vicent21i-love-to-take-photos-Best 2022 phots

For last week I promised to reward the winners with 10 Bonus steem + the booming votes.
I already sent the steem, see the screenshot below:


Also, those of the winners who haven't gotten booming support on their entries will get it tomorrow, on their entry post or another active post.


I wish you all success dear friends, hoping to see your beautiful photos for this week Let get our cameras ready and set....🤗




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The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

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@madilyn02 gracias por leer y escoger mí publicación entre las ganadoras, y muchísimas gracias por la recompensa. Amo tomar fotos y seguire participando


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 last year 

What a wonderful photo contest this week @madilyn02. My country has a refined currency now of which it's already in circulation and the old ones, deposited in the bank. Expect my entry with my country's new, refined currency. Lest I forget, congratulations to the winners of last week's photo contest. Looking forward to seeing you guys entry this week

@madilyn02, I did participate in the last contest, but I'm not mentioned.

Im sorry, it was an omission. I copied your name but forgot to paste it. But it's included now. Thanks for the headup

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