Weekly Contest 05 || The Diary Game || Share how you spent your day.

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Hi my friends how are you?.
I hope you are all well. So welcome to "Diary Game Contest 05" in this community today. Steem Kids & Parents is a community where every user can participate and decided to organize the "Share how you spent your day" contest. Hope you all will like this amazing Contest. We will start another competition from next week. I think you will love that week's Contest as it also shares your day. And I hope you all participate in this contest every week. And others will learn from you from your quality presentations and your presentation should be excellent.

All users of the steemit platform are invited and expected to follow the rules of this contest. Our vision, purpose is very clear. The contest theme is up to you and each week we will select 3 quality posts. You can see the contestants in those 3 quality articles on the closing date of this competition. And we will reward them with steem. So let's start this weekly competition.



✅ How you spend your day should be shared in 3 phases ie morning, afternoon and night.

✅ Tell us what you ate that day and what you bought in your country's currency and steem.

✅ You are allowed to share all the activities you have done in your day, share all your activities in detail.



🔳 The Title of your submission should be "Weekly Contest 05 || The Diary Game || Your Title."

🔳 Post must be written in Steem Kids & Parents

🔳 Article must contain at least 300 words. Plagiarism will not be accepted.

🔳 You have to include some Mandatory tags in your post such as #thediarygame-week05, #steemexclusive , #thediarygame , #betterlife, #club100/75/5050, and your country tag.

🔳 Invite at least 3 of your friends to join this contest and you must mention my username somewhere in your article.

🔳 Share your post link as a comment to this post so I can find and evaluate your post very easily.

🔳 You must submit your entries before this payout of this article and if you fail to share your article within the relevant time period, your participation will not be accepted as a valid entry for this contest.

🔳 This contest starts today, Friday 24/05/2024 at 01:45 pm, Friday 31/05/2024 at 01:45 pm Or when the post pay out.



✔️ If you have shared a quality article in this Steem Kids & Parents Very creatively and skillfully, we appreciate you in fairness. So, the author with the highest score will get 3 STEEMS as steem power, and the 2nd and 3rd authors will get 2, 1 STEEMS.

✔️ In addition to the Steem Power, you will also be eligible for the booming support if you have published quality content.


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If you are willing to do a small contribution to the community, you can set at least 10% beneficiary to @steemkidss and it is not mandatory.


Sangat menarik untuk ikut partisipasi


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