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Hello everyone 👋,

Good morning and happy new week to y'all. I hope you all had a splendid night. Today, i will be submitting my Weekly Report/Activities As a Moderator In #Steemkids Community and the report will date back from January 23/01/20223 To 29/01/2023 January

As a Moderator in @steemkids community, I have the duty and responsibilities to check contents and verify them for plagiarism, #club status, #steemexclusive, bit bots and and other Minor things so as to ensure no one is violating steemit principles and are following steemit etiquette.

It was somehow difficult reviewing articles through the week for me because of other off-chain activities which hindered me from publishing much articles. However, I believe this upcoming week will be a great week because I will try to engage more in this platform

Below 👇 is the assessment format I used for each post and this is the general format used by all other MODs/Admins in this comment

Status Club
Steem Exclusive
Plagiarism Free
BOT Free
Verification date:
Voting CSI
Verification date:

Period of: 1 or 2 or 3 month(s)):



What I Do To Ensure That I Properly Check On A Post

Above is my assessment format for reviewing articles here in the community

  • So what I do is to check for club status using and steemcryptic

  • I checked for plagiarism using this two tools duplichecker and smallseotools

  • I Checked for #steemexclusive to ensure that the article haven't been posted in any other platform

  • I checked for Bit bots and Bit Buying services to ensure that the article Is BOT Free

  • I checked on the users CSI using steemworld. If the user is not using or if he/she is miss using her CSI, want I do is that i encourage the user to use it to support his/her fellow Steemians. If over used, I encourage the user to use it at high voting manna so as to gain higher Curation rewards

The articles That I Checked

During this week, I had 2-days days to verify and check on articles but I was able to work just for a day because of other off-chain activities and also it was festive period which kept me very busy. However, on checking this articles, I came across a total of just 07 which where all 100% unique as there was no case of plagiarism this week

Below are the link to all the articles which I successfully checked and reviewed

NumberuniquenessPost Link
My Curation Activities

As a country representative and a Moderator in steemkidss community, I always utilize part of my voting manna in supporting my fellow Steemians in steemkidss community, steem-cameroon community and other communities.


I have been effectively been using my current steem power of 19,084.20 SP to support my fellow Steemians in steemkidss community as well as across other communities . With my current SP, my vote is worth $0.14 at 100% manna. I usually vote between 30% and 100% depending on the quality of contents.

Articles Submitted For Booming

As a Moderator, I have been given previllege to select articles for booming but it's unfortunate I didn't have the opportunity to select articles for booming this week and this is because of the related incident I earlier explained. I hope to make it up next time


I so much appreciate @steemkids community for giving me this opportunity to serve as a MOD in it's community and many many thanks to the community Admin mom @ngoenyi. I also appreciate my fellow MOD colleagues who are working hard in collaboration in ensuring the smooth functioning of this community. I lastly give special thanks to all the active users of this community for keeping this community busy with their quality contents




Your post has been supported by @simonnwigwe from Team 2 of the Community Curation Program, at 40%. We invite you to continue sharing quality content on the platform, and continue to enjoy support, and also a likely spot in our weekly top 7.

Voting date: 30/01/2023


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