Set Goals but focus on the conduct.

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We all want to be happy in life, and happiness is getting the things we want in life, having a good business/income, worrying less, having the best shape and having best of friends and family. Most of us believe so much in focusing on these to have a better life, and we set goals to achieve them. We think about the things to cover in other to have a successful business and best of family and friends. I set the goals to get a good GPA in University; I set the goals for healthy living and a good income. I could achieve some of them, but some failed me. So, some goals I set did not work for me.


Let’s take this for many areas.

If you do music, your goals might be to top the UK Billboard for months and to get a grammy in your category. But this would not work without the primary conduct of how you practice, how you work in your voice to produce something good, and how you spend many nights writing music.

If you are a Footballer, your goal might be to score 50 goals in a season and compete for the ballon d’or. The conduct is how you practice, how you work with your team and how you work hard.


Do you think success can still come setting no goal but working on the conduct? For instance, do you think a musician can achieve top of UK billboard and get a grammy award without setting goals for it? Tell me your thought on this in comment section but I think it is possible.

In the game of Basketball, players don’t put their attention on the scoreboard, they focus on attacking, defending and the ring to get more points. So, the primary way to win is to work hard and get better. This does not mean goals are useless. Goals are very much useful to set direction and path to follow, but conduct help to make progress.

Goals limit your long-term progress

People that work so much with a goal have limited mind in continuous progress in development. Many athletes work so hard for months trying to achieve a goal, but after the major event that brings the reward for the goal, they reduce their work, relax and lose motivation to continue. If all your works are based on a goal, what would happen when you achieve the goal? Long-term progress is achieved in setting conducts, not goals.

Goals setting does not guarantee success.

Winners and losers set goals and some of them have similar goals, but one wins while others lose. Most of the time we focus on people that succeed in setting goals, while we feel people that failed are not goal-oriented people. Every musician aims for stardom and wants to win the grammy. Every Footballer wants to be known and get awards. If winners and losers set goals for their work, then goals are not the factor that determines success. Every football team wants to win the league at the end of the season, it is a small improvement, right decisions, right transfers, consistent training, and conducts that give each team different outcome at the end of every season.

Goals may limit your happiness

I set a goal and planned with my team to get my application off the ground on September 25, 2020; I worked so hard to achieve the date, but my team members disappointed me. I could not launch the application the way I planned. One aim about setting goals is that you put happiness on achieving something, and happiness will be a future thing for you. Whenever you fail on a goal, it limits your happiness but if you set conducts, you will be happy as far as you are on the track, time will not determine your life, and you will have many ways to bring your dreams to reality because you can be successful in many ways setting conducts.


Adopt the conduct and use your goals right

Goals are useful for giving you little progress but conducts help you gain progress.

Goals will show you the direction and move you forward step by step, but conduct gives you the right work to make you win. Following your conducts will give you the success and make you happy in any progress you make.


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