Steemit Communities Support Program - ENDED

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We have been delighted to see so many thriving communities spring into life on Steemit over the last 6 months.

Strong communities are at the heart of our plans for the future growth and development of Steem.

One of the key factors in the success of a community is having enough curation power to reward all the authors creating quality content.

It has been great to see many communities working hard to get delegations from members to build up the Steem Power of their community curation accounts.

We know this process will take some time to reach sufficient levels to give out enough rewards to satisfy everyone.

The @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 accounts work continuously to vote across the different communities, but they cannot reach all posts in all communities.

We are therefore launching a new Steemit Communities Support Program to help further.

Steemit Communities Support Program

For this new program we have set up four more curation accounts (@booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04) each funded with 1.3 million Steem Power.

We will be using these curation accounts to upvote good quality posts from communities that join the program.

This Support Program is open to all communities on Steemit.

To apply to join the program the Community Leader should contact the Steemit Team via @Joanna2018 on Telegram.

Those communities accepted on the program will be invited to send us a selection of their best #steemexclusive posts each day to be upvoted by the @booming curation accounts.

Posts that have already been upvoted by @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 will not be eligible for additional @booming votes.

Authors cannot have their posts submitted more than twice a week.

Any evidence of plagiarism or abuse will result in a community being dropped from this support program.

We hope communities will find this new Support Program useful to reward and retain their members as we move into another exciting year on Steemit.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


This is a wonderful idea; There is the possibility that the new accounts (@booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04) vote the calls for challenges and contests made from their community curation accounts ?.

Until now, Steemit INC's curation programs have been dedicated to common users, I suggest carrying out some growth program directly for community curation accounts to achieve self-management.
One of the key factors in the success of a community is having enough curation power to reward all authors who create quality content.

The idea that the users of a community grow is so that they delegate their Steem Power to the community that has been supporting them in various ways, but in practice many users turn off their Steem Power to buy food or delegate it to other foreign communities.

Let's build together a fraternal and more humane place

Click here to enter the COMUNIDAD LATINA

Con esta publicación me he animado a delegar el 50% de mi Steem Power a la Comunidad Latina

Apoyo esta idea, he estado ayudando a la Comunidad Latina desde Chile con más del 70% de mi Steem Power y la seguiré apoyando.

Me gusta esta propuesta de Comunidad Latina, si tuviera más Steem Power algo le delegaría.


Your post has been voted on by the Ecosynthesizer curation team.

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

If you would like to support us, please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
joining our Discord server, and delegating to the project by using one of the following links:
500SP | 1000SP | 2000SP | 3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

Ok, I just saw this.. that booming account name seriously made me chuckle though 😂 Great initiative, I think this will add more stickiness and sweetness of honey to Steemit that will attract more to come building communities here 😊

actually booming is rapid economic growth. I was thinking the same so i searched it 😜

I'm new here and I think this is a great way to motivate new authors like myself. I can't wait to begin this journey

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

In fact, I am very happy to be a part of this society. I bought more power yesterday. Thank you with the words of the top together. We do not know. It is impossible. I love you, the work team that watches without organizing everything. All respect and appreciation.


Yo por lo menos llevo más de un mes publicando y no he recibido el voto de ningun curartor.


Hi Steemit Team,

Thank you for this opportunity to support the members of communities. With joined curation that will allow to encourage more users and hopefully gain new users.

In the name of @worldofxpilar community, and as a leader I have contacted the Steemit Team via @Joanna2018 on Telegram.

Thanks in advance, @stef1

hello @stef1 i saw your inspection work was Impressive So i want you to have a look over Pakistani's accounts too Can you please have a look over it, Actually we are trying to improve our quality work so your Inspection would be Great :)
Yours Hassanabid
CR Pakistan

Me and my team would like to make a Filipino Community here in Steem back in the day but we never launched it because we thought we were late. By any chance, would you still consider us if we try to launch one soon?

Hi @mermaidvampire it's been a while! How have you been?

Hi @mermaidvampire go for it! Launch your community and get everyone aboard and apply for the community support program. Or you all are welcome to join us in steemingcurators community too, we are a general community for now. steemingcurators community

It's Another awsome news for all steemians and communities❤️ Thank you so much The Steemit Team and @steemitblog ,

We would like to use this opportunity for the members of STEEMIT Pakistan community.

Well, I always considered steemit as centralized no matter what anyone said to counter the notion, it still is currently...but in as much as more accounts receive delegation and the idea of delegation of authority is done to the fullest possible extent it might just give use to decentralization.

I've been pondering on the ability of the platform to retain new users as I recently noticed that authors were outnumbering curators. With this initiative, I think the retention ability of the platform will improve.

Authors cannot have their posts submitted more than twice a week.

@steemitblog I have a question here, what if the author's posts are more than two but from different communities and have quality contents?

Hopefully, communities will better organize themselves by selecting quality posts and ensuring that almost all active posters in their community get rewarded, providing tutorial posts if neccessary.

Also, we'll see more engaging contests organized by communities as contest entries could be given preferential 'top posts' selection.

I consider this an upgrade to the steemit platform. I also want to appreciate the steemit team for the resources they're putting in to make this platform grow. You guys keep inspiring me.

P.S: I've been itching for another crypto challenge.

Wow this will be a amazing support. I also like to have this for Steem Sri Lanka :) Let's see

I absolutely agree with the idea of supporting the communities, I believe like you that this is the right way to continue growing.

This is another significant signal that you are sending to all users, the use of specific resources, with a further effort by the Steemit Team is a truly excellent action.

I immediately join the program and thanks a lot for the support!!


Great stuffs have been happening here and I'm not aware having been away for weeks for a ig project I handled. Good to be back.

Thank you for your amazing work and your great support!

This is a great one for steemians. Supporting communities on steemit is a good start for the year 2021. Happy new year in advance @steemitblog

Good news

Thank you Steemit team.

It’s a great initiative and would be helpful for all communities to support their active members who are continuously, dedicatedly writing good posts. It’s a terrific idea.

@bestofindia community would like to join this program.


Thank you, we are keen to join this program.

Welcome to new curator account.

(@booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04)

I am very happy to add a new curator.Thanks @steemitblog

I totally agree with this process. It will be very effective in building community. This is a good initiative to capture every user of steemit.

Thank steemit team for Positive thinking about all the user of the steemit.

steem on!

It's an excellent idea to make the process even smoother and we don't have to worry about the hard cap of our curation effort each day.

The deserving posts will get a new lease of life. Overall, it will propel and motivate quality bloggers.

We on behalf of the Best of India community are keen to align with this program.

Thank you so much.

Steem on.

Am happy and also delighted over this new development. As it is a pointer to motivate and support members to post good content

I applaud this great initiative promoted by the @steemitblog team and I hope that the leader of the Christian community @HeartChurch will participate in this important initiative to continue motivating the users of each community to develop and create content with a greater personal and social impact. Success.

This is an interesting addition, continue the good work. I will like to be part of it.

Great decision. Every content creator will get a fair evaluation of their work.

Steem Bangladesh community has many members . I think they will do much better in the future if each of our content creators gets proper evaluation. And we will be able to create many good content curators. The number of members in our community is much higher and we want to be added to this program

@rex-sumon brother good comment.

I am agree wuth you

You are right brother. I agree with you.

I agree with you.

This is a good and welcome development from @steemitblog. At least, no post would be left out on votes from the management.

It's a brilliant idea. The authors will be more encouraged to share their exclusive quality content.

The Steem Bangladesh community is keen to align with this initiative.

Спасибо! Отличные новости.

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

all that adds up is good, it would be worldwide that everyone is supported but we know that it is a difficult task, which deserves the effort of all.

Success in this new task.

Is this a Steemit Inc (STINC) initiative or is it a Steemit LTD, aka Steemit L33TD initiative?

Please distinguish yourself. Some would rather nothing to do with those of the first. The divide has to be enforced. It is not like they stopped or will stop STINCing overnight. You have to take them at face value. Pennies on the dollar.

Oops, I forget to not be so blunt sometimes. Of course, STINC could have a wonderful turnaround. Please, please, please, practice on Hive though.

Steemit L33TD comes baggage free.

Another brilliant initiative from The Steemit Team. One of our members experienced a vote from the booming account and we wondered who this really is. Who knew it was a surprise from the Steemit Team yet again❤️❤️ We are truely blessed to have you people with us In STEEMIT PAKISTAN COMMUNITY. Much love and wishes to you guys❤️ Stay Strong❤️
You have been a support to many and we are sure This Will take you to the moon and beyond❤️
Yours, @haidermehdi.

Great news ahead of the new year. By supporting the best articles from individual communities we are ensuring that more quality posts are pumped out every week.

I'm just wondering how the best posts from each community would be sent forward? Would it be the Community leaders who would be nominating posts over a Telegram channel?

Or are the community moderators going to be creating a post, containing links to the best articles of that particular day?

Or, would the community leader get access to one of the booming curator accounts. So that they can vote for the best posts of the day?

Also, is there some kind of limit to the number of posts that a community can nominate under this program?


It's a great idea. It will help all users.

Great initiative to encourage work within the community but unfortunately I could not create my own community since the number of steemains around me is very low !!

What a great idea! I think it's great that communities and users who stand out for their excellent content are encouraged in this way!

Thanks for being always thinking about how to reward better the good work here!

I am a member of steem Bangladesh. I support this program. In this way, every member of our community will do well if given proper evaluation. And we will be able to create a good quality curator. We want to be involved in this program.

It is a revolutionary initiative👌. There are a lot of good authors in all over the steemit communities, unfortunately they don't get enough support. Hopefully, they will get the support they deserve in this support program.

This is such a nice idea to help communities grow! :)

Hello @steemitblog, I am very happy with this initiative

This is great news for all steemians. It is certainly bound to motivate several author to produce quality posts in our various communities.

Thank you so much.

Muy interesante ese nuevo servicio de curación. @steemitblog.
Veo que están fortaleciendo la plataforma para que vaya encontrando sus propias vías de crecimiento.

Hello steemit team @steemitblog

I created a community, maybe now there are still a few who subscribe, but I am sure that in the future there will be many followers of this community, I created a community about FunnyMoment so that steemit users can entertain themselves there

Excelente propuesta me parece muy bien que se cree apoyo para los curadores 01 y 02 ya que el trabajo y el número de participantes cada dia es mayoritario gracias a Dios pero por tanto trabajo a veces no logran llegar a todos. Gracias por este nuevo proyecto y apoyo..!!



This is a great step taken to support all Steemit Creators/Authors and yes, it will increase the future growth and development of Steem.

Steeming India Community like to join this program.

To apply to join the program the Community Leader should contact the Steemit Team via @Joanna2018 on Telegram.

This has been Done.


#onepercent #india #affable

It is great for us.

Great initiative. This brilliant idea will encourage authors to share more quality contents on world of cricket community. It will play significant role building up our community.
We on behalf of the World of Cricket 🏏 community are very excited to participate in this program.
Grateful for your support @steemitblog.


I have been waiting for such. It came at the right time.
Steemit all the way.

it's very good😍🤩🤩🤩thanks for the information

Sangat bagus untuk membantu komunitas dan konten terbaik.

The great news. It is a very supportive application for those returning and newcomers to Steemit like me.


Thank you! We've contacted Joanna, let's try 🎀

Хорошая новость, спасибо.

This is absolutely a breathtaking move from steemitblog.
Am happy about this development.

It is great idea and i am also going to submit my community to this programe @steemitblog

Está es una maravillosa iniciativa. Porque insentiva el de seguir publicando, el estímulo mayor de un stemians es saber que alguien valora lo que escribes. Y @steemitblog se preocupa de que así sea lo ha demostrado con sus continuos emprendimientos a favor de las comunidades.

That is great initiative to support communities. I think it sounds great most Communities would benefit from this project.

This is just great, healthy communities are vital to a healthy steemit community and this support program is one way to retain users.

Greta Job @steemitblog.

Nice initiative which i think is a best idea.

Genial! Una gran oportunidad de crecimiento en comunidad, estoy seguro que alumbraremos como estrellas a través de este programa de apoyo.


Nice to meet you and welcome in New year hope not to more stress in life and become success at every stage of life with a friend like me😃

Отличные и позитивные новости на площадке Steemit!

Sounds really great, this way our hardwork as a steemian won't wasted. Will share more quality content. Two posts per week is good concept if those quality posts get great appreciation by upvotes.

Hola felicitaciones al equipo de @steemitblog porque siempre tienen iniciativas para motivar a todos las comunidades, estamos en completo crecimiento cada día y sera todo un éxito.

Hi, I'm new here ☺️ the news sound great and promising!

Hi @steemitblog!! I sent a message to @Johanna2018 on Telegram, but as we are not a mutual contact, Telegram doesn't allow me to talk to her... I don't know what to do. Does anyone has had this same problem?

hola @belenguerra me ocurrió lo mismo si sabes otra forma de comunicarte agradecería que me lo comunicaras!

This is a great Idea but I have a question. So because of this we will not see @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 again?

Oh great. I received upvote from one of booming accounts today. Getting supported by steemit community is vital to retain user. In last one week, i received no upvote from any steemcurator. I was thinking of leaving this platform because i realized that time was not being valued. But than i received upvote yesterday which again motivated me to stay alive here and keep going. So these initiatives are highly appreciable .

#onepercent #india #affable

The upvote based on recomendation of leader. That is unfair because they olny recomend ones they know not from quality of posts..

A successful 2021 to all Steemians.
Resteemed :-)

Bienvenido a la nueva cuenta de curadores.

Bienvenidos a estos espacios @booming01, @booming02, @booming03 y @booming04

Agregando a estos espacios nuevos curadores.Gracias @steemitblog

This is a very good idea @steemitblog. This going to go a long way to motivate, retain and make inactive members active again. I have received an upvote from a booming account. Some of my posts have remained unvoted so I'm grateful for the vote. Thanks
#twopercenct #cameroon

Excelente, de verdad como usuario nuevo (menos de 100 dias) comprendo la importancia de esto. Espero ademas que estas cuentas ayuden verdaderamente en el proceso de curación (incluida revisión) de la publicación. He visto ocasiones en que publicaciones con demasiadas faltas de ortografía (incluso de representantes con total ausencia de ortografía) son muy bien recompensadas, en cambio otras de creadores de contenido de calidad pareciera que no se les toma adecuadamente en cuenta.

En fin, espero que todo sirva para mejorar la plataforma y cumplir con el objetivo principal. Feliz año nuevo a todos.

Hola @ledcerv. Lo que comentas es bastante cierto, y comparto contigo la misma preocupación. Espero que puedas compartir tus contenidos en una nueva Comunidad que estoy ofreciendo.

Hola, si, ya la vi y me suscribí.

Hello @steemitblog, Steemit Team. I'm confident in the success of the new community support programs. Today, I have made the official presentation of a new community to share with all users and especially with Venezuelans.

In the next days, we will be communicating with the curators @booming (@booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04) to know the parameters for the support.

However, while we adjust details and invitation to subscribers, we are already ready to start some challenges with our own funding.

Best regards and Happy New Year 2021.

New Community Venezolanos Steem.

Hello Steemit Team I have a suggestion i hope you would consider.

Right now many of the CR's would agree that Community curator accounts are very important and their progress also, So if Possible can You modify it a bit for Author Vote limit from 2 to 5-6 Just for Community curator accounts
let mee know your feedback about it.


¡Me encanta esta noticia @stemitblog! Si hay algo que resulta realmente motivador en cualquier ámbito de nuestra vida, es percibir que el trabajo que se realiza con esmero, es tomado en cuenta y valorado.

Hello, @steemblog, thanks to your hard work, prosperity and growth have been seen in the various communities, fostering an energy of positivity and encouragement in the ecosystem. God continue to guide them in this affable and beautiful work.

Excellent, there are many jobs without being valued.

Es bueno despertar leyendo este tipo de publicaciones. Excelentes noticias, que siga adelante el trabajo productivo. Saludos!

Hopefully it can be taken into account.

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

I must inform you that the access to import our TRON wallet is not activated, so I can't use the TRX to freeze and make the votes to the super representatives.


Thank you in advance for your attention.

In the Venezuelan Steem Community (hive-108800) we have not been able to have connection with the new accounts (@booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04).

We need your support for the #steemexclusive publications of quality and excellence.

@marcybetancourt manages the community. We have had a sustained growth since the creation of the Community. Please, how can we contact you by discord or mail?

Hi @steemitblog! I created a community. Advise me, what do I need to do to have the support of curators?

Hi @steemitblog , if we have a great idea for a community but new to Steemit, how to start with it?

Y cuáles son los requisitos para crear una comunidad a parte de los 3 steem

Ich denke, das könnte dich interessieren @seo-boss

Which crypto exchanges support the United States. Ive tried nuance and three others , allways not available in my area . Texas ,US. Trying to buy steem to create

Hello @steemblog.
Thanks for sharing this News. I am happy. Thanks
I need your help . How can i reach a @joanna2018 to approve my commuinty.

I created the Steemit contest Club community, my goal is to bring together competitions held on the steemit platform. I run races myself and try to get users to pass time on the steemit platform. I want to be part of the community support program. I'm asking for your help in supporting my 1-a-week competition.

Thankyou so much @steemitblog i have restarted my community #secretbeauty and i need help to grow my community as said by the @steemcurator01 i am now growing my sp to delegate to my account.

This is a very nice and supportive initiative by this Steemit community.
We appreciate your help for us to grow🙏

This is a great initiative as it helps other people who create quality article on Steemit and are not noticed to be noticed.

Thanks for this initiative.

Thanks for the information, I just joined Steemit. Hopefully all my friends will help and guide me in working here

Me parece excelente estrategia para darle más auge a las comunidades de steemit me encantó, saludos

I have created my new community but now there is a problem getting it approved.All the members are doing a great job.I request that my community be approved.
Community link is here..

Yo por lo menos llevo más de un mes publicando y no he recibido el voto de ningun curartor.


TRX of the previous three days has not been issued, please fix the relevant problems in time. Otherwise, such an unstable state of operation is irresponsible to the community.

Link trx account on steem to tronlink account to manage/ view assets better. It's been issued, there's probably a bug with displaying trx assets but it's all there.

How can i join on Telegram? I have a community.
You can check from here

sorry for mention!

@steemitblog I have a community name @open-theworld

There is 160+ Subscribers & 50+ active users and I also message #joanna2018 in telegram bit I can't get response from him,

I hope you will check our community & if you see our community is acceptable for Community Support program please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you @steemitblog

Hola @steemitblog , quisiera pedir su ayuda para esta nueva comunidad el cual se basa en ideas creativas, diseños, fotografías, dibujos, etc. espero poder obtener el apoyo de ( @ booming01 , @ booming02 , @ booming03 y @ booming04 )

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