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Steemingcurators community-building contest: Tell us who is your steemian best friends?

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Greetings to all

Tell us who is your Steemian best friends!

Today is a very special day for everyone in the Steemingcurators Community because we will launch our new contest: Tell us who is your steemian best friends! This joy goes beyond Steemingcurators, splashing with enthusiasm to all users because our community mission and vision is to become a strong and self-sufficient community that strives to bring value to the community at Steemit and Steem Blockhain as a whole, so you are a key piece that can contribute to this beneficial long-term goal, if you want to check this project accessing the English or Spanish versions.

Now, knowing that the key people in our lives have arrived by chance and not by accident, we feel pleasure, happiness, appreciation, solidarity, desire to share a topic, coffee or something in common with these beings who often give us support, loyalty and understanding. We are aware that this happens in any geographical space, culture, society, religion, school and of course social networks; Steemit is in this expansive path of our circle of friends. Thinking about how important our friendships are, friends or people we appreciate for some reason, the Steemingcurators community is pleased to invite the whole Steemit community to the contest called: Tell us who your best Steemians friends are!

That collections of significant memories that you keep pleasantly in your mind and heart about your friends, share them with us, and use this medium to make those intangible and emotional details that will fill with happiness and joy those who you mention in your entry to the contest.

Do you remember the exact or approximate date when you met? How did you meet? Were they introduced by a mutual friend or perhaps they interacted through comments in a publication? Were there any encouraging comments that made the bond of friendship grow and strengthen? What special moment do you remember most fondly? Are they from the same country, region or continent? Do they speak the same language? What were the best suggestions they exchanged for their growth at Steemit?

The main idea is that you share fun and interesting details of your experiences with your best friends, maybe they met when they commented on your publication because they felt interested in your contents, made recommendations to improve your good content, liked some style, or made observations that you found valuable for the substantial contribution and the way they communicated it to you. He or she is active or you were suddenly absent from the Steemit network and you returned because he or she motivated you to do so. Tell us how you see your friend at Steemit in the next two years. What is the future you project for him/her.

About the contest

Share your publication from the steemingcurators community, if you are not a member you can subscribe from the following link steemingcurators community.

Please make sure to use the #steemfriend and your #country-name (For example, Japan, China, Venezuela) within the first five tags.

Create and share quality content; use your own images, with Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses accrediting the source.

Comment on this post and post the link to your entry. It would help a lot if you shared this publication to circulate the information.

🏆Competition prizes🏆

Publications that stand out for creativity, originality and genuine style in their content will be supported by the steemingcurators account and the following award:

  1. Place: 35 Steem
  2. Place: 25 Steem
  3. Place: 20 Steem

Duration of the contest

You can make your entry contribution to the contest from the date of publication of this announcement until Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 11:59 local time in your country.

We would be pleased if @steemitblog could give their valuable support to this contest.
We also appreciated any support or sponsorship in the contest prize pool for steemingcurators community future incoming contests.

This contest is lead and organizes by @ulisesfl17

For more information and to clarify any possible doubts, please ask your questions at the bottom of this publication. You can also access Steemingcurators' Discord server, which we will gladly assist you.

Community Building with steemingcurators Community
Come join us on the mission of How to build up a 500SP account into 500,000 SP community account by delegate/lend your steem power to @steemingcurators account see this post How to Delegate your steem power?


Building the community that STEEM had before is a good strategy though! Good luck!


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 3 years ago 

Hi @theguruasia would love to have everyone back here and join the fun that we been enjoying 😃

Agreed, STEEM made too much of community splits.


 3 years ago 

Hi @samuel20; you have made an original publication that meets the quality standard promoted by the Steemingcurators community, this publication has been successfully registered in the Tell us who your best Steemian friends are!

Thank you for participating

 3 years ago 

Thank you for participating! Please invite your friends to join the fun too 😃

Alright I will do well to invite more of my friends.
Hi @cryptokannon my Achievement 6 post was not voted.What could be the possible reason????

Hola amigos espero que todos estén bien!!! Pronto estaré dejando mi participación a este genial y maravilloso concurso, y quiero invitar a mis amigos @anasuleidy, @sacra97, @adeljose, @luiyi-22, @cachetes-27, @steemporras y @zhanavic69 para que se unan a este concurso!!!

Saludos @leyxi209!!!!

Ahora mismo me pongo con eso!! Gracias por la invitacion!
Saludos @cachetes-27

 3 years ago 

Hola @leyxi209, esperamos contar con tu valiosa entrada para registrarla al concurso Steemingcurators community contest : Tell us who is your steemian best friends?; asegúrate de leer y cumplir las pautas.

Gracias por invitar a tus amigos y amigas a que se unan a esta divertida iniciativa.

Buena vibra

Claro amigo, leeré todo muy bien, para hacer una buena publicación!!!

Saludos @leyxi209!!!

Hola a todos, amigos y amigas steemit, comunidad steemingcurators en especial. Gracias por organizar este concurso con un tema tan importante como es la relación de amigos en steemit.

Dejo el enlace de mi entrada al concurso.

Fraterno abrazo steemians

 3 years ago 

Hola @flores39. Gracias por tu participación; has hecho una original y creativa presentación para compartir quiénes son tus mejores amigos steemit.

Tu publicación cumple con el estándar de calidad promovido por la comunidad steemingcurators, es aceptada y registrada en el concurso quiénes son tus mejores amigos steemit.

Buena vibra.

Very innovative contest , unique topic for this platform. Didn't know who is behind this idea I must congratulate the person for finding such a good contest idea.

 3 years ago 

Hi @sduttaskitchen. Thank you for reading and commenting on this publication. Also, for the congratulations expressed to the Steemingcurators community team.

I hope to see your entry soon in the Steemingcurators community contest publications Steemingcurators community contest : Tell us who is your steemian best friends?.

Good vibe friend

 3 years ago (edited)

Wow @steemingcurators, this is an interesting contest.
I really love this, I have a couple of friends on steemit here. Though I didn't meet them here, rather I introduced them to Steemit.
Please expect my entry.
And I know so many steemians are going to enjoy this contest.
Best regards from @talktofaith

 3 years ago 

@talktofaith Great! We are promoting the bonds of friendship and affection among the friends who make life at Steemit. Great that they are here because you invited them and pointed out the fun path of the Blockchain Steem; it would be great if you share the information of this contest with them and invite them to participate.

At Steemingcurators we await your good contributions with open arms and full of joy. Consider becoming an official member of this community by following our healing trail from here, if you prefer you could delegate Steem Power and get your membership title according to the amount of Steem Power delegated. For more information, see our publication Community Building with steemingcurators Community where @cryptokannon explains the details.

Our political vision is to become a strong, self-sufficient community that strives to bring value to the community in Steemit and Blockchain Steem as a whole.

Best regards. Good vibe.

@ulisesfl17, thanks for the compliment.
I had already invited them to participate in the contest.
@exceptional20 had already participated and others will soon participate as well.

 3 years ago 

Hi. I noticed this while I was reviewing the contributions; however, I had already made the comment. I am glad that you have been encouraged to participate and that the community in Nigeria is as united as it actually is. In unity, organization, and perseverance is the deserved arrival at success.

I congratulate you for the great altruistic work you do with your friends for the social, cultural, spiritual and virtual growth in the case of this social network.

Good vibe.


@ulisesfl17, thanks for all the compliment.
We will always do our best to see that Steemit gets to the grassroot of our environs.
Thank you for visiting my post.

Merhaba ben katılmak istiyorum. Teşekkürler

Una duda, que pasa si tengo un grupo de mejores amigos y no uno en particular? Puedo hacer un post de esa manera?

 3 years ago 

¡Cuéntanos quiénes son tus mejores amigos Steemians!

La idea principal es que compartas detalles divertidos e interesantes de experiencias con tus mejores amigos, es decir ese grupo o círculo de amigos y amigas que hacen vida o se encuentran ausentes de Steemit; invítalos a que se reintegren y por qué no, pueden participar en este concurso. Realiza un post y describe ese grupo de amistades o amigos de las que haces referencia. Quizás por la inconveniencia del traductor no pudiste comprender que se trata de uno o todos los amigos que tengas en steemit.

Espero hacer podido aclarar tu duda. Cualquier cosa, no dudes en hacérmelo saber.


Si pues, tuve esa duda y no quería fallar en el post. De verdad muchísimas gracias! Sin duda alguna, duda respondida <3

 3 years ago 

Que bueno que hayas obtenido respuesta satisfactoria. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta relacionada con este concurso o comunidad Steemingcurators en general, puedes hacerla con toda confianza para dar contesta oportuna. Aunque el anuncio del concurso esté en idioma inglés, puedes realizar tu publicación con idioma materno. No hay inconveniente.

Estaré esperando tu entrada al concurso, buen día.


 3 years ago 

this is a very good contest. Let's say the names of our friends who are the same as fighting in Steemit because we can't live without friends

 3 years ago 

The best thing about human behavior is that the social essence always prevails, by nature we need to communicate with others and as you say, many times we do it in the form of claims, simple or complex discussions, to draw attention or to know that we are heard and others care.

So let's empty out all that exciting friendly experience you have inside so that you can try to get on the winner's podium. Although in reality, we all win because the bonds of friendship, community integration and the steemit platform are strengthened, among others.

Excellent complementary commentary. Happy day, my friend.


a nice prompt. I'd like to join, and i already know who I will write about!

 3 years ago 

Hello, my friend. I hope you dare to participate and make your delivery for the registration of the contest.

Good vibe.

 3 years ago 

nice! please write about many friends you want and invite them to write about you and their steemit friend too!

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