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RE: Spring Cleaning Steem Acccount to Avoid Hacker

I plan to add a new tool on SteemWorld, which enables us to see all users that gave permission to a specific app/account. Maybe I can directly show a hint to users with old authority entries when they visit their dashboard ;)


Surely that would be a great idea, as it might help us finding out reasons as to why and which app made us at risk !

Like we tried guessing out common similar apps between accounts and there were nothing to guess...

Would love to see this new tool @steemchiller

I'm already working on it. The tool should be ready in the next few days ;)

Great i wish you best of luck for that ❤️

I plan to add a new tool on SteemWorld, which enables us to see all users that gave permission to a specific app/account. Maybe I can directly show a hint to users with old authority entries when they visit their dashboard ;)

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That would be very useful x 2.

It would be bery helpful @steemchiller. And thank you for this info @cryptokannon


For example, if I join the curation trail then I have to give permission. Well, if I participate in several curation trials then how do I know or able to see which account has the access to my account and which trials are active.
So, if you provide that kind of feature which allows seeing all the authority entries then definitely it will be blessings for all steemit users.❤

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Nice that would be helpful.

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Thank you for making this post @cryptokannon

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Thank you for the guidance on the making of this post too. 😄

Good idea friend. Hey you, are you the genius behind the steem blockchain. Do you know if there will be any way to recover the keys of the tron ​​accounts created through the steem wallet. I ask. Because I have friends who unknowingly generate new accounts. And his rewards were accumulating in the last account created but apparently he lost the private key of this one. And I don't know, this issue is quite a mess. Can't recover right?

Hi, if he doesn't know his private key, there is no way to access the tokens in his wallet. Didn't he download the TRON PDF with the key? If not, looks like he needed this to learn the most important lesson in the blockchain world:

Never lose your private keys and always keep at least one backup at an offline place (cold storage)!

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Hello friend @steemchiller, a question, will you be able to create a tool from to recover master keys or stolen accounts, I mean, when we make a report to Steemit they tell us that within 30 days they give us an answer, now if we have the last master key we used in recent days is not it better to create a tool from and recover that account?

Yesterday the Steem wallet page was having problems. . . . My mother @marlenyaragua tried to change the master password during this period and the page changed the master password and at that moment the page crashed, then she literally changed the master password and failed to store it, I ask you again, is there any way or method from to recover the accounts and not wait 30 days?


There is already a tool for recovering accounts on SteemWorld:

Important to know is that only the recovery account can start a recovery request. After the recovery account started the request, the account to be recovered needs to confirm it (can also be done on that page).

So, if you want to make use of that feature in future, you first need to change your recovery account to someone you trust and who is capable of doing the mentioned steps.

Changing the recovery account can be done on the Dashboard page (Account Details -> Account -> Change Recovery Account).

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Agradecida por el apoyo @manuelramos

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Que bueno verte de vuelta madre! Bendiciones!

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I do friend. But I don't know about me, because I have a group of women where I try to help them on their way through steemit. and one of them is presenting that problem. She showed me like 5 PDF with 5 accounts different. But neither is the account where the TrX accumulated. Anyway, thank God it didn't happen to me and I always keep my things. By the way I found out that for example, if you can import any Tron account from steem's wallet. For example, import the Tron account from binance's real address. I found her on the scan throne. And suddenly my account increased the value in USD and the amount of binance tokens was refluxed hehe it was fun I felt a millionaire for a second. Then I re-imported my old account and was poor again. I'm just telling you, it was something weird that you can do that.

Same happened with me :(

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I think very useful. I hope that we will inform everyone more about this and we will not be exposed to such hacking incidents. Community leaders, in their own right, need to constantly alert users to this issue.


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