THE DIARY GAME : SATURDAY / AUGUST 8 / 2020 | Day - 7 | A NORMAL Day !

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Assalamu Alaikum. Best wishes to all users. Today is Saturday the 8th of August 2020 and this is the seventh day in my diary game. Today was a day as ordinary as any other days. Below I am going to discribe a brief description of all the activities of the day today. I hope you will stay with me.


As always, I wake up in the morning, freshen up, perform Oju and performed Salat. But like every day, I did not sleep after the prayer. So I browse into my account for a while and I was not posted yesterday about my yesterday so I did yesterday's post this morning. Then I finished my breakfast at around 8 in the morning. This morning's breakfast had fried egg and pulses with parotta. Besides, Mom made some cakes yesterday and gave them to me to eat as you can see in the picture below.


After breakfast I go to the store to help Dad. I came home from the store a while back when Dad went to the store. Coming from the store I started seeing my favorite series Artugrul. At one point my dad needed something in the store so I took it from home and went to the store again. From there I go to the bathroom to take a bath to freshen up. After bathing, I offer the Zuhr prayer and eat lunch and go to bed. Sleeping late last night I fell asleep after lunch today. Then I woke up at about five o'clock and offered the Asr prayer. I feel hungry and tell me to give some food. Yesterday my mother made some cakes, my brother gave me something to eat and I ate. Then I spent some time on Facebook and watched the Artugrul series. In the meanwhile he called for Maghrib. After hearing the call to prayer, I performed ablution and performed Maghrib prayer.


After praying, I got hungry again so I asked my mother to give me something to eat and she gave me rice to eat. While eating, I am writing this post. Now, of course, I have finished eating, but I have not seen the post yet, so I am still writing the post.


Hope you like my post thank you for giving your valuable time here. Allah Hafiz see you soon inn sha Allah.

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Vae dawat den, apner nasta dekhi to nijeke samlate partace na 😛

Haha Chole asen akhoni

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It's an delicious diary.

Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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