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Hello Friends and Fans!

Week 6 (#timeflies) is finished, and you can vote for your favorite in the comment section! Community voting is SUPER important for the artists in their overall score + they will also earn the liquid payout of the comment! Please take a moment to enjoy the beautiful tunes the artists of Music For Steem produce, trust me, you will be amazed.

In case you missed it, you can now request songs from your favorite artists to perform, using #songrequest and give your own review of the performances using #songreview. Our friend @stephenkendal already took the opportunity to request a song from @dianakyv of the legendary @adele (this would be awesome) and she is already working on it!

This week we selected 11, it is just too difficult and we love you all! Thanks for being awesome!
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Some interesting numbers:
WEEK 1: 10 Songs
WEEK 2: 24 Songs
WEEK 3: 23 Songs
WEEK 4: 28 Songs
WEEK 5: 34 Songs
WEEK 6: 34 Songs


As you have read in our previous post as well, the point system is changed and we now vote on 5 different things.
We added a 20 point bonus system for people who are not powering down, so this will have a huge effect on the end result. As well as the engagement of the artist on the platform Steemit is now considered as an important factor. We will count how many posts you made in the week and also the number of comments and votes. Data will be taken from https://steemworld.org by @steemchiller.

music for steem promo.png @bitcoinroute

Music For Steem is a weekly music contest on Steemit. Every week, artists from around the world are competing against each other to win STEEM and the Winning upvote from @steemcurator01. In the near future, we are going to have different categories to compete in so every artist has a chance to win. Stay Tuned

From the 34 submissions, we have made a selection of 11 performances to present to you. You can NOW vote in the comment section! We want to thank you for making it super difficult. And we are almost forced to make different categories now! Thanks :)

11 of these entries are now sent to the Jury members of the contest Music For Steem. Each one gives a score to the valid artists, based on 5 different things we look for.

We judge on:

Musicianship (20) Presentation (20) Community Voting (20) NOT POWERING DOWN (20) Engagement (20)

In total there are 100 points to gain from the Jury, the points from all the jury members will be counted and divided by 5 (5 Jury members) to get an average score

The TOP 10 + 1 entries WEEK 6

1. @juliolunar & Eva Lunar "Dance Monkey"

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2. @rodolfmandolina & Marysabel - "Señora Señora" (COVER)

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3. @nestorhacin & @heberthjose - "Kkometras de sin bandera" (COVER)

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4. @eugelys "Solo hay un ganador" (COVER)

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5. @rypo01 & @dali13 & @elisonr13 - “Busco mi libertad” (ORIGINAL)

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6. @cesarotti - "Debut y Despedida"

Visit post()

7. @mariajruizb- "Smile"

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8. @dianakyv- "Me vas a Extrañar"

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9. @edwardstobia- "Lagrimas de Sal - ORIGINAL

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10. @futuremind - "Im yours" (COVER)

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11. @davidsuarezms - Primavera - ORIGINAL

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como siempre sorprendiendo con cada interpretación!! Eres Grande Muñeca.

Me encanto esta interpretacion, cada vez mas nos sorprendes con tu voz. Orgullosa de ti. Nunca dejes de cantar. :-)

You girl are going places! Really a star in the making! Keep posting songs, we love to hear even more from you

Waoo! @ciska gracias por tus hermosas palabras! ¡Realmente me siento súper feliz de estar aquí compartiendo música maravillosa con todos! ¡gracias por el apoyo!.

Great job @dianakyv!!!
You have a very beautiful and dynamic voice, with the ability to capture your listeners!
Thank you for performing for us!!! 👏

What a great honor for me that you like my entry this week! Thanks for your wonderful words! A hug!.

God Bless your TALENT Dear!!

your work is such a beautiful

you deserve vote

Good music I relax, a beautiful lady for good music beautiful video keep publishing more musicals

1). @juliolunar & Eva Lunar "Dance Monkey"

Que talentosa esa pequeña,
¡Preciosa interpretación!
Esta demasiado genial este dúo.

What is not to LOVE about this performance?
This is my absolute favorite entry this week, hands down! TOP PICK!!!

Great job with this performance Julio and Eva Lunar!!! 👏

I read this message to my daughter and you can not imagine what excites her every comment and especially if it is as flattering as this, a hug brother .. and again thanks.

Every parent WILL cry with this. Your daughter has the voice of an angel and she looks a lot like you! I LOVED IT. Singing families, yeah you got me there!

new tickets will be sold there, I will try to put her more in this world, maybe she will open her profile ... thanks for your words and for all the support.

very nice voice

Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it :)

I love this performance. @eugelys, always delivers in such a professional and delicately powerful way that puts the viewer/listener in a pleasant trance. Great job @eugelys!!! 👏

Aaaaw @futuremind you words always motivating me and move me so much!
I appreciate it a lot!
Thanks a lot!

The Spanish version was new to me and omg you nailed it girl! GREAT voice, thank you for the music!

Aaaaw thanks to you for your sweet comment.
I love singing this song, it has a powerful story about heartbreak that is quite strong and I feel it deep inside me
I'm glad you liked it!

Eres maravillosa @eugelys, siempre con una voz tan angelical y versàtil. Mi apoyo y mucho èxito en este concurso fabuloso...

Muchas gracias Mary por tu constante apoyo ¡Un abrazo grande!

Extraordinary ABBA song, you have extended fingers and that improves your play to the cords easier and plays the guitar. Decent execution, maintain working hard, with the aptitudes you have you can go distant, I've been helping you by @marybellrg suggestion in a WhatsApp group. Successes !.

Thanks a lot and I guess Mary is now my oficcial promoter hahaha!

La maravillosa @eugelys, tiene una dulzura y voz espectacular. Y de paso siempre apoyando a todos y dando explicaciones en sus post de aquellas dudas en la plataforma. Canta hermosas canciones. Mi apoyo a la espectacular @eugelys en este concurso fabuloso @musicforsteem

4). @eugelys "Solo hay un ganador"

Gracias Sacra por tus generosas palabras.
¡Un abrazo!

Vaya, esta mujer no deja de sorprenderme con su talento, me agrada oírla. Suerte en este concurso @eugelys

Hey Doc que bueno verte por aquí, es un honor que te guste como canto.
¡Gracias por tu apoyo!

Hola linda voz, y gual la canción.

Muchas gracias :)

This performance was brilliant, relaxing, and beautiful.
I've read along as Maria has talked about making a recovery with a vocal issue that devastated her ability to sing.
As pleasant and beautiful as her voice is now, I never would have guessed that. It's a story that shows what a persons drive and compassion can do, even when faced with unexpected hardships in life.
Great job with this performance, it was moving! 👏

Guao leer esto me aviva el sentimiento, fue una época difícil para mí, prácticamente estaba sin voz para poder cantar es cierto, fue un período de más de un año en donde mi alma sufría cada día, lo que más me mantenía feliz era la fe y la esperanza de volver a cantar y al tener la dicha de trabajar siempre con la música como profesora, cuando escuchaba a mis alumnos cantar tan bonito, sentía que mi sueño seguía vivo y que mi alma estaba alli. Dios es grande y maravilloso, todo vuelve a su lugar en el tiempo indicado y que mejor momento para volver a unirme con ustedes en el canto, agradezco sus hermosas palabras, me llenan de motivación. 😘
Wow reading this fuels my feeling, it was a difficult time for me, I was practically without a voice to sing it is true, it was a period of more than a year where my soul suffered every day, what kept me most happy was faith and the hope of singing again and having the joy of always working with music as a teacher, when I listened to my students sing so beautifully, I felt that my dream was still alive and that my soul was there. God is great and wonderful, everything returns to its place at the indicated time and what better time to join me in singing again, I appreciate your beautiful words, they fill me with motivation. 😘

Maria Maria, ¿qué vamos a hacer contigo? You are so talented and it brought back tons of memories. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your kind comment, it has been a great honor for me, oh my God I feel like I am being born again hahahahaha, actually, this topic led me to a plane of life that made me understand that we should always see life with a smile. I am happy to be with you and so talented.

You young man got an incredible talent. Both performance and editing is from TOP quality! Thanks

I'm super happy to be here. And I'm also very happy to read your words. Thank you for the support

What is not to love about @edwardstobia?
This artist will capture you in his musical web of deep passion.
An absolute master at his craft, I always love his performances!

Great job @edwardstobia!!! 👏

Thanks, buddy, for appreciating what I love doing most. Music is the most beautiful thing I have after my son. Thank you for your words.

Mucha suerte Edward.

Un fabuloso artista cantautor, eres magnifico, @edwardstobia. Te dejo mi apoyo por aqui y mi buena vibra, corazòn...Exitos...

11). @davidsuarezms - Primavera

This artist possesses the power to move his listeners through perfectly placed harmonics and masterful techniques that only few have the ability to emulate.
Great job with this performance!!! 👏

Incredible at the guitar, amazingly good!!

Felicitaciones a todos los galardonados a optar por los primeros lugares de la competencia. Saludos en especial a la comunidad hispana que representa a la mayoría de los concursantes desde hace 6 semanas demostrando ser los más grandes y talentosos de la plataforma. Suerte a todos.
Baner nuevo 2.jpg

Whiiii! Muchísimas gracias! Ariba MFS!!

I love music because listing music feel are very good

 last year (edited)

@musicforsteem Que bueno estar aquí hoy entre los 11 seleccionados...
NOTA: Nuestra canción es Original... Abrazos..

Muchas gracias! En los colores de Venezuela! ¡Podrías ver que te divertiste mucho! 🇻🇪

Así es estimado @steemingcurators Nuestra bandera, nuestra tierra, nuestras raíces... Orgullosamente VENEZOLANA... Gracias por pasar por aquí y hacer posible este tipo de eventos musicales que nos permiten mostrar nuestro talento y sacar la mente de todo lo negativo.

Desire to get lost in a sea of tranquil, happy and joyful bliss?
Look no further than this dynamic trio.
They possess the power to capture you. You will not be able to take your eyes off of their beauty as you become immersed in the lovely musical vibrations they produce!

Great job with this performance!!! 👏

JAJAJAJA ¿Alguien por aquí es genial para recomendar? jejeje Es usted Sr. @futuremind Muchas gracias, trabajamos con mucho amor, dedicación y compromiso para que les guste... Gracias por sus buenos comentarios, motivadores y halagadores... es un honor recibirlos de usted, ¡Es un gran Artista!

Spectacular theme ..... Congratulations to all three. Second time I see them together.

Gracias por tu apoyo, es valioso para nosotros... posiblemente nos veas mas seguido.

Regards. I really like the theme.

Que agradable que así sea, gracias por su apoyo, es importante para nosotros.

Hermosos los tres me encanto.

Gracias a ti por el apoyo, especialmente al grabarnos... BESOOOOSSS.

Again, I have a weakness for singing families. Its pure joy. Thanks!

¡AMAMOS Leer esto! Realmente es un honor crear y cantar música para ustedes... Gracias por tanto.

Excellent composition. Congratulations.

Graciiiias por su apoyo Sr. @elpastor El Padre de estas Joyas... Bendiciones Infinitas.

Muy bien ... pronto haremos un cuarteto ... Felicidades

Gracias Gracias por el apoyo... Te esperamos maniitooo... CUANDO QUIERAS.

Vamos mis paisanos hermosos!, gracias por esa hermosa canción!

Gracias por el apoyo estimada @gloriana071 ¡VIVA VENEZUELA! que bueno que te guste... Feliz tarde.

talento familiar en proyección! Arriba Venezuela!

Así mismo es Sra. @marirodriguez nada mejor que estar en familia... Gracias por su apoyo, es importante para nosotros. FELIZ TARDE.

 last year (edited)

2). @rodolfmandolina & Marysabel - "Señora Señora"

I loved this performance!
Thank you so much for performing for us!!! 👏

Thank you very much friend..

Piel de gallina... OMG you both are so good. Your friend Marysabel is from another world. What a voice! Please sign her up on STEEMIT! If you get her to signup I give you a bonus!

She is incredible friend, if I already told her to enter the platform, only that due to internet problems it has not been possible to get in, I still have many people my age, singers and musicians that I am trying to bring them, I hope I can ...

We are already happy you guys are here! We hope it with you, take care and say hi to your mama from MusicForSteem! Are you on Discord?

El mejor esta genial.

6). @cesarotti - "Debut y Despedida"

This was an amazing debut. I loved watching, thank you for sharing with us, I can't wait to hear and see more!!! 👏

Hi Cesar! Welcome to MFS! Great first performance and awesome you listened to your friend Daniel to join. Gracias

3). @nestorhacin & @heberthjose - "Kkometras de sin bandera"

I loved this performance! Thank you for performing for us!!! 👏

This was awesome again! The fact that you performed it beautifully synchronous was what amazed me. You guys are great!

El trabajo es tremendo, más allá de aprenderse el tema en todos los colores de las voces, coordinarlo en la distancia para que se acople perfecto el instrumento y sus voces, siempre me deja impresionada.

10). @futuremind - "Im yours"

Thanks Jake for this performance! Again you own Shwung to it and it is also 1 of my favorite artists! Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much @ciska!
It means a lot to me to know you enjoyed this! 😃

Muchísimas gracias por esta mención, bendiciones y felicitaciones a todos los que participaron y los que quedaron en el top.

Muchísimas gracias a ti cariño

Thank you for listing me in the top performances, it's such an honour amongst such amazing competitors! 😃

All of the artists are so amazing. It's going to be difficult to pick, but I'll do my best! I love each and every one of them!!! You're all winners to me!

Much love!

Thanks for Steeming! And being a nice person to everyone here. Great to have you!

Good luck to everyone taking part.


Thanks again! It is going to be very close again! Such talent here

 last year (edited)

Thanks for all your support Stephen!

Excelente elección como siempre de parte del jurado encargado de hacer esta selección, por supuesto que todos y cada uno de los participantes tienen talento para hacer de este concurso un regalo increíble para toda la comunidad. Felicidades a todos, ya dejé mi voto a los 3 participantes de mi preferencia y ansioso ya de ver al ganador o ganadora de mañána y de montar mi participación en esta nueva semana, esperando que todos los que he invitado puedan lograr abrir sus cuentas a tiempo para concursar.....

¡Gracias por sus amables palabras! ¡Estamos felices de que hayas encontrado un concurso para compartir tu pasión!

Amigos de @musicforsteem gracias por estas oportunidades para los músicos. Se les agradece mucho xD

PD: Mi canción es original no cover =)

OOHHH perdón 🙏

Muchas gracias a ti!

jajajajaja abrazos xD

I have a doubt before voting, dear team @musicforsteem, you are doing a wonderful job that I support 100%. You can vote for several artists? or it's only for 1?.. clear that up for me, I have two favorites hahaha and I don't want to stop supporting them. Grateful for your response and for the fact that you are enlarging the platform with this beautiful contest of great talents..

Hi @marybellrg! You can vote for as many as you wish! Thanks for your kind words

Extremely grateful for being in this selection surrounded by great artists on the platform. What I can tell you, with the heart is that we continue doing our job, to share music with a lot of love! I congratulate everyone who participated in week 6 as well as congratulate those selected this week. Thank you "Music for Steem" for giving us this wonderful space.

Muchísimas gracias por la mención, es un honor estar entre tanto talento, tantas personas maravillosas <3, saludos a todos, compañeros, amigos y demás, artistas, suerte a todos!!! <3

Vaya vaya! Esta semana si que esta difícil, felicidades a los finalistas, aquí hay talento demás, que barbaridad!

su voz el algo magico mi voto es para
4). @eugelys "Solo hay un ganador"

¡Muchas gracias Betza por tu apoyo y lindo comentario!

excelentes menciones, muy dinámico el concurso, todos tienen un talento increíble, son muy buenos artistas. suerte a todos los participantes

  1. @eugelys "Solo hay un ganador" (COVER)

¡Mil gracias @mafalda2018!
Un abrazo grandote <3


Me Gusta el numero 4, mi apoyo total...

¿Nro 4 yo? jejeje
¡Muchas gracias!

Hola, de verdad que los escuche y cantan maravilloso y mi selección es:

  1. @eugelys "Solo hay un ganador" (COVER)

  1. @edwardstobia- "Lagrimas de Sal - ORIGINAL
  1. Solo hay un ganador (Cover) by @eugelys

¡Gracias @miguelmederico por tu apoyo!

No tengo favoritos, mi voto es para todos. Llegar aca ya es un triunfo y un reconocimiento de los jueces de que están entre los mejores de la semana. Me siento muy feliz de ver nuevas caras y otras voces que animan la competencia con su calidad y actuación. Suerte para todos.

Hola: )
Gracias por el voto que me toca¡!

Gabo concejal jajajaja

Felicidades a ese top 11 cada día es mas difícil, pero seguiremos con alegría haciendo música que es lo que nos apasiona.

This is good job @aulialaw
Thanks for information @musicforsteem

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