🎵 Music For Steem - WEEK 13 - Finalists - VOTINGROUND

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Hello Friends & Fans!

We haven't been able to comment and engage as much as we liked this week. But it is heartwarming to see all the nice things you guys comment on each other posts!

Happy you guys keep singing and making music!

As always, you can vote on your favorites in the comments below, THANKS


Music For Steem is a weekly music contest on Steemit. Every week, artists from around the world are competing against each other to win STEEM. Stay Tuned

We have made a selection of finalists to present to you. You can NOW vote in the comment section!

These entries are now sent to the Jury members of the contest Music For Steem. We combine community votes with musicality to promote the winners.



1. @rodolfmandolina"Thinking out loud"

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2. @roy.sajib - "Nithuya Pathare"

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3. @diegopadilla - "Debut y Despedida"

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4. @isha.ish "Mon kamoner jonmodin"

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5. @esouthern3 & cmp2020 - “A Million Dreams”

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6. @rajib833 - "Five hundred miles"

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7. @artemis20 - "Porque Floricienta"

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8. @hrhabib- “parvona ami charte toke”

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9. @juliolunar - "Give me some sunshine"

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by @davidke20


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5/. @esouthern3 & cmp2020 - “A Million Dreams”

mi voto es para @essouthern3 & @cmp2020


They are my favorite ☺️.

  1. @esouthern3 & @cmp2020 win win win...☺️

Thank you!

you are most welcome 😊 , keep up the good work.

Undoubtedly, @essouthern3 & @cmp2020! Her voice is heavenly!

Thank you!

10/. @sebastianpadilla- "Lit"

excellent guys, I could not participate this week but in week 14 I will be ready, good luck to all <3

Wow. A lot of beautiful beautiful music. I didn't understand @artemis20 songs lyrics but I love the music and her voice. Thank for holding this contest. I wish best of luck all the top listed guys and thanks for sharing you voice with us.

It's good to see a lot of participant from South Asian subcontinent .

Yes she has an incredible catchy voice! Thanks for your support!

Aaaaw Gracias por el apoyo ♡♡♡ lo valoro mucho!
Me encanta que le guste! Bellos talentos tienen estos participantes! 😍

Congratulations to all participants!
You did a great job!
Don´t stop the music!

My support for 6/. @rajib833 - "Five hundred miles"

Thank u so much vai ❤️

Thanks for the support of the contest!

Can I post my entry today, I get confused when to post the entry,
Even I have set a reminder in my phone

Yes you can! No problem, even we get confused :D Excuses if we are not consistent with timings

I'll post in next week so that it's not more confusing again :P

Great work, thank you for this update @musicforsteem glad to see that people are participating regularly :)

Thanks for the support!!

Wow. Excellent. Love to listen music. And you gave the right post. Thank you.

Can everyone participate in this Music For steem? How can i join?


Awesome you like it

i love your working style


 last year (edited)

2/. @roy.sajib - "Nithuya Pathare"

8/. @hrhabib- “parvona ami charte toke”

3/. @diegopadilla - "Debut y Despedida"

@roy.sajib 'Nithuya Pathare'

This is so good


7/. @artemis20 - "Porque Floricienta"

  1. @rodolfmandolina"Thinking out loud"

9/. @juliolunar - "Give me some sunshine"

Very usual @esouthern3 is my favourite. I am hereby voting for her!

@isha.ish you have a beautiful melodious voice. can you sing , "Tum hi Aana".

Todos Son Buenos Cantando
Pero Mi Favorito es: /10. @sebastianpadilla "Lit"

I play bass guitar and piano

excellent Music..music is life... life is Music...😘😘💲💵🎊🎉🎊🎉