Top 5 Club 5050 Posts of 21 Oct 2021!

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We appreciate all the members for writing daily for the community. We are glad that you are following the guidelines we provided in previous posts. Keep working hard and it will pay you off one day. Anyone who needs help regarding any issue, do drop in our discord channel.

Now we have decided to include only #club5050 posts in the Best picks so that we can utilize the #club5050 tag to the most.

Therefore, here are the 7days characteristics of users that we have selected in this post:

Last 7 daysUsernameNormal TransferPowerup
16-23 Octoberallahnawaz030116.58
16-23 Octoberuzma488215 in contest44.424
16-23 Octoberfatimafahim051
16-23 Octobermalikusman10114.305
16-23 Octoberjanemorane057

Now coming towards the top posts.

The reason to choose these posts is that these are well written, not too short and have used the images properly. and most importantly, all the users are #club5050 members!

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First of all I get up early in the morning 🌄 then I do ablution and go in the masjid and saying fajar prayer then I recites the Holy Quran about one para and then I do some walk. And I returned home. And I do the breakfast with fresh mind and sweetness.

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This is going to be my first ever post in the educational theme, I have been thinking about of making a post on hand embroidery. Finally got some free time and did some little efforts to explain the basic stitches of hand embroidery on this platform . As you all must have an idea about my skills only if you’ve read my introductory post. Let me give you a little intro I am an embroidery artist by passion and I have a short business related to this field.
So today I’m going to give

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We all have been watching Bollywood movies because we can understand them and that was the only thing while growing up because most of the channels they were showing Bollywood movies and the biggest factor is that the language and culture feel like it's on now when it comes to Hollywood movies the culture is completely different the language is completely different so that's why we don't feel that much connected to

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My dear friends, how are you all? I wish that by the grace of Allah Almighty, you will all be well and live your life happily. Because Today is wednesday and this day we make a post about knowledge

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Here is my going to share ongoing seasonal viral in all over the world that's Dengue Awareness and also sharing successfully Personal Experience sometimes we know everything about everything but

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Congratulations to all authors in Top Picks



Three things will not allow you to be featured in top picks:

  • Power down
  • Zero contribution to the community ( Not applicable to newbies)
  • Not a club5050 member.

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Priority to Those

From now on, we will select Best picks on the basis of multiple factors. Some of them are given below

  • Those who are members of Club5050
  • Those who are Powering up their Steem
  • Those who delegate Steem Power to steemit-pak
  • Those who add steemit-pak as 20% beneficiary in their posts
  • Those who stay active in comments with other users
  • Those will help answering questions asked by newbies.


Since it is the Daily Best Picks, thus we are focusing to pick the best posts from the day! As it is *A DAILY CONTEST, so ultimately the best posts of the day will be selected. So there is no argument left to be made if some users are getting measured exposure. This is because they are producing quality content that is in some way better than others. So gear up, put the feet on the paddle and make the best posts to feature in *TOP FIVE POSTS OF THE DAY. We wish you people All the very best. Keep working hard and keep making us proud with your quality content. And since everyone is getting mentioned, this shows the quality of the posts in STEEMIT PAKISTAN! You guys always make it difficult for us 😌👀

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#club5050 😀

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for your appreciation!!

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Thank you so much for selecting my posts. It's huge motivation for me to work hard more and share my best in @steemit-pak 🌼 AllhumdUAllah

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to All winner's... keep it up

 2 years ago 

Congrats to all winners

Congratulations to all the winners, i hope to win one day

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Congratulations all

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