Best Picks - Wednesday - Sep 15, 2021

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We appreciate all the members for writing daily for the community. We are glad that you are following the guidelines we provided in previous posts. Keep working hard and it will pay you off one day. Anyone who needs help regarding any issue, do drop in our discord channel.

Now coming towards the top posts.

The reason to choose these posts is that these are well written, not too short and have used the images properly.

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Chocolate Cake Recipe || @hira.umair || 13th Sep, 2021 || 20% beneficiaries to @steemit-pak by @hira.umair

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The Diary Game 4th September 2021 Saturday | Rain brings so much peace | 20% to @steemit-pak by @aniqamashkoor

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Better Life || The Diary Game || Busy but Enjoyable || Enjoy Weather with Gulgule(Meethy Pakode)|| 20% pay out to @steemit-pak by @arinaz08

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Betterlife - diary game (12-SEPTEMBER-2021) || Friend's Dholki and Mehandi day by @wardahhh

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  • There can be two things of utmost importance.
  1. A user is not getting his posts picked up in the Daily Best picks.
  2. Some users are appearing more times than others.


Since it is the Daily Best Picks, thus we are focusing to pick the best posts from the day! As it is A DAILY CONTEST, so ultimately the best posts of the day will be selected. So there is no argument left to be made if some users are getting measure exposure. This is because they are producing quality content that is in some way better than others. So gear up, put the feet on the paddle and make the best posts to feature in **TOP THREE POSTS OF THE DAY. We wish you people All the very best. Keep working hard and keep making us proud with your quality content. And since everyone is getting mentioned, this shows the quality of the posts in STEEMIT PAKISTAN! You guys always make it difficult for us 😌👀

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 3 years ago 

All posts are very beautiful.

@steemit-pak Thanks for selecting my post in best posts

Good luck best pickers 😎

 3 years ago 

Oh my! two time in a row my posts have been picked up :) thank you @steemit-pak

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