Best Picks of Steemit Pakistan: Friday - 01 October 2021

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We appreciate all the members for writing daily for the community. We are glad that you are following the guidelines we provided in previous posts. Keep working hard and it will pay you off one day. Anyone who needs help regarding any issue, do drop in our discord channel.

Now coming towards the top posts.

The reason to choose these posts is that these are well written, not too short and have used the images properly.

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Hello Steemers! Hope everyone is doing well. This is my entry for the steemit promotion contest held by @event-horizon. In this post, I will be taking you through all the steps that I took to promote steemit and the responses that I got.


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A human body is full of emotions, which includes a person's feeling, thinking, his actions towards anything, behaviors and how a person socializes with others. All of these emotions play a huge role in a person's well being. They can either be a reason behind a person's happiness or they can affect a person drastically as a whole. Medically our brain is directly connected to each and

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Today I am very excited and interested to take part in this contest because I love to show and promote this thing in front of everyone so I have participated in this contest with interest and I will tell you

I wish I had prepared it in a very good way and made it known to everyone.
I tried to get to the place where I go or I know the place or people who saw friends or relatives, children or time spent with you. I tried to bring them to this steemit plate form media.


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Top of the morning to all of you guys, wait, It's jacksepticeye's line, ugh, I wrote it down tho, no going back from there now. Anyways, It's September 27, Monday. Why are Mondays the worst among all days in a week? I think it's not just for me but most of the people out there as it's the day to an end of your whatever one do to entertain the self,

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So today I'm going to share Hicking experience with all of you. I visited Islamabad with my family to my Uncle's house. So we all young people decided to go for Hicking early morning.


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Congratulations to all authors in Top Picks



  • There can be two things of utmost importance.
  1. A user is not getting his posts picked up in the Daily Best picks.
  2. Some users are appearing more times than others.

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Priority to Those

From now on, we will select Best picks on the basis of multiple factors. Some of them are given below

  • Those who are Powering up their Steem
  • Those who delegated steem Power to steemit-pak (only for senior members who have got enough SP)
  • Those who add steemit-pak as 20% beneficiary in their posts
  • Those who stay active in comments with other users
  • Those will help answering questions asked by newbies.


Since it is the Daily Best Picks, thus we are focusing to pick the best posts from the day! As it is *A DAILY CONTEST, so ultimately the best posts of the day will be selected. So there is no argument left to be made if some users are getting measure exposure. This is because they are producing quality content that is in some way better than others. So gear up, put the feet on the paddle and make the best posts to feature in *TOP FIVE POSTS OF THE DAY. We wish you people All the very best. Keep working hard and keep making us proud with your quality content. And since everyone is getting mentioned, this shows the quality of the posts in STEEMIT PAKISTAN! You guys always make it difficult for us 😌👀

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Thanks for the immense support from the community !!

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Congratulations to All the aurthors of top 5.

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Many many congratulations to all of them. The posts are definitely worth picking up.

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Congrats to all topper's posts

Congratulations to the authors of the posts that have been selected as top posts. They have worked hard and are being rewarded. Carry on good work.

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Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and thank you all for choosing me.

Congratulations to all for selecting in top

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Thank you soooo much for selecting my post :)

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Congratulations to everyone :)

Congratulations to those who got the best 5 posts

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Congratulations to all the best authors who work hard and make such quality posts in the community.

Congratulations to all the winners .

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Congrats Everyone

Alhamdulillah Delegation Done 50sp

Thanks To

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Thank you for your generosity.

Thank You Too @vvarishayy

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Thank you so much steemit pakistan! I'm so glad to have been selected 😊

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