#MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL Contest | Give tribute to your mother - by @janemorane

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN3 years ago

Hello Beautiful People!

Today is really a special day and I am announcing a very special contest for the entire steemit family. This week's contest is going to be mother's day special Contest and you will have to give tribute to your mothers because we all know all the mothers in the world sacrifice their whole life just for her family and now its time to tell them how Important they are in our lives and how much we love them.

Now Lets Come To The Contest Rules And Regulations!


  • Only One entry per person is accepted.
  • Your post must be original (Use your own photos)
  • Describe in detail about how you spend your mother's day and what special you have done for your mother..
  • Any Language is welcome.
  • Write at least 150 words.
  • Invite at least 3 of your friends to the contest.
  • Leave a link to your participation in the comments of this post.
  • Resteem the contest post.
  • Add a link to your Achievement #1 in your contest post.
  • Do not Mention Curators (-steemcurator01,-steemcurator02) and any booming accounts in your contest post.
  • Your post must be published in STEEMIT PAKISTAN
  • Add tags #mothersdayspecial   #contest and #steemexclusive and #yourcountry in your contest posts.
  • Do tag me in your posts @janemorane so that i can easily find your posts.

Small Tip For The Contest

I am not restricting you in this contest. You can your mothers day special for your mother by cooking something special for her, You can write a letter expressing your feelings. You can make a beautiful card for your mother or can give her some special gift , Giver her a day off from daily work and treat her special on this special day of mother's day. You can make anything and share that with us with a description and giving a tribute to your mother and express your feelings!

I have made this small card for my mother on this mother's day and you can also do something similar and anything to make your mother happy and to make her feel special on this special day.

Prize Pool

1st Place -  8 Steem
2nd place- 5 Steem
3rd Place - 3 Steem
4th Place - 2 Steem
5th Place - 2 Steem

Contest Validity

The contest is valid till the payout of this post which is 16 May 2021.



With Love

 3 years ago 

A mother-like entity and this world cannot be found. The value of your mothers should be more than life. You have made a very good post.

Thank you so much I hope you will participate.

The most beautiful blessing of GOD = mother those who are having their mother alive should hug his/her mother and try to contribute everyday in the work and those who don't have their mothers alive should pray for her paradise..

Lets pray for every mom out their working for their children..

More power To woman

Indeed mother is a blessing of GOD which makes your life beautiful 😻

The most beautiful contest till now...
Mother is just a world to all of us, no more words

Thank you so much for participating!
Contest entry #2

You're welcome @janemorane, I hope this contest will have a lot of enthusiasts who will take part in this contest

Thank you so much for participating!
Contest entry #3

 3 years ago 

It's my pleasure.

Thank you so much for participating!
Contest entry #4

Wao,crypto professor style annoucement

Thank you!

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