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So I just got an opportunity to write about how I, including my siblings made mother's day special for our mom.
This is the only picture I have from childhood with my mom which I hold close to my heart.

Everything that I'm going to share was done by me including my siblings together.
My mother had no idea that it was mother's day and we surprised her by getting her favorite chocolate cake from Kababjee's. Nothing was pre-planned, we made sudden plans regarding what we would be doing for our mom, the first thing was cake.

My sister and I had brought a dress for our mom and we had decided that we would give her as a gift on Eid but since mother's day came and we wanted to buy something for her and since it was all of a sudden we didn't have time to go out and buy something so we just gave her the dress we had bought earlier from Khaadi. My mother's favorite thing to do is going out and doing shopping, the reason why we bought nothing but the dress is because my mom really likes new dresses. My sister and I made sure we buy the prettiest dress for the prettiest mom, it was a 3 piece unstitched embroidered dress, just the way my mom loves.

Though these things don't compare to the things my mom has done for me since I was a baby but I always try to show her the love I have for her.
Out of everything she loved the most was the fact that I cooked something for the first time :p She had always wanted that I cook some food by myself so I decided to make lasagna and pizza for mom that day but with the help of my sister :p Lol but I told my mom i didn't get any help :p just to make her happy. Though it wasn't the best food I made but my mom loved it regardless.


This was how our sudden plan went, it was simple and we did all we could for our mother, she utterly loved every single thing, the cake, the dress, food we made for her. My mother rarely expresses her love but that day she got really overwhelmed with everything we did for her and she couldn't help but express her feelings how beautiful it felt and how she loved everything.

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The picture of you with your mother, It beautiful. You are so cute and your Ammi ma shaa Allah lovely, graceful.

Indeed we just can't give back what our mothers have done for us since our childhood. You people celebrated this day beautifully.

Hope so she would have loved and got surprised with every bit of the efforts your guys put into making this day special for her.

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