The Photography Challenge is Back

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN5 months ago


Some of you know and some don't know that I used to organize the photography challenge through @steemit-pak for more than a year. We had to stop the contests through the official account due to multiple reasons.

Since I have been organizing contests from my personal account lately, I thought to bring back the photography challenge that you all loved.

This first week of the challenge is going to be interesting and very easy as I am not giving you any theme.

It's going to be a Freestyle Photography.

You can post upto 3 pictures in the participation post. Make sure to share your best work.

You also have to explain the story behind those pictures and how you took those pictures.

I am not giving you any word limit. I will only see the quality of what you capture and what you write. The most creative person will win.


  • No plagiarism.
  • Pictures must be taken by you. Don't use pictures taken by your friends.
  • Post should be organized and well-structured.
  • Proofread before posting.
  • Use the tag #sp-photos and #art among the first four tags.
  • Must leave meaningful comments on all other contest posts.
  • Must be following at least club5050.

What will you win?

  • All good and rule abiding entries will receive 50-100% upvotes from @steemit-pak and 100% upvotes from me.

  • Best entries can be chosen for the booming upvote.

  • 100% upvotes from me on good comments.

  • 100% liquid rewards of this post will also be shared among the best entries as Steem Power. The number of winners will depend on the quality and quantity of the posts.


  • Until the payout of this post.

Contest Organizer,


This is the best opportunity for all the Steemit community and I really appreciate it and I will also contribute
this contest

I remember that photography contest and it was my favorite one, glad to see you start it again, i will surely participate.

 5 months ago 

Happy to see the most easiest contest again ❣️

I am really happy to see your contest. I will participate here very soon🥰🥰.

 5 months ago 

Hi, Greetings to Steem Pakistan Member. Thanks for sharing your quality content with us


This is good initiative to come back photography contest. Steemit users enjoy to this contest by participating. Surely, you will get amazing entries. Good luck Everyone too 🤞

Great contest .....Surely I will participate ...

 4 months ago 

Very excited to participate again in this contest i used to participate in steemit Pak's contest but then the photography contest stopped there.So will be participating in this one.Hopefully will win this one.

 5 months ago 

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

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#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

 5 months ago 

@event-horizon I think this competition organized by you will be very interesting and many interesting things will be seen in this competition

 5 months ago 

Excellent performance from event-horizon

 5 months ago 
  • You have organized a very good competition, I will definitely participate in it.
  • Everyone has their moments, it's just a matter of seeing how we all deal with it on our scale. I hope that all members of the whole community will participate in this competition.
  • I request you to do such contests every week to improve everyone's scales.

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