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All of us are now so much involved in the steemit platform that we have made it our habbit to come online on to this platform and engage with others, share our own posts, help others grow and simultaneously boost our innerselves to grow rapidly in this world of cryptocurrency.

We are always looking for small opportunities to help ourselves grow faster and contests are a great source of them. We just have to put a little effort and win big prizes as rewards :)

Although yes, we do it to help others and the orgazniers and Not For Money Only❤️❤️

This is my very first initiative and also a small one on this platform.
If i get a good response, i would be creating more and more contests and with higher prizes iff i succeed to help the platform grow by getting engagements and seeing people communicate and making good interactions ❤️❤️


Todos nosotros estamos ahora tan involucrados en la plataforma steemit que nos hemos convertido en nuestro hábito de conectarnos a esta plataforma e involucrarnos con otros, compartir nuestras propias publicaciones, ayudar a otros a crecer y, al mismo tiempo, impulsar nuestro interior para crecer rápidamente en este mundo. de criptomoneda.

Siempre estamos buscando pequeñas oportunidades para ayudarnos a crecer más rápido y los concursos son una gran fuente de ellas. Solo tenemos que poner un poco de esfuerzo y ganar grandes premios como recompensa :)

Aunque sí, lo hacemos para ayudar a otros y a los orgazniers y ** No solo por dinero ** ❤️❤️

Esta es mi primera iniciativa y también una pequeña en esta plataforma.
Si obtengo una buena respuesta, estaría creando más y más concursos y con premios más altos si tengo éxito en ayudar a que la plataforma crezca al obtener compromisos y ver a las personas comunicarse y hacer buenas interacciones ❤️❤️



As i discussed in the introduction about how deeply we all have been giving our time to this beautiful platform and the crypto world, The only question that arise in our mind sometimes is that:

?Is there a way we can improve the crypto world or a change that we could make?


What change would you like to make in the world of crytpocurrency/Steemit if you are given a chance ?

This change can be anything. I am giving a few examples below but not many :p

  • Get 100% SBD payout
  • Make interactions necessary for payout
  • Bring an ease by introducing auto use of tags

Como mencioné en la introducción sobre cuán profundamente todos hemos estado dando nuestro tiempo a esta hermosa plataforma y al mundo de las criptomonedas, la única pregunta que surge en nuestra mente a veces es que:

**? ¿Hay alguna manera de mejorar el mundo de las criptomonedas o un cambio que podamos hacer? **


¿Qué cambio te gustaría hacer en el mundo de las criptomonedas / Steemit si tuvieras una oportunidad?

Este cambio puede ser cualquier cosa. Estoy dando algunos ejemplos a continuación, pero no muchos: p

  • Obtenga un pago del 100% de SBD
  • Hacer las interacciones necesarias para el pago
  • Facilite la introducción del uso automático de etiquetas


Image source


It is very simple.

  • Post your entry in whatever number of words you think you can describe the change (no restriction of num of words)
  • Upvote this post and resteem.
  • Subscribe Steem Pakistan (NOT NECESSARY)
  • Resteem the post to make it reach wider ( Obligatory :p )
  • Read ideas of others and make sure you make healthy engagements :)


Es muy simple.

  • Publique su entrada en la cantidad de palabras que crea que puede describir el cambio (sin restricción de cantidad de palabras)
  • Vota esta publicación y resteem.
  • Suscríbete a Steem Pakistan (NO ES NECESARIO)
  • Resteem el poste para ensancharlo (Obligatorio: p)
  • Lea las ideas de otros y asegúrese de realizar compromisos saludables :)


Although not everyone out here is looking for rewards but a contest is said to be contest when it has got prizes for the fellow participants :p

I don't have a huge wallet lol and it's my very first contest but it have decided to keep the prizes to 50 STEEM



I thought over this a lot and was thinking of a fair distribution, as i don't know how many participants i would be able to gather, So i decided to award 4 STEEM to the person with the most creative idea and i will take the rank till 10.

  • SO Rank 1 will get 7 STEEM
  • Other Ranked entries that is from 2-5 will get 4 STEEM EACH.
  • Entries whose rank ranges 6-10 will get rewarded with 2 STEEM
  • All other Entries will get 1 STEEM EACH for participating.


Aunque no todo el mundo aquí está buscando recompensas, se dice que un concurso es un concurso cuando tiene premios para los compañeros participantes: p

No tengo una billetera enorme jajaja y es mi primer concurso, pero he decidido mantener los premios en ** 30 STEEM **



Pensé mucho en esto y estaba pensando en una distribución justa, ya que no sé cuántos participantes podría reunir, así que decidí otorgar 4 STEEM a la persona con la idea más creativa y tomaré el rango hasta 10.

  • Entonces el rango 1 obtendrá 7 STEEM
  • Otras entradas clasificadas del 2 al 5 obtendrán 4 STEEM CADA UNO.
  • Las entradas cuyo rango de rango 6-10 serán recompensadas con 2 STEEM
  • Todas las demás entradas recibirán 1 STEEM CADA UNO por participar.

SPECIAL MENTIONS TO @rashid001 , @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @crypto.piotr, @focusnow

También me gustaría mencionarte @anasuleidy, @charjaim Difunde el concurso en tu comunidad:)


Bring in your friends and spread the word :)


Traiga a sus amigos y corra la voz :)

#crpk #contest #pakistan #steemit #steempakistan #crypto

A community dedicated to producing quality content and represent all Pakistan Active Steemians.
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If the contest stands with any query in your mind, feel free to ask me :) Or If you are interested in making any sort of contribution, that would be appreciated :)

Si el concurso tiene alguna duda en su mente, no dude en preguntarme :) O si está interesado en hacer algún tipo de contribución, se lo agradecería :)


Thank you @haidermehdi for this great opportunity to suggest such meaningful changes to this amazing platform. If I am chanced to change anything on steemit. I would make provision for notifications on new Steem posts
That is when a member of a group posts, steemit notifies all the other members. Sometimes it is very difficult to log in to our accounts and start searching for our group members posts thus some times we leave posts uncommented. Yes it's true they copy and paste the links to their posts but that is not enough. Of there was a notification which would tell others that a member has posted, it would make it easier to access their post without necessarily going through the link they copied.

Secondly if there could be some thing like an app and not just a website, it will make steemit more accessible.
This is my humble suggestion.

Wow, that's a great entry.
You have surely made a great start to the contest.
Let's wait for more participants to join and make engagements with them as well :)
1 Steem is confirmed nevertheless :)
haidermehdi :)

Thank you @haidermehdi. It's always to pleasure to be able to give suggestions for change.

I really love contest because it encourage engagements. For this contest below is my entry.

As a crypto enthusiast, if i am given the chance to make a change to crypto world. well talking about cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of them out there but for steem as a blockchain base and kind of social media. On the issue of 100%SBD, i will rather change it to 50% steem and 50% steem power. In my recent encounters i lost my steem backed dollars in cause of exchanging it with other platforms like poloneix and bitrex. So if i am given a chance i will implement the payout to be on only steem and steem power instead of SBD/SP. That's because i have a platform in which you can sell your steem at ease; Although one can convert SBD to steem either by waiting for the 3.5days or by buying steem with your SBD via steem market. But if the payout is on STEEM/SP it will be great to save the stress. So if i am opportune to be there, i will rearrange this order.

@haidermehdi, thanks for this initiative. Its a source of encouraging steemians on this blockchain..

 last year (edited)

Sorry for the loss :(
You have made a good entry.
The idea of 50%steem and steempower would actually be good but sbd is now good worth a $US :p

Thankyou for participating :)
Ps: did you forget to resteem? :)
1 STEEM is confirmed😍
Haidermehdi :)

Yeah, SBD is worth a USD now but the payout in steem would be equivalent to USD/SBD, Thats if i am opportune to be there.
very sorry for not resteeming, i have resteemed it now..


Yes its a very nice thought of yours :)
No need to say sorry we are all gathered around by so many tasks @bright-obias :)
Congratulations for a great entry :)

Thanks for your understanding @haidermehdi

You are most welcome my brother @bright-obias :)

That's very thoughtful of you @bright-obias.

Yeah, thanks for coming around

The awesome idea for a contest.
Steemit is well known as a crypto social media, it is best in all.
But everything needed few additions, look at my suggestion as follow.

When I try to write diary I really needed a word counter that time, then I confirm the words. But if you take diaries a side, every article will need a word counting service on steemit, so the author will count words easily.
And on steemit vote percent method is very cool, if it will added. Then the author can vote of how much he think the content deserve.
The crypto world is all better with rewarding, SP/SBD is better.

Another interesting idea.
This is the reason that i chose this topic as the contest.
Thank you so much for making me feel glad over my selection and proud having you as a fellow steemian :)
1 Steem confirmed :)

Wow!! This one is amazing.. a platform which allows someone to choose how much hell like to vote on a steem.

 last year 

First of all i will go through what is crypto currencies?
These are Digital float, Block and numbers, Which have different prices. For example rate of one Steem is at $ 0.18 , which is equal to 29.94 PKR. That's is the crypto.


It won't stop here, there 6,955 digital currencies. Steem is one of them. BTC Is the leading currencies.

If can make change in this world, That changes are below🔰🔰

  1. In this block chain i change the reward division system and take back to 25 % curation reward and 75 % author reward.

  2. I add more option in reward taking system as you mention in your post. 100 % SBD. And also listed many other coins that author want to take reward on the place of steem.

  3. And also reduced the time of power down from month to a week. But steemit has done great system then hive.

  4. Payment system, There should i change payment system. Everyone can change their steem direct into their local currencies like PkR. For this special site or app is designed.

  5. Block the supplies of steem for trading or make forbidden the trading of steem on big value. by blocking the steem supplies for trading it can huge push steem to upward in price.

Note these all are my opinion so don't get any wrong idea..

You have made a valid entry un the contest.
I see it as a very good entry.
1 steem is confirmed😍
Thankyou for participating :)

You have been upvoted by @rashid001 A Country Representative from Pakistan we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and come join our #thediarygame Season 2 you can get steem for commenting too with our #onepercent
Steem on!

Thank you so much @rashid001 bhai ❤️❤️
#onepercent #pakistan

Thank you so much @rashid001 bhai ❤️❤️
#onepercent #pakistan

 last year 

it is rain of contests i will participate in each and every contest...thanks @rashid01 for enganging this type of contest and also friend @haidermehdi for this contest.

Eagerly waiting for your entry my friend :)
I hope you will make a good one :)

 last year 

@haidermehdi , you have selected a good topic. Lets see what happens
Wish you Good Luck .. 💓

Thankyou so much @rashid001 Bhai.
I think this topic would attract everyone on the platform.
From the technologists to the fun creators :)
Hoping for the best to happen :)

Such a great contest by you @haidermehdi. 😍 Indeed this will bring a lot new members:)

#onepercent #pakistan

I want to know your view as well @hassanabid, go on and play your part too xD :p

This post has been rewarded by @focusnow from @steemcurator04 Account with support from the Steem Community Curation Project."

Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

Thankyousomuch @focusnow thats a huge gift for me😍❤

It would be great if the steemit platform will increase the curation options much more. Because there are so many people who joined #thediarygame and not getting support from @steemcurator01. Though they are following all the rules. I think this is the main topic for now on this platform.

Thanks for your contest brother

 last year (edited)

Ohh that's another beautiful entry and an interesting one.
Also i want to include that @steemcurator01 might give you a catch-up vote.
it won't leave its participants alone :)
Thankyou for participating :)
1 Steem confirmed ❤️

@cripto2000 you really made a nice point.I would love to see it implemented.
Most times my diary games are not been voted until it expires.
#onepercent #nigeria

@samuel20 and @cripto2000 i respect your opinions but @steemcurator01 is always looking for Quality content. Anyhow it will not leave us alone and sometime someday we would be awarded with a catch-up vote :)

This is a great contest an I am ready to via for the prize and the benefits of engagement. Who knows who I may meet. Expect my entry soon.

Thankyou for the kind words my friend @whitestallion :)
Hope to see your entry soon :)

Éxitos para todos los que se animen a compartir sus post, los estaré leyendo!

Buen Concurso @Haidermehdi 🔺

Muchas gracias por este agradecimiento amigo mío @jacorv ❤️❤️

Umm first of all you have chosen a very interesting topic brother
if i get a chance to make any amendment in steam so firrst of all, i will replace SBD with only dollar and directly dollars will be added to wallet and you can redem them when ever you want at any time. :P

Haha i respect your entry but i want to tell you that sbd can also go above dollar thats why it is kept as a separate currency :p
Neverthelese, i mark your entry :p
1 STEEM confirmed :)

Although I do not have or do not have this ability. Still saying. The first coin I will be working on is to try to make everyone in the world aware of the coin and to promote it. I say in the words of steem / sbd, the decision of the Steemit community is very nice, but I think it is not possible to expand Steemit in all the districts of that country with 3 Country representatives in each country. In my opinion all countries need at least 10 Country representatives and these ten must be from 10 different districts of the country. If it is a different district then it is possible to expand from one end of the country to the other very quickly. Another thing to keep in mind is coin price. Coin treading goes up and down based on coin price.


Yes very good entry.
Thank you for your participation.
1 Steem Confirmed :)

What change I would like to make in the world of cryptocurrency/steemit if given a chance @haidermehdi

  1. Steemit users need to be curated automatic when they write a high quality article: these has been a major drawback on steemit; an author will spend precious time researching on a specific project and will end up getting zero upvote and comments on such post, these factor contribute to some reason why most users quite the platform.

  2. STEEM/SBD token listing on multiple exchange; to boost steem hive blockchain token mass adoption among users, trading the platform token on multiple exchange will be of great benefit and inturn increase the price of the token.

  3. Complimentary reward for well active users 💯

 last year (edited)

Such a nice entry :)
Thankyou for participating in this contest :)
Have a good day :)
1 steem Confirmed :)

 last year (edited)

Hello @haidermehdi, it is indeed a great privilege to suggest changes I will like to make in cryptocurrency. That is why if I am allowed to do so, I will make the following changes:

Am happy to join this contest and cryptocurrency is the next big deal. I will just want to make one change to cryptocurrency

I will want to make the value of cryptocurrencies more stable and predictable like fiat. If to steady the price of cryptocurrencies, it will make it more attractive for investment and more people with capital are willing to invest in it. So I will like to stabilize the value of cryptocurrencies.
Thank u

Sucha good entry @ngoenyi i really appreciate your thoughts as they are not for you but you are thinking of the steemit platform as a whole.
Much love and appreciation :)
1 Steem Confirmed❤️

Amazing contest idea, thank you so much @haidermehdi. Cryptocurrency is here to stay. It's a revolution. But let me narrow down my proposed change to Steem.

One great thing that made Steem special is the amazing crypto-loving community behind it - Steemit.
I believe that one way to raise the value of Steem and keep it going is to make this platform more attractive to end users. So I will love to launch a modern, streamlined and easy-to-use mobile app for Steemit. Mass adoption is the target. The easiest way to power mass adoption is to design a system that works on mobile devices used by the masses. Everyday, hundreds of accounts are created on Steemit, but even the most advanced we user finds it confusing to understand how here works.

A mobile app, will make it easy for users to navigate here. And when we are able to bring in a large number of active users, we are a big step towards mass adoption. And when there are a large number of people actively transacting a coin, it helps to drive up it's value.

Secondly on crypto as whole, I will like to reduce or eliminate transaction charges.

This is surely one of the best entries in the contest here, you have provided the change but most importantly the reasons that you gave are of great value :)
Mass adoption and deriving up the value of steem are really the keys :)
Thanks a lot for your entry and support :)
1 Steem Confirmed❤️

cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin using Blockchain wallet and coinbase to store the currency... Since 2009 today there has been a lot of coins emerging I'm on the opinion

To improve the cryptocurrency World especially steem, we should adopt a business strategy of what I call "Akulebu" is about increase the liquidity of steem where owners of any coin can easily exchange at easy.
 last year (edited)

Thankyou for participating.
It as another great entry for the contest :)
1 Steem confirmed :)❤️

Thanks always a pleasure!

The first opportunity we do is continue to work with the best work, and do something for ourselves and of course for those around us, and if possible we share with friends who are far from us, for example, like me joining the WhatsApp group #steemalive, even though I am far from you, even so I try to build good communication to lead to success in the steem world.


Very good suggestions :)
Thankyou for participating :)
1 Steem Confirmed :)

Hi @haidermehdi for bringing up this opportunity.My suggestion is as follows:
•I would suggest STEEM/SP payout.
•I would suggest a word counter for counting my words while typing.
•I would suggest a mobile APP for Steemit.
•Finally I would suggest a method where one can have a direct message with a fellow steemian

Here you go the last suggestion you made was in my mind for so long :p
You spoke my heart out :)
Thankyou for participating❤️

I like how the crypto world operates but if there's anything I'll like to change I think I'll like to create a medium where we can recover lost crypto or crypto that was sent to the wrong wallet. I'll also like a means where everyone will come together to boost a particular crypto instead of creating many that'll end up having less or no value

That would be some great initiative :)
Hope you are doing well :)
Thank you for participating.
1 Steem Confirmed :)

Thanks so much @haidermehdi you're really doing a great job here and your dedication amounts to much support, do have a lovely day, #iamdanny #nigeria

Thanks a lot once again @iamdanny :)

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