Announcing Contest: The Favourite Country You Like To Visit | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 07

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Hello Friends, I hope all of you are keeping well. This week is very important one for Sri Lanka. Because Sinhala and Tamil New Year falls in this week. So friends, I’m here to Announce my First Contest in Steemit. And this is Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest series week 07!!!.. Ok let’s see what’s it about.


Anyone loves to travel and have a fun. As well as I firmly believed that anyone has in mind a dream country to visit.No matter how many beautiful places have in your country , there is another one country that we love to visit.
And also I am well aware that you have reasons to choose that country to visit.Ok Guys, Now you have a chance to share with us your thoughts that makes this country special to you among other countries.

You Can Include

• What is your dream Country you would like to visit?
• Why do you like to visit there?
• What is the area /section district you like to visit?
• What are your dream places?
• What inspired you to visit this country?
• With whom you like to visit?
• How much budget you are willing to spend if you visit?
• How long you like to spend in the particular country?
• What are the hotels you like to spend time?

Rules Of This Contest

• The title of the post must be ; The Favourite Country You Like To Visit | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 07
• Make sure to put your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post.
• Make sure to comment your entry link in this post.
• Only One Entry pre person.
• Resteem this post for find out more people about the contest.
• Make sure to content pictures and try to be more creative in your post.

This contest begins on 10th of April and will be running till the 17th of April at 8.00 PM (GMT + 5:30) .
Winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest ends.

The Judging Criteria Will Be

• Creativity of the post.
• Attractiveness of the post .
• Relevance and Meaningfulness of the post.


1st place = 60% vote from booming01
2nd place= 50% vote from booming01
3rd place= 45% vote from booming01
4th place= 40% vote from booming01
5th place= 8 steem
6th place= 5 steem
7th place= 3 steem

Cc @steemcurator01

 last year (edited)

Oh hoo very good contest. I like this.I will definitely be able to participate in this contest.

Thank you 😍

Most welcome

Me va a gustar escribir sobre el viaje de mis sueños, gracias por el concurso. Me pondré en marcha 😜

Thank you 🤩🤩

You are welcome boss

 last year (edited)

Thank you for the participation ,Entry no 07

Ok... You are doing well

Wow.... I would love to participate...
We move 🚶🚶🚶

Thank you 🤩

Nice Contest @damindu 😍✈️

Thank you ayye ❤️

Nice contest and i will do my best to participate

Thank you 🤩

very great contest

Thank you 🤩

A good opportunity to tell about my favorite country🤩. Um sure there will be nice entries❤️

Yeah we will.see akke 🤩

 last year (edited)

Thank you for the participation , Entry no 01

Interesting Contest malli..Hopefully I will post one too. Good luck for the contest❤️

Thank you ayye 🤩

Hello greetings to all I would love to participate in this contest, I am already on my post

IMG-20210411-WA0011 (1).jpg

Thank you for the participation , Entry no 06

So there is a nice opportunity to write about my dream country. 💕 Nice contest. I love it 😍

Thank you akke lets see your dream country 😍

It is very nice contest and will aid in knowing some basic facts about places as will be discussed by fellow steemians.

Please this is the link to my contribution to the contest.

Cc: @steemcurator01

Thank you for the participation 🤩, Entry no 08

Love to read this one 😍, Thank you for the participation , Entry no 09

Thank you very much @damindu Delighted to participate and wishing my dream comes true

Esta es mi Entrada espero les guste y suerte para todos

This is also one of my favourite countries.Thank you for the participation , Entry no 10

Hola, esta es mi participaciónpara el concurso.

Suerte a todos.

India has such a lovely places to visit 😍, Entry no 11

Lovely article 😍, Thank you for the participation Entry no 12

Gracias amigo ☺️

such a lovely article , Thank you for sharing this one , Entry no 13

I do not know the country I want to visit! Can I include it or should it be a site that I have visited before?

It does not have to be a country you have visited, you can describe the country you love to visit 😍

acá dejo mi entrada al concurso saludos y muchas gracias por permitirme ser participe.

Im agree with you vietnam is a such a lovely place to visit 😍😍😍 Entry no 14

 last year (edited)

Thank you for sharing this one love to read this article 😍😍, Entry no 15

hola, bendecido día tengan todos.
Aquí les dejo mi Participación

Im so sorry my friend .I read your article, but I missed to give you a entry no dont worry about it . My bad . But you still in my entry list. I will give you entry no 61 . So sorry for my mistake

bueno esta bien.. Gracias feliz noche

Yeah this is such a beautiful country 😍😍 , Entry no 16

I like this contest I will study each of the questions to participate.

Ok looking forward your entry 😍

Thanks for sharing this one with us 😍, Entry no 20

 last year (edited)

Nice choice mchn , Now I also love to visit there 😍 , Entry no 21

 last year (edited)

Nice choice friend,Canada is a such a beautiful country to visit😍😍, Entry no 22

Wonderful subject, I will participate.

 last year (edited)

Thank you , waiting for your entry 😍

Have to write about a dream again! This will be great. Good luck malli 🤗💛

Thank you akke ❤️

Good luck with your very first contest malli. use #sl-charity and #sl-charity5pc tags when you set charity. But today I think you have forgotten it. No rush just edit the title. It happens to me also. :) I will join your contest

Thank you akke and thank you for your valuable support ❤️

Grateful for the opportunity to express my dreams and to be able to write them down, I am sure that in this way they can come true, I will show you the pictures when I return, we have to wait for these complicated moments to pass, but when the calm comes, we will go to [Here](https://steemit. com/hive-133716/@marinmex/the-favourite-country-you-like-to-visit-or-steem-sri-lanka-3g-contest-series-or-week-07-a-chile-with-the-family-to-chile-with-the) I tell you that Chile is the country that fills our dreams.

HI @damindu ;) Here my ENTRY

That 's beach is so beautiful 😍😍, Entry no 25

That 's beach is so beautiful 😍😍, Entry no 25

Muy buenas noches respetado @damindu, quiero agradecer su Espectacular y Sentido Concurso, pues me llenó de Energía muy Positiva, Muchas Gracias 😉 Saludos desde Venezuela.🙏

Good evening, respected @damindu, I want to thank your Spectacular and Meaningful Contest, because it filled me with very Positive Energy, Thank you very much 😉 Greetings from Venezuela.🙏

Acá mi link del Concurso:

Here is my link to the Contest:

Finland is also one of my favourite countries 😍😍 , Entry no 26

 last year (edited)

You have a chance to visit much more beautiful places when you come Sri Lanka 😍, Entry no 28

I wish you to visut to Arabia soon my friend 😍 , Entry no 29

Thank you so much dear friend, hugs from Bangladesh ❤️💗💕🌹💖💖💕

I was able to know much more things after read this article , Thank you for sharing this Entry no 30

Happy to hear it :D

I wish you to success your visit 😍 , Entry no 32

Venezuela is a loving country to visit 😍 , Entry no 33

Wish you to success your protugal dream 😍, Entry no 34

Thank you very much for your good wishes for me.

Nice article😍, Thank you for the participation , Entry no 35

Love to visit Germany 😍, Entry no 36

Thank you for sharing much more things about indonesia with us , entry no 39

Thank you for taking the time to read through.

Me gusta el concurso espero participar y aprovecho de invitar a @villarrealjj

I came to know lot of this about this isalnd by this article , Thank you very much for your participation ❤️ , Entry no 42

Saludos aquí mi entrada
Publicado en Twitter

Thank you for the participation , Nice choice , Entry no 43

Muchas gracias

Hello @damindu, excellent contest, this is my participation

Venezuela is a wonderful country for a visit 😍, Entry no 44

Thank you for the participation 😍 ,entry no 45

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Thank you for your support ❤️

Saludos apreciados miembros de la comunidad @steemsrilanka aca presento mi enlace del concurso. Gracias por el apoyo @steemcurator01 espero todos tengamos muchos exitos!

 last year (edited)

its so lovely article and I love that country 😍, entry no 49

Yes, my God. It is the country of my dreams, I hope one day to have the opportunity to visit it. I love their food and exotic places! Thanks for the support @damindu. Greetings!

Hi malli, this is my entry

Thank you for the participation akke , wish you visit south korea soon 😍 , entry no 51

Hi @damindu, thanks for meaning up with this great contest below is the link to my entry kindly open.
Hoping to get more contest from you. Cheers!!!

India is a lovely country to a visit 😍 , entry no 53

 last year (edited)

Nice choice akke wish you to visit singapore soon 😍 , entry no 58

very good contest, it seems excellent to put our imagination to travel and think that Arians in our dream country

Thank you 😍

oye amigo @damindu participe muchísimo antes que otras personas, si revisa los comentarios, puede ver donde deje mi entrada y usted nunca me dio mi numero de entrada, no entiendo porque si participe a tiempo :(

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