Summary Report: SEC - S15W3 | Challenges, Solutions and World Waste Problems

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The Steem Indonesia Community has just completed its responsibility as one of the selected communities to organize the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 15 Week-3 with the theme SEC-S15W3 | Challenges, Solutions & World Waste Problems. With the end of SEC-S15W3, we would like to thank the Steemit Team for their trust and support, to all Moderators and especially to all contestants who have participated in the contest.

We acknowledge that all contest participants have taken the time to show their best as per the results of the verification we carried out in all contest posts. However, the team is still guided by the contest rules that have been set, such as club status, plagiarism, AI, upvote bots, as well as two other important things, namely:

  • Each contest post must receive a minimum of 10 upvotes and 5 relevant comments from other users. and,
  • Provide positive vote support and leave relevant and quality comments of at least 50 words on other steemian posts. and,
  • Users' positive response to comments received from other steemians.

From the results of careful and thorough verification and evaluation, finally the Steem Indonesian Community Team has also recommended the 3 best contestants who are entitled to receive awards.

With the raising a theme: Challenges, Solutions & World Waste Problems, our statistical data recorded that 96 contestants had participated. In more detail, below we have prepared the number of contestants for each country, Club Status and the 5 contestants with the most number of comments and relevanced, user engagement in the last 7 days and several other assessments.

Total Comment.jpg

From the results of careful and thorough verification and evaluation, finally the Steem Indonesian Community Team has also recommended the 3 best contestants who are entitled to receive awards, as well as the Team's appreciation for the other two best contestants.

Congratulation for the 3 best contestants:

Link Contest
Link Contest
Link Contest

Awards for two other best contributions

Link Contest
Link Contest

Prize !

We have sent prizes of Steem in the form of Steem Power to each of the 3 Best contestants.


contest prize information

Finally, the Team and all elements of the Steem Indonesian Community would like to thank all contest participants who have participated in the SEC-S15W3 program of the STEEM INDONESIAN Community.

Best regards,
Steem Indonesia Community Team

Steem Indonesia.jpg

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 4 months ago 

It was indeed great to participate in such an interesting contest where tI got to learn different challenges when it comes to waste generation and many solutions provided by our wonderful steemians.
This was just another form of awareness created for WASTE MANAGEMENT.

Thank you Steem Indonesia for the mention, it shows I was close to being among the three winners. 😊
I will put great efforts next time.

Big congratulations to @khursheedanwar, @cive40 and @jufrimj.
Thumbs up dear @safrijals, you did amazingly well too. Cheers to us all! 🥂

 4 months ago 

Wow ❤️🏆
I am so happy that efforts brings me reward in the form of this 1st position...
Thank you all team of @steem-indonesia and especially community admins to choose me as a winner 🏆🎉

 4 months ago 

🥳 estoy feliz de recibir esta buena noticia al levantarme este día.

Muchas gracias a la comunidad y sus moderadores por dejar mi publicacion entre los ganadores 🤗

Felicidades a mis compañeros @khursheedanwar @jufrimj

 4 months ago 

Congratulations to you also @cive40👏🎉

And thanks for congratulating me 👏👏

 4 months ago 

thank you guys for your support

 4 months ago 

Thank you for calling. I really like this contest.

Congratulations to all winners

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