Creative Contest! Difficult to Get Married! Why?

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Hello beloved steemians friends! welcome back to our contest on the Steem Indonesia community page.

On this occasion I invite people from all over the country to share interesting stories on the about "Afraid of Marriage".

As stated in our previous contest, the aim of holding the contest is to encourage and motivate users to actively write and facilitate user engagement on the platform. The contest will bring you together with great and creative people who come from various countries. Interact with each other, learned and get to know each other's character and culture.

Contest Tips

Getting married is a procession to legalize a relationship between a man and a woman. Marriage is the formation of a social group and the creation of a new generation in a sustainable manner to encourage population growth in a country.

However, the current phenomenon of world society is that they are "reluctant to marry" for various reasons. Even! Some of them (men and women) think that marriage is no longer an important issue nowadays. There are a number of countries in the world where people are reluctant to marry, such as South Korea, Japan and Sweden. The proof is that many people in these countries do not have a partner (not married) at the age of 40-50 years.

You know? a number of people in South Korea formed a National Radical Feminist group which called themselves the "Four Nons" or 4B group which means No dating, No sex, No marriage and No child rearing.

We want to read your own thoughts, not re-read articles that have been posted in other media!

What should you do
  • What causes men or women to be reluctant to marry?
  • What is the importance of marriage for couples (men and women)?
  • What are the risks for men and women if they don't get married?


  • Post in Steem Indonesia Community.
  • Posts not less than 350 words (excluding opening and closing paragraphs).
  • Your club status is minimal club5050
  • content must be Exclusive! (plagiarism and chat bots/AI will be disqualified).
  • Images must be your own or include a source for a copyright-free image.
  • Use the contest Title : "Difficult to Get Married! Why?"
  • Gunakan tag (#) nomarriage, creativewriting, country, steemexclusive and club.
  • Free to use any country's language
  • We encourage you to support #burnsteem25 and arrange a 25% payout to the @null account
  • Resteem this post and invite 3 other Steemians
  • Put your contest link in the comments of this post

The contest judge is the contest organizer

Contest Prizes

Total 10 Steem Power, and Booming support for the 3 best Contestants.

Contest schedule

The contest will end at 23.00 WIB on September 29, 2023.


The contest organizers cannot guarantee votes from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 , but we encourage you to prepare quality content to get the attention of steemcurators.

We happy look forward to and welcome your interesting participation.

This contest post format refers to the previous contest post by adjusting/changing the theme and some of the contest content.

Indonesia, Sept 23, 2023
Best regards,
Contest Organizer

Cc: @disconnect

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