Amazing Nature Contest - March 2020 - #02 - CLOSED

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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes, thanks to all of you, but there is still so much more to see! ^^ To participate in the #amazingnature contests just create a post that shows how amazing nature is for you personally. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the Purpose of the Contest ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found Steemit to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of great content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern and fast paced times we are living in.

This #amazingnature contest is at home in the DNA-Discord, a organization run by people for the people, with the aim to foster and densify nature-appreciation in the blockchain. DNA is also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by amazing @melinda010100 🦢.


Contest Rules :

  • Please join the Community and POST your entry INTO the AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY. This makes it a part of it and visible to all other members of the community. You can add the #amazingnature TAG after it if you like.
  • CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest.
  • All pictures have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own.
  • STATE IN THE TEXT why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this contest.
  • Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS. You can add a picture if you like. It is NECESSARY as I have to post a link in Discord on Friday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compiling purposes.
  • The entry window is open for ~ 5 DAYS. Watch out for the -CLOSED in the title.

If you miss the entry, please wait for the next round. As I have to work and also a family to manage, there are no fixed UTC times and the window can open in a wide range between 10 am - 10 pm and therfore also close accordingly ^^

  • By the way, the Hive-Number is the #hive-127788. The AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY is there FOR ALL POSTS ABOUT THE AMAZING NATURE AROUND YOU that are not necessarily a contest entry. We would highly appreciate it if you share your great nature content there with us! .. But the contest is also located in this community as an integrated part and special feature .. You can also still use the #amazingnature tag if you like.

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an incredible wide range there is really anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes
  • Philosophy
  • ... Surprise us ^^


Prizes to Win :

  • 1st Place : 3 SBI
  • 2nd Place : 2 SBI
  • 3rd Place : 1 SBI

I will always try my best to link and present all participants of Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later on Sunday (depending on my time schedule this may shift some time ^^). This way you will have a nice compilation of them all. As an special feature, the new title picture of the contest will be created from the entry of the contest winner. This time it is from @annephilbrick.

How are the Winners choosen ?

The voting for the winners will be done by the whole DNA community. Therefore we created a special contest channel in the DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will post the announcement post including the winners (Announcements) EACH SUNDAY together with all your entries (Entries) EACH FRIDAY. Every member of DNA will be able to assign "voting emojies" under the entries for 24 HOURS and in the end those three with the most of them are the lucky winners. This I hope should lead to a more objective consideration than just involving myself as a judge. I will engage as a judge in case of a draw ^^



This weeks winner of the contest is our well known @annephilbrick. Her entry is about this little Porcupine here, that she spotted in her friend's yard. They have very few predators as they are protecting themselves with amazing 30,000 quills (spines) that are about 2-4 inches long each. Porcupines don't hibernate in the Winter but will stay in and near their dens in bad weather. They eat the bark on coniferous trees and for the most part they are nocturnal. Thank you very much for your great entry and also for contributing and participating in this contest for such a very long time ^^



A few weeks ago @brittandjosie went to Austria for a skiing adventure and got some beautiful pictures of an amazing weather phenomenon, namely fog. In her entry she includes so many information about fog, such as all the different types of fog and how they are created. If you were ever interested in the physics behing this beautiful spectacular, then this post is exactly what you should look up for a reading. Thank you for this super interesting and informative entry. By the way, if you know @brittandjosie already, you for sure also know how a big hearted person she is. She offers her price to @seadbeady and @misschance ^^



This week we have a great entry by @wongbraling about caves. He shows us the Lawa Cave in Karangreja, Purbalingg. In the past, nearly ten thousand years ago, Mount Slamet in Central Java had experienced an eruption, upon which the Lawa Cave was formed. Since 1979 it was developed into a tourist destination while maintaining its original condition, only adding accessories such as lightning to strengthen the impression of a cave formed from melted lava. If you want to learn more about caves or how they can be formed from molten lava just visit his great post ;)





Tenerife 2009 allerlei 31.jpg


close up male redpoll with red on chest.JPG




WhatsApp Image 20200213 at 08.52.28.jpeg




This weeks feature is about @orestistrips. He is a motorcycle traveler fron Athens, Greece. In his blog he shows us his various travels and some amazing pictures that he took on his tours. If you love traveling and beautiful landscapes give his blog a try ;)




Amazing Nature Community:


You all asked for one and here it is, the AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY. It is dedicated to all you Nature Lovers out there, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy ^^ You will also find many entries to the contest in there. It has the #hive-127788 tag and you can find it here:


This community is there FOR ALL POSTS ABOUT THE AMAZING NATURE AROUND YOU. Currently I have 44 Nature Lovers on the autovote, which is set to 17% for 1 daily upvote at the moment. I still reserve some voting power for manual curating on nature content when needed.

Previous Participants :

I thank all of you who participated and voted this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Contest. I am looking forward to more excellent content every week ^^. Of course this format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the contest and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join us on this little adventure.

@akinome @alexanderfluke @alinix @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @antoniarhuiz @atomcollector @bahttg @belkisa758 @bigsambucca @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @cocolefleur @davidesimoncini @derekrichardson @dkkarolien @dzoji @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @farm-mom @haastrecht @gingbabida @hangin @iamraincrystal @ireenchew @irvet @isabelpena @joanstewart @joebtc @johannpiber @julianhorack @justclickindiva @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @letalis-laetitia @lighteye @leslierevales @lisfabian @manojbhatt @manuelramos @mariacaffrey @melinda010100 @mers @mintymile @misschance @molometer @myjob @mysteriousroad @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @offgridlife @paradigm42 @phortun @porters @qwerrie @redheadpei @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @sunscape @s3rg3 @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @viking-ventures @whatisnew @wongbraling

If you want me to take you out of the list, or if you don't want your picture, in the case you are the winner, to be used as a new title picture, just let me know about it in the comments.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers out there, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy ^^


DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation:


DNA is an organization, managed by @medro-martin, to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION which aims to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Steemians and subsequently cataloged.

Therefore DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATIONS. For these informative posts they offer a CURATION SERVICE using the @dna.steem account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. Just add the #dna TAG if you think that any of your posts is what they are looking for.

At the moment DNA is also the home of the #amazingnature contest for all your post about the amazing nature all around us and also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by the lovely @melinda010100 🦢 for all you great posts about our feathered friends ^^ But we hope that more nature related communities will join, or maybe some Steemians start their own little project there ;) .. Maybe even you?

If you are INTERESTED in DNA, please do not hesitate to ask about it, or directly JOIN US in the DNA DISCORD ;)

"By The People, For The People"


Steem Terminal Discord:


There is another initiative here on Steem that I would like to bring close to you as I absolutely love them, the Steem Terminal:


It is a great location for LEARNING ABOUT STEEM, Discord, and Steem-related communities, full of nice people that you may ask if you need ASSISTANCE, with nearly everything ^^ You will find documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to form CONNECTIONS with other Steemians.

It also host the REDFISH RALLY, a funny challenge for all those that are new here to the world of Steem. The Terminal also hosts the HEYHAVEYAMET project by @heyhaveyamet, which introduces all new steemians on a daily basis, so that you don't have to search for them ^^

So why not joining us in the STEEM TERMINAL DISCORD? You will not regret it ^^

"Your one-stop location for learning about destinations in the Steem blockchain and Discord"





Best wishes,


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Hi there everyone ^^

Thank you again for another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest ! .. It is soo good to see that there are still so many out of you who are steeming on 😉 .. I wish you all another great week out there!

Best wishes,

Hola bueno no hablo ingles uso el traductor pero por lo rapido a veces escribo español y porque es mi lengua. Este es el concurso nuevo? Los concursos son semanales o como?
Porque ya quiero hacer mi post tengo mucho material de la naturaleza..

Great entries!
The community is growing and I am proud to be part of it.

Here us the link to my submission

Hey there 😊 thank yiu for this spring entry to the contest 😁

Thank You..!!
@adalger and everyone..🤗
I so truly enjoy seeing and reading the entries/post
So Inspiring and Beautiful.
Thank You..🌞

Hey there @annephilbrick.. Congratulations for the first place in this weeks contest 🎊🎉.. Thank you for your porcupine 🙏

Thank You!!
@adalger 🦔
Thank You for Amazing Nature contest where we can all share amazing happenings going on around us...🤗

Congratulations! One of your previous entry last month to the Dailypetphotography was selected for the Month of Feb contest. The monthly contest closes on 8 Feb . Hurry up and come and vote for your favourite three pets of the month here !!

Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Subscribe to dPet communities to earn 1 DPET token!
More details of our development, go to check at here:

Buy DPET token at here:

Congratulations to the winners and other participants :-)

Saludos comunidad, por acá dejo mi participación. Suerte para todos.

Thank you for your entry @belkisa758 ^^

Some real amazing nature photos there! Thank-you for the honorable mention! I'm off to get my entry in for this weeks contest!

Thanks for these beautiful and cute cat pictures and your entry to the contest ^^ I hope you will enjoy it here in Amazing Nature ;)

Thank you for this amazing entry @porters. Excellent shots of our feathered friends and beautiful sunsets ;)

Congratulations for All the winners for your wonderful pictures.
And thank you very much for the honorable mention @adalger :)

You are welcome @misschance ^^ Thank you for your nice flower entry ^^

Congratulations @adalger! You received a personal award!

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Congratulations @adalger! You received a personal award!

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Congrats to the winners - those are amazing pictures :)

Thats an great entry showing some great pictures of the osprey ^^ .. Thank you for those ;)

Here is my entry for this Contest. Thanks for creating this awesome contest!
Hello Everyone,
Here I am coming with my submission for the Amazing Nature Co...

Thank you very much for entering the contest. A Mother ant helping a child ^^ Beautiful one ;)

haha, no excuses needed ^^ I But I am always so hasty on Fridays and it would be such a pitty if I forget about adding your "sky art" post to the voting ;)

Thanks for "sky art" expression. I love you, @adalger

Congratulations to the winners!
Hi @adalger! Do you know what amazes me? All of the great entries you have every week! Here is mine for this week:

Thank you for the amazing entry about the Japanese Beetles ^^ .. Its a great one. By the way, if you don't mind, you are on the autovoter of the community now too .. and thx for the compliment, I am glad that you like the contest and all its amazing entries and hope to see you around often in this community ;)

Thanks for putting me on the autovoter @adalger. I hope to be a weekly contributor to your amazing community, as long as my health allows me. : )

Hey there ^^ Thank you for your entry to the contest ! Those Cari-Cari birds are really beautiful ;)

Thank you for your entry ^^ This lantern is really an amazing one. Definitely an eye-catcher in every place ;)

Thank you

Excellent nature captures shared, congratulations to all selected and participated, yours in nature!

Is it possible to apply to the contest with a video in Croatian language?

Hey there, I just noticed your entry ^^ .. sorry for being late on it. I actually do like to separate picture and video contests as they are not easy to judge against each others, regarding text, spoken words and the picture material in both cases itself. But there was a video contest once and I still have the template created. Unfortunately no one really entered into those so I shut them down relatively quickly. And now, due to the big confusion with tron and so on, I will stay it closed too for until more is known in the future. But I have this vlogging contest in my mind and I will write you on the announcement list if you like to. So whenever I start the next one you will be notified. best wishes and a nice new week to you^^

OK, cool! Thanks! ☺

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