Does STEEM Look Like an Abandoned Project?

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While everyone is rejoicing that the price of STEEM has skyrocketed by 30% today, I want to touch on a not so pleasant topic. Namely, how STEEM/Steemit looks to outsiders.

Today @xpilar wrote a great comment where he made the case for the need to create demand for STEEM. I advise you to read this comment.

It's true, we need someone to buy STEEM. But in order for someone to buy it, that person needs to at least learn about it. Lately I've been doing a bit of STEEM promotion on social media. It made me go beyond Steemit and look at some other things. In this post, I want to draw attention to something.

STEEM and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest source of information for ordinary people. Wikipedia pages are perfectly indexed and occupy the highest positions in search engine results. Thus, when someone wants to learn something, they almost always go to Wikipedia first.

What can a person on Wikipedia learn about STEEM? Firstly, there is no such page in the English Wikipedia at all, you will be redirected to the Steemit page. Second, all we learn is:

With the STEEM price dropping during the 2018 cryptocurrency crash, Steemit faced financial difficulties and had to lay off 70% of its staff.

After that, you immediately want to invest or at least register and blog, right?

It should be noted that on Wikipedia, an article can be created or edited by anyone, that is, even you or me. I know this for sure, since I myself once wrote several articles on the Ukrainian Wikipedia. STEEM has existed since 2016, and since then there has been no one in the entire community willing to write in the encyclopedia relevant and important information about the project, to which he devotes so much time every day.

What is the situation in other language regions of Wikipedia? The best in the German section, and it does not surprise me. Here you will find articles about both STEEM and Steemit. And these articles are much more informative. And now attention, here is an impressive number of articles about STEEM in other language sections:


Impressive, isn't it? Site

Suppose someone found out about the STEEM token and that there is a whole community behind it and that it is an interesting web3 project. Next, this someone will want to learn more about STEEM. This person enters the search query "steem" in Google and definitely finds the site

This someone lands on a great attractive site. But here he sees:


Clicks on "Utopian" and sees a broken page. An unpleasant impression, but it happens. Then he scrolls down and sees:


I don't know if the Steemit team has access to this site, but it gives the impression of an abandoned project. No one wants to invest in an abandoned project.

Outdated Pages

Now let's assume that a person got into Steemit and is learning the platform. He is interested in what is here:


The Advertise page is not working. The Jobs at Steemit page has only one job posted back in 2019.

Then we look here:


The TRX Integration page links to this post, which in turn links to The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming, Stay Tuned! with outdated information:


The Latest Updates from page is also not very impressive:


I hope this will change in the near future.

In conclusion

Currently, there are thousands of crypto projects in the network. Most of them are garbage, but they know how to sell themselves. And here we have a really good project that does not sell itself in any way.

In this post, I wanted to focus on what we can all do more for the platform. We are already doing it. We not only write posts, but also become curators, contest organizers, witnesses, etc. It is worth thinking about what else we can do, what else we will be interested in doing. I think the Steemit team, if they are short on human resources, could also ask the community for help.


I have focused on such things in the past and asked those responsible for our FAQ page to update it, to make the necessary corrections there

Cool, I am very grateful to you :)

I don't understand wikipedia politics, but numerous people have tried to get a reasonable Steem wiki page over the years, and the wikipedia controllers always wind up demolishing it somehow. I agree with your points, but I'm not sure how much progress can be made on the wikipedia front.

Maybe someday we'll be able to forget about wikipedia and get an entry in the encyclosphere, instead.

Thanks for the interesting information. I certainly didn't know about that. It's strange to me that there were problems with creating a page about steem, probably the editors saw it as advertising. If I have time, I will try to create a page in the Ukrainian Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is far from a perfect source of information, but competitors will have a hard time displacing it.

I agree with you about providing up-to-date information. If you want to be successful on the internet nowadays, you have to keep your site up to date and appealing.
The page on TRX integration should have been updated. Unfortunately, the has also become a little quieter. The last information was 2 months ago (apart from the fact that one developer has already given up his project).

However, I also see the future and thus the willingness to invest in the STEEM as not so bright from another side:
I look at the code of the blockchain on various occasions. Now, I am not as familiar with C++ as I am with other programming languages. Even if I am able to understand individual functions or methods, I fear that the big picture can only be grasped by very few people (and that is probably still optimistic). However, this also means that it will be difficult to make changes, i.e. hardforks, that would further develop the blockchain and thus also make it more attractive for investors (and bloggers).

But I can reassure you: I still don't give up hope and will do my best (also as a witness). (After all, I have also invested a little - and probably more time than money) :-))

Despite everything, I am optimistic. If I compare Steemit last year and the current one, I see good progress.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you. Are you planning to join the DIP team? Maybe you have already joined, I just don't know it. What do you plan to do? Maybe you will continue to do your front end? This is simple human curiosity on my part🙂.

I am also optimistic :-))

I don't think it would be possible to join the team. Members are more to be appointed. Besides, there are already very competent people there.
Yes, in any case, I would like to continue working on my site. I already have a few things in mind for a full text search. I'm also working on the feed page as an entry point for bloggers.
(Unfortunately) so many interesting things on the blockchain keep distracting me :-))

It must be completely true, according to what you say, it looks good! Because I am a completely new person here and it is quite difficult for me to see through. It is also true that this is partly my fault, because I have little knowledge, but looking at it from the other side, what you point out, the information is really scarce or superficial.

Steemit has been around since 2006. Many changes have taken place since then, so there is a need to update something. However, I am sure you will be interested here. By the way, when I was a beginner, I participated in various competitions. It allowed me to make friends and become part of a community.

Yes, I want these too, and I'm still learning how to do it :)

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