Contest-3 | Online shopping vs Offline shopping

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Hello Steem Fashion&Style Community

Introduction about me

This is @yourloveguru from India. I am moderator in this community and I am always excited to bring new contest here .

Description about contest

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This is my 3rd Contest in #SteemFashion&Style Community. I have taken permission of admin- @ashkhan. Now I am going to launch this amazing contest where Prize Pool will be 6 Steem in 3:2:1 ratio.

In this contest, you need to mention that what do you prefer for Shopping - Online or Offline?

Post Content Hints

1. Which platform do you prefer to shop? Online or offline ( with reason)

2. Which is most comfortable, affordable -online or offline?

3. Have you shop any fashion items from online or offline? ( Show the picture of possible)

4. What is your recommendation to Steemians and other people for shopping?

5. Do you agree that Government should ban online market because it is killing offline shop keepers and business?

Rules of Contest

✥ Subscribe and post on the Steem Fashion&Style Community.

✥ Participate must be appropriately following #club5050, #club75 or #club100.

✥ Participants mu be verified an active users on the platform.

✥ Writing of at least 300 words in any language you understand well.

✥ Use of copyright-free videos and photos for content needs must be attached to the original source.

✥ Title must be : Contest -2 | Share your fashion item which is outdated but you still keep it !

✥ Use the main hashtag: #creativewriting #india (your country) , #fashion and make sure to use #steemexclusive.

✥ Plagiarism and fraud are automatically disqualified.

✥ Mention at least 3 of your friends, resteem and leave your entry link in the comments column.

✥ Upvote and resteem this post and also mention my user name in your post so I can read your post.

✥ I request you to please drop your entries in comment section so I can find your post.

✥ Contest Deadline - 7 April , 2023 at 12:00 pm.

Prize for Winners

I have decided the following prizes for the winners of this contest:

13 SP
22 SP
31 SP

Note- It is not guaranteed that the participants will get support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 .

Good luck, and happy writing!

Cc- @pennsif , @stephenkendal , @disconnect , @ashkhan .

Thanks 🙏


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Nice contest.I will definitely participate in this contest.

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