Contest Alert 📢 Your's Favorite Face Wash For Face Cleaning & Glowing

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Greetings to all!

Asslamo-alikum to all of my friends of Steem Fashion & Style Community.Is everything is ok my friends.I'm very fine and here in this community with the contest alert.I'm going to announce a contest in this community and it's my first contest here.

Smooth and clean face is almost the choice of each person in the world and my peoples use different products for making theirs faces clen and white.These products are different and purpose of these products is same.So, explain Your's favorite product for face cleaning.

This contest is all about that the best face wash for glowing & cleaning face.I hope many members of this community will take part in the contest and will win different prizes.



Theme Of The Contest✍️
  • How Many Times A Day, Do You Wash Your Face To Keep Your Face Clean And Glowing?

  • Your's Favorite Face Wash For Clean And Glowing Face?

  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of Your's Favorite Face Wash?

So friends, that's the theme of the contest and i hope everyone will understand it easily and write the post according to the theme.Now, I'm going to share the rules of the contest and everyone has to follow them.

Important Rules👇
  • Each participant post should be made in Steem Fashion &Style.

  • Each post must have been #steemexclusive.

  • Title of the post should be should be Contest:- Best Face Wash For Clean And Glowing Face

  • Each post should be longer than 250-300 plus words.

  • Use your own images in or everyone can also use copy right free images by adding source.

  • Each participant must belong to one club according to rules.

  • Each post must be unique write in your own words and any type of plagiarism can't be tolerated.

  • Use the tag #face-cleaning among first four tags of your post and also mention me in the post.

  • Each participant must invite three friends to participate in this contest.

  • Comment your entry and also put link in the comments section of this post.

  • The last time for entry in this contest 23 March 2024.
Winner's Prize🏆

1stBooming Vote
SecondBooming Vote
ThirdBooming Vote


 3 months ago 

Amazing contest 😁

 3 months ago 

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 3 months ago 

such a nice contest.

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