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Praise God, on week 3 of Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 - I have the opportunity to participate in the contest : Fashion Trend Impact on Society. This theme is very interesting because fashion can be said to be one of the main human needs that reflects the way of life of certain groups of people and becomes an expression of one's personality as an identity. Therefore, the various choices of clothing models for each person can be influenced by various factors or different preferences. Then what is the impact of fashion trends on society? Before I elaborate on my personal opinion according to the statement required by the contest, I first shouted inviting my friends @heriadi @sofian88 and @dederanggayoni to participate in the contest. Please check this link : SFS | Steemit Engagement Challenge - S8W3 || Fashion Trends Impacts on Society - Thank you for attention.

The dynamic and fast-changing development of fashion trends also influences people's social life to always follow and adapt to the latest fashion developments. These demands often form consumptive and wasteful behavior in society. For some of them, fashion is a place to show off to place them in a certain social status. Urban communities are very vulnerable to being intimidated by fashion trends, especially teenagers. But on the other hand, fashion trends are a necessity along with the times. Even in Indonesia in particular, the fashion business is increasingly mushrooming and being cultivated by various groups of people. Advances in the world of technology also have an important role in how fashion trends change so quickly with increasingly competitive product prices. Business competition is getting fiercer and this is a challenge for fashion business people or designers in observing people's wants or needs for new products they like so that they can become fashion trends. Creativity is required to present innovation as a whole from a fashion product.

What would be the future of fashion? this statement is very interesting.

I am one of those people who don't really follow fashion trends, but from my observation, more and more fashion products are environmentally friendly. I see concern for the environment will also change the direction of the fashion business going forward. Uniqlo a fashion brand from a Japanese fashion manufacturer has adopted a circular fashion business or sustainable fashion that aims at improving the environment. I am sure that more and more fashion industry players will adopt and become the fashion of the future. Of course that is our hope for a healthier earth in the future.

Dressing appropriately is a form of respecting yourself. I'm the type of person who doesn't really care about every fashion trend. There are times when I follow fashion trends if they like and suit me and some are left out. But it must be admitted, the preferred fashion trend provides positive changes psychologically, especially in increasing self-confidence and it really helps to influence attitudes and actions more positively.

Fashion trends certainly have positive and negative impacts on society. This is greatly influenced by mindset, environment or other things that influence. Waste, pressure, identity can have a negative impact on society, especially teenagers if you focus too much on branded brands in following the latest fashion trends. But on the other hand it also has a positive impact such as being able to increase self-confidence, wide open business opportunities and others.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit and check this post. Best of luck to the other contestants. Many blessings.

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 3 months ago 

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Ini adalah salah satu kontes yang sangat menarik bagi saya, karna bagiku fashion juga berpengaruh bagi penampilan dan kepercayaan diri saya. Namun tidak setiap Fashion saya ikuti hanya yang pantas dan sesuai dengan pribadi dan adat ketimuran saya saja.

Sukses buat kontesnya dan terima kasih telah mengundang saya dikontes ini.

 3 months ago 

Semoga ibu @dederanggayoni bisa ikut berpartisipasi, kaum perempuan biasanya lebih paham menguraikan tema kontes ini.. salam dan berkah

Ya saya telah berpartisipasi di kontes tersebut😁

 3 months ago 

Yeah , Great to know your views about the on going trend of fashion in our society. True is that it's become part of our daily life. We adopt it without thinking it's good and inappropriate impact on our lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your valuable views wish you good luck.

 3 months ago 

Well, some just follow the latest fashion trends without thinking whether it suits them or not. Thanks for leaving a great impression here -

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 3 months ago 

Thanks for sharing your view on fashion trends.

Fashion is trending everyday, new developments, changes in the environment. Fashion grows as the environment grows which means the fashion future would be super cool for fashion lovers...

Best wishes....

 3 months ago 

Let's hope that future fashion will be even more environmentally friendly, thank you for your feedback... greetings and abundant blessings for your success

Makin canggih dunia makin maju fashion nya😅 Mantap bg feri sukses teruss😊

 3 months ago 

Terimakasih miswar

Sama sama bg😊

 3 months ago 

Greetings! Thank you for being part of the community and participating in Steemit Engagement Challenge S8-W3: Thank you for sharing your point of view about the impact of fashion." .Dressing good is to given respect to yourself obviously i agree with you. And its also true we should adopt the style or fashion that suits to our personality and may not acquired that is inappropriate. With every passing day fashion industry has changing continued and definitely it changed the mind set of people. Yeah we should see its positive impact as it increases the chance of business and helpful in increased the self confidence.
Best of luck

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 3 months ago 

Thank you for the kind words and valuable review, sis @drhira

 3 months ago 

ada banyak brand fashion yang berkomitmen untuk menggunakan bahan yang ramah lingkungan dan proses produksi yang lebih berkelanjutan

 3 months ago 

A lot of challenges in the fashion are environment, economic, financial and many more you are right about all of them. You participated very very in this engagement challenge when participation is really valuable because you have described everything in your owns and give your precious time for writing this article.

You are like me I think because you have said in your article that you don't follow too much fashion trends and I am just like you I am not much curious about fashion trends just I go for shopping near some family event near from my college event otherwise I have lot of dresses because every month I buy 2 to 3 dress according to my choice.

Although there are positive and negative effects both of fashion trends but it is our mind set and it is up to us that which thing will follow so we should always be positive while choosing and thing, infact in fashion trends also.

semoga tren moda di masa depan lebih peduli dengan kearifan...

 2 months ago 

@harferri 🌹🌹🌹
Fashion and style is the identity of man and with the passage of time all this is changing because the inflation has increased so much that it is almost impossible to do fashion and the coming time is what I hope. It will be very good for fashion and style. In society, a person is recognized by fashion and style. The more beauty you have, the more positive effects you will have in your life. Your post is number one and ten from me. Ten of the numbers you've got and so on, keep completing the progression ladder....)

 2 months ago 

Thank you for voicing your opinion on fashion, it must have influenced everyone you look good with steak and long hair. You often take the fashion, style, affect the correct inflation.

 2 months ago 



Thank you for such great explanation, although you are not a fashion freak but it's really an extensive blog. I respect the fact that good dressing makes respect yours. It is also important to know pressure waste are strong negating effects of fashion on the populace. It is also important to know that some see fashion as a place to show off their style and class. I must say I am glad to read your perspective of this discuss. Success in the challenge #steem-on

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