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Hello steemians, with pleasure we want to introduce this great community to you. Steem fashion & style is a community for those who love fashion & styling. We will focus on the basic needs of fashionist & stylists, their future on steemit, and around the world.

There is a need to focus on the leaders of fashion and styling, and give them free space to explore new things, and opportunities, and work for their betterment. There are people in Pakistan which didn't get an education about it but they have skills, to explore their skills they need someone's support and opportunity as well.

So, through our community, we will work for their prosperity, for those who have fewer resources but they want to work in this field. Steemit is the platform that impacts people's lives and we want its positive impact in the fashion & styling field and on other users as well.


So, first of all, I will share a brief review of fashion and style. Most of us think they are the same but they are 2 different terms with different meanings.


Accordingly, the style is unique for any person. It may be a selection of an individual in anything that makes him or her stylish at a glance. Style is an extensive way of fashion and it does not remake like fashion.


Fashion is a creative form of styling in a stint of anything like apparel, make-up, sho, es, accessories, etc. Fashion evolves popular when it's adopted by fashion industry actresses, models, and actors.


Projects of Steem Fashion & Style

We hope that we will cover all the aspects related to fashion & styling. First, we will start 3 main projects which are given below:

  • Fashion & Style Diary Game
  • Fashion & Style Tutorials
  • Fashion & Style Contests


Fashion & Style Diary Game

If you can share your daily diary but it wouldn't be like a normal diary in which you can share your food routine، tech routine or any other. In this, you have to share only your fashion and styling routine.

Fashion & Style Tutorials

In this, you have to share tutorials, step by step details of your skills in fashion and style like stitching, make-up, skincare routine, etc.

Fashion & Style Contests

In this, we will organize contests on weekly basis for all the users and they are free to share their participation within the contest rules and community rules as well. We will try to post simple and easy contests for all. You can share about your skincare, dressing patterns, makeup, etc.

Community Team

@ashkhanFounder of @hive-126193
Working as a moderator in Steemkids and parents, steem-database community.Snapchat-1281070968_1.jpg
@drhira, Moderator & Contributor, Moderator in Steemkids & parentsC3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM76DSHWEY7onmfLxcK2iQMWHZE6bQimTZ7wU7EDyL8jC6gonVFJb8yLu6Az3QuYm7Msty72ovbd8YnMNr3PDy3J5pYHg3g_1.png
@simonnwigwe , admin of Helping Hand, mod in Steemkids & parents, Steemit Travel, Steem4Bloggers, Steem4Nigeriaimage.png



In conclusion, we wish that we will be able to positively impact the Fashionist & stylist and help for there prosperity. We wish that community will attract different users not only females, males as well because both have equal sense of fashion and styling. We wish you all encourage us and support us in our community growth.

I would love to invite @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @stephenkendal, @cryptokannon to have a look on our community. It would be honor for us.

Best Regards
Steem fashion & style Team



This will be nice for whole steemit ladies
its will be most amazing community

your's @blockseater

 last year 

We appreciate your nice comment and wishes. Thank you for your support.

 last year 

Congratulations to this new community and to the founders. It is a unique purpose and I believe that it will really make huge impact in the steemit ecosystem. I wish you all the best

 last year 

Thank you so much for well wishes and appreciation. Indeed we are glad to have your support. There are many things which we have to share here soon. We wish we will do our best.

 last year 

Congratulations dear for this wonderful community. We have really need to see a separate community for fashion & styles. And now you founded this community, good luck and good wishes for you and your community.

Faran Nabeel,

 last year 

Thank you so much for your support and appreciation. Yes, we think there should be a community for fashion and style.

 last year 

Congratulations for this new community. Being a girl i was searching for such community to show style & fashion.

@drhira how do you doing? I wanted to ask you how can I verify myself in the community. Please guide me

 last year 

Hi dear,

Thank you so much dear. There is no rules for verification but you can share your selfie in your first post in community. Check the pinned posts for more information. If you still have any questions you can ask.

 last year 

Ok thank you

 last year 

Congrats for this new community, being ladies we always in search of fashion and style. Surely this community is need of day.
Best of luck

 last year 

Thank you for your support and wishes dear. Indeed with you and other team members support we will make it a best community on steemit.

Wishing you guys are the best with this community. We hope the community becomes spicy. I will be very glad to share with your community. Style is unique and makes one distinct. I have style and love for fashion. I will join you by sharing with you. I have great conviction that this community will meet heights. Let's steem together steemians.

CR Ghana 🇬🇭

 last year 

Thank you for good wishes, yeah every like fashion and style

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Thank you for your support.

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 last year 

Thank yo so much

 last year 

Congratulations to this new community and I'm delighted be part of the team to contribute my quota for the growth of the steemit platform. #steem-on

 last year 

Thank you so much for becoming a part of our community. We really appreciate your efforts on steemit.

 last year 

A very good community for fashion and style lovers. I wish you all the best to you guys.

 last year 

Thank you so much.

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