Steemit Platform List of helpful posts

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Steemit Platform List of helpful posts


This is a list of posts which explain various words or concepts on Steemit.

What is Steemit? Two Smart Contracts and Three Tokens
Good post about the three tokens and the smart contracts which connect them.Post Link

How to Steemit
Great post your @steemingcurators Post Link

Steemit Account Security Explained : Password and Keys.
Post Link

What do Sea Creature Names in Steemit Mean?
Post Link

What are Steemit Blockchain Witnesses
Post Link

What are Dust Awards
Post Link

What are Resource Credits
Post Link

How do you crosspost
Post Link

Delegation Explained
Post Link

Steemit Formatting: Columns
Post Link

What is the reward pool and how is it distributed?

What do the names Author and Curator mean and is it important? Link

What is the 50/50 split for rewards and how does it work?

How do I earn rewards without being an Author or a Curator?

What is curation?

What is Promo-Steem

What is a VPN ?

What is VPN Obfuscation?

Application FAQ

What is Dustsweeper
Post Link

What is Steemworld
Post Link

What is Mimeebot Notification Application?
Post Link

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This is a good list of helpful posts. You are competing with @steemcurators so redirect your efforts to something different. Your really good with the earnings parts of Steemify, make that your focus.

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