The CoronaviruS Pan(dem)ic Part 5: Something Wicked This Way Comes

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"The Final Solution is a Year to Two Years Off" - Bill Gates

Hello dear friends. This is it. This is the post I have been talking about for weeks. I have been researching and collecting information on this since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic.

However, It was only about a month ago, that I knew that I needed to go deeper. To find how much predictive programming there was? How much information was coming out about this, to build the narrative? Just how legitimate is the threat?

Well, I got everything I was looking for and more. This will undoubtably play a big role in their nwo agenda. I will put my reputation as a independent journalist on this. That’s how sure I am that what I have found is the real deal of things to come.

Now, I’m going to do my best to put it all together for you in this post. However, I will have follow up materials to present after the publishing of Part 5.


So, I recently posted a sort of recap of the timeline of events surrounding the novel coronavirus known as covid-19. You can view all that in the link below.

Coronavirus Pan(dem)ic: The Calm Before Part 5


The Test

Now, I want to add just a few things about covid 19 as it has relevance to all of this.

I’ve been calling this virus a virus of behavioral change for months, because I don’t think there is much there as far as a disease is concerned. To be completely honest, I think it’s really just the flu/cold being diagnosed as covid-19 this whole time.

I figured this out early on when I took a look into colds and flus, specifically into the seasonal cold and flu. I was able to match the pattern of covid’s timeline to that of the flu season exactly.

Remember, the first cases of the novel coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China in December, the virus peaked and the burned out by mid March, right?

Well, based on the seasonal flu I also speculated that covid-19 would fade away along with the flu here in North America by sometime in May. I found numerous articles that agreeed with my theory.

Aside from the mental illness continuing to persist and the odd report claiming more cases. Covid-19 is pretty much gone away, as the race riots have usurped its place at the top of news cycle.

Now, I don’t know if there’s an actual virus called covid-19, seeing as the test for it, isn’t an actual test for the virus and has a false positive rate over 80%.

Hilariously the president of Tanzania showed the world, that even papayas we’re not safe from the threat of the covid-19 false positive. One has to at the very least question the authenticity of the threat.

There’s one very interesting thing about this virus though, how it affects children. Kids 0-9 years of age, have not died nor has there been one single case of a child spreading the virus.

Do you know what they call this generation of children? I was the first and maybe the only one to discover this connection, but this generation of kids are called Alpha.

Alpha? You gotta be kidding me! Gen Alpha is kids born after 2010 and before 2025. Why is this so interesting? Well, if you ever read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. You’ll note that in BNW, society was made up of 5 castes of human. These lab created humans were ranked Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta And epsilon.

if you’re interested, I wrote about brave new world and the soon to be released tv series.

Brave New World: TV Series Update



For one, I think calling them Gen Alpha is a nod to that novel, which is one of their blueprints for society and was written by an academic agent for the new world order.

Spies In Academic Clothing


Secondly the Gen Alpha growing up today will be opposite to the alphas in BNW, which were strong, intelligent and verile men. The kids we have now are tech imbrued, sickly and weak. No offense to the parents who are raising their kids the right way. I mean my kids are Gen alpha as well and they are not sickly nor weak and certainly not tech driven.

However, most parents don’t and for the most part kids will be raised by their NWO programming. In fact the one things they will have in common with the alphas in BNW, is their obedience and servitude to the state. I have more theories and perhaps I’ll go deeper on tye whole Gen alpha theme at some point in a future post.

Back to the point, this could mean two things about the ‘virus’. Either it’s another part of the fiction with the p(L)andemic, or it’s a possible clue of genetic engineering of the virus to not harm young populations.

It’s been an argument since the beginning of this pandemic, whether or not the virus came from a laboratory or the wild. Well, what people may not know, is that there is a technique of viral engineering that makes it impossible to know, and that technique is called “Animal Passage”

The Narrative

WOW! But wait! there’s more


Mmm hmm “rare bad guys involved”, but Anthony Fauci is a bad guy, right? Oh well! So you can see here the beginning of a narrative being created. Let’s continue.


Concerned yet? There’s much more. Lots of screen shots.




Plots and attacks? Care to elaborate? No, of course not.

Can you imagine if they blame a bioterrorist attack on conspiracy theorists? They will do it too, just watch. These people are such bastards!

But wait, I thought sars 2.0 was just a result of wet markets and no one social distancing? Get your lies straight lol

Oh, I get it. We are setting up a narrative here. Please continue.



Hearing: Defending the Homeland from Bioterrorism: Are We Prepared?

Streamed live on Oct 17, 2019 (1 day before Event 201)







You know what all this reminds me of? Clade X.

I’ve talked about Clade X several times. Clade X came out a year before Event 201. Another one of those John Hopkins Center for health security pandemic exercises. The big difference between the two is that Clade X is a... well you can probably guess, a bioengineered virus.

This was one of my first big clues as to what was in the works and It’s by far not the only predictive programming that’s out there. I’ll be putting together a video of all the programming after I publish this blog.

The Threat

‘Pandemic 2’

I called this before the big bill gates revelation. This only confirmed to me that i was on the right path


Dark winter is another very interesting exercise, because there has been a lot of use of the term “dark winter” of late and it has some people finally taking notice to the possibility of a bioterror attack.


Yes, bioterror is on our way and that’s exactly what I’m showing you (at a much deeper and scarier level). However, I think the dark winter is more of a reference to the upcoming winter. Which will be thestage for the re-emergence of the Kobe (covid) virus alongside (yet again!) influenza, the notorious second wave often mentioned in the msm.

Word is spreading that this particular winter will be one of the longest, coldest, darkest winters in modern history due to the grand solar minimum. So we have some serious challenges ahead of us without a doubt. However, I will focus on the bioterror narrative for now.

“A Brighter Dawn” well ain’t that some symbolism lol. Hey so can you think of any environmentalist group(s) IRL that wants to bring us back to pre-industrial levels, who is well funded and crazy? I have an idea, but I’m going to do some digging and put together a whole piece out around that. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks for now.

So in the Clade X exercise, the engineered virus was a parainfluenza virus with the nipah virus spliced into it to make it lethal. The nipah virus has a lethality between 50-75%.


Ahhh, the contagion movie that has been a big part of the current scamdemic. Think maybe they want people to watch the movie for what’s to come rather than what is happening right now?

The nipah virus is something that comes to my mind a lot but not as much as another virus. One that is mentioned all the time. One you’ve seen multiple times in this blog so far. That virus is known as Avian influenza aka bird flu. This is what I believe will be the next big viral pandemic and there’s a lot of information that points to this.


This story was the first to tip me off that something else was going on.

It occurred to me that this wasn’t just a random story. It was inserting a warning into the subconscious of society. Subsequent stories have continued through this entire scamdemic.

At this moment I would also like to direct you to another pandemic exercise that took place a year ago in Australia, that features a bird flu.

Did you know that the Spanish flu was a bird flu? So was the pandemic in 1957, 1968 and even 2009 though it was called swine flu, it was just a novel version of the Spanish flu strain. It was hyped up and totally flopped as a big killer like its parent virus was, but it did do a lot to help the vaccine industry.

It’s been nothing but fear campaigns for the vaccine industry ever since.



5 waves, pay attention to the wave symbolism, because it’s very important to what’s going on. I fully intend to do a breakdown on the waves in a upcoming blog.

You may not be aware that since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, there has been outbreaks of the bird flu in parts of China and elsewhere. This has mostly stuck to livestocks, but there has been a couple human deaths reported.

“Iraq places chickens under lockdown after bird flu outbreak”


I’m sure you can see the agenda 21 propaganda inserted in this. Oh, you better stay away from nature! It has deadly viruses! No, retard. That’s not the threat. The real threat is what they are creating in labs, but I digress

Another telling bit is the fda approved (fast tracked) vaccine for H5N1. Already being stockpiled!



It’s not the only vaccine of course.


Here’s the final kicker that got me seriously looking into the bird flu scenario.

It’s in the name CoVid-19. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you. So shortly after they came out with the name covid-19, people figured out that that covid on google translate turns to Kobe. You would first translate covid into Hebrew and back into English that’s what you get.

Google changed it so doesn’t work anymore now but there’s a whole thing connecting the scamdemic with Kobe Bryant’s death, but there’s more to the name people didn’t look at, the number 19.

Take each number and relate it to the alphabet. 1=A and 9=I. So then you get AI. Artificial intelligence? No, what’s another acronym?


Bingo! Ain’t that a funny little ‘coincidence’ eh?

You can watch the first time I reported this discovery on my YouTube channel.

Okay, so let’s get into the last part of my post.

“We also face a new threat, that the next epidemic has a good chance of originating on a computer screen of a terrorist Intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus. or a contagious and highly deadly strain of flu” - Bill Gates

Uhh.. come again Bill?

The (Mad) Science




Andrew Hessel discusses synthetic virology: singularity university (10 years ago)




This Andrew Hessel character seems to be the name that pops up when I’d research this topic. I get a strong impression that he not only is well aware of the dangers of his work, but gets a kick out of it as well. Remember that name as we will likely see it pop up a in the media a lot more in the near future.


DNA Consumer Products: Not as Far Out as You Think ( 2013)

At 4:11 they talk about the laser DNA 3D printer. A piece of technology that will “democratize the entire industry” “anyone in the world is going to be able to be a genetic designer” “synthetic DNA will become a consumer product” “we’re gonna see people programming life forms and doing it very quickly”

How synthetic biology could wipe out humanity -- and how we can stop it | Rob Reid

Description: “The world-changing promise of synthetic biology and gene editing has a dark side. In this far-seeing talk, author and entrepreneur Rob Reid reviews the risks of a world where more and more people have access to the tools and tech needed to create a doomsday bug that could wipe out humanity -- and suggests that it's time to take this danger seriously.”



”Rapid advances in biotechnology, including gene editing, synthetic biology, and neuroscience, are likely to present new economic, military, ethical, and regulatory challenges worldwide as governments struggle to keep pace. These technologies hold great promise for advances in precision medicine, agriculture, and manufacturing, but they also introduce risks, such as the potential for adversaries to develop novel biological warfare agents, threaten food security, and enhance or degrade human performance.”

Scientists create polio virus using mail order DNA


Scientists have recreated a family member of the smallpox virus in the lab. This virus, the horsepox virus, is not harmful to humans, but the new findings suggest that it is possible for humans to make the deadly smallpox virus in a laboratory. That virus was eliminated from the world in 1980, according to the journal Science. Rebuilding the horsepox virus was not a trivial achievement, but it also did not require extensive resources. The researchers ordered the DNA fragments that they used to make the virus from a company that makes DNA pieces for researchers, with custom-made sequences, and sends them through the mail. The project cost $ 100.000 in total and lasted six months, Science reported.

Why labs are PRINTING the coronavirus genome

Meet the Biologist Hacking 3D PRINTED Cancer-Fighting Viruses| WIRED 2014 | WIRED (5 years ago)

The available tech



I’m not sure that I’ve quite convinced everyone of the legitimacy of the threat that these 3D printers pose, so I’m going to share a clip from my collection of predictive programming. This episode is from the show “Medical Police”, that came out on Netflix in January 2020.

The whole season is about bioterrorism using a synthetic virus. They would of course put a real doomsday scenario into a slapstick comedy series.

I’m not kidding when I say that a bioterrorist attack is in the near future. It’s quite possible that they could use these types of printers to simultaneously deploy a synthetic virus throughout the world.

I believe many people could die as the result of an attack like this. That is before any of the ‘solutions’ are presented. I have some info to what types of solutions will be presented, but I’ll save that for my next post.

Also, since it’s likely a bird flu that will be used, they are going to collapse the meat industry, they are already are in the process of doing that. You look at cargill am Tyson (the two biggest meat producers in the world), both have been investing heavily into plant based for years.

Much like how the oiligarchs (rockafellers, Rothschild) divested from oil and invested into green energy, so will the meat industry. This has been the agenda for a long time.

Read the blog I wrote 5 months ago all about the great protein disruption.


“The Cow Must Go” Protein Disruption and Nanobots Consumption by 2030

Final Thoughts

I strongly believe however, that what is happening now is both a test of our obedience and an attempt to weaken our immune systems, with things like isolation, social distancing, decreased exposure to the sun, face mask toxicity, excessive use of sanitizing products. They are trying to insure as much mortality as possible for when (not if) these attacks go down.

I have much more to share and much to research still on all of this and now that you are aware of this much, please get the word out! Look into it for yourself, because there is no knowing for certain when these attacks will happen. I’m setting the timeframe from now to 5 years, because that’s the timeline framed in Stephen Colbert’s question to bill gates, on what is the next big threat to look out for.

We need to get ahead of this, track it call it out before it can happen, it could be anytime! So we must get the word out.

From the beginning of this scamdemic it has always been in my mind, that there would be two viruses. One seems to be a Trojan horse (covid-19), but a very real one could be what’s waiting on the inside of this Trojan pandemic.

Thank you so much for your time and attention here. I know it’s a very large post to share, but I cannot just sit in all this. I need to get it out and off of me, so that I can continue on researching, looking for answers to serious questions.

I truly believe that we have just 10 years (2030) left to save humanity from the new world order and every year they succeed in their aims, our odds of stopping them shrink significantly. So keep your chins up and don’t stop until we have won! We can stop them, for we are many and they are few.


Thanks again and until next time...

Reporting from the BRAVE NEW WORLD, I am...


Sources in the comments

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@venomnymous, GOOD WORK!!! even though it took me a while to make it through.
Keeping in mind the World's Largest Holder of Medicinal patents (the CDC) is the one holding the vaccine/cure for the "Sars-cov-2/Covid-19/Corona-Virus" they are in line to make Billions of bucks from countless "millions" of patients around the world. Here in the U.S. to use an example, a man who tested positive for the virus survived, got out of the hospital and was given a bill for $1.1 Million. This man is just a regular citizen, middle class, works for a living. How is he going to be able to pay the $1 million bill the hospital charged? Why hasn't either PARTY in Congress addressed this issue? Why is it that one OLD bald imitation turtle looking senator can stop any relief that the government proposes?
In any NWO that happens, the PTB must have some form of aid for the "workers" or the whole system just fades away.
Anyway, I loved the story that you put together and I hate to say it, you got it, IMHO, right.
Take care, keep safe, Mitch

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