The Coronavirus Pan(dem)ic Part 2: The “Not For Broadcast” Post

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BREAKING: This just in my dear friends. The WHO has an important announcement to make.


Before we get to our breaking news coverage. If you haven’t already, please head on over to my previous coronavirus coverage.

The Coronavirus Pan(dem)ic Part 1: SARS 2.0 & Predictive Pandemic Programming

“WHO Director General: "We're not just battling the virus, but also trolls and conspiracy theorists"

“Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true!”



OMG “building a band of truth-tellers”. Bring on the ‘truth trolls’! That’s what a big chunk of that 650 million US dollars the WHO asked for, is going towards. They want to flood social media platforms with paid trolls In order to drown out any dissenting opinions to that of the mainstream narrative.

Simultaneously, big social media platforms will use their own methods to counter and/or remove ‘misinformation’, and conspiratorial content.


We’re looking at a 1, 2 punch combo here.

Look at the game that came out less than a month ago.


Plague Inc. “Fake News”


Oh, they got a sense of humour. I’ll give them that.




The MMS (the 33 Solution 😉) cure huh? Sounds real kosher. 👌😆


Ah, Qtards! Well, there ya go. It’s a psyop (psychological operation). QAnon is CIA infiltration of the ‘truther movement’. Anyone pushes that psyop, and anyone subsequently attached to it is either cointelpro, or just a useful idiot.

Essentially they were made for press coverage. A group for the media use in order to target legitimate conspiracies, and delegitimize them by association. They did the same thing with the flat earth movement (another government created psyop).



Okay, I don’t know about curing anything. However, many essential oils have been shown to help a lot to prevent infections, namely THEIVES OIL! The oil of choice for grave robbers, during the Black Plague, remember that one?

Why don’t you list in your article the ingredients in a typical vaccine? Watch you ask any proponent of vaccines what’s in them and you’ll get crickets.

Not that this even matters, because there is no vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus. Now, it’s obvious to me that the 33 solution is just a money scam. However, you want to stock up on essential oils, go right ahead. They are good for you regardless of any preventative effects they may have against a viral infection.


Oh, you did not just go there? Okay, msm. You asked for it.

“Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny's step this year!”


Jordan Sather is an agent, simple as that. He’s basically the Jude law character in the 2011 movie Contagion. 100% dudes part of the pandemic operation.

Like I was saying about QAnon and Flat Earthers. They have characters in place within the alternative media. Better name for it is “Controlled Opposition Media” because that’s all it is. You got your Alex jones and infowars, your Luke Rudowski, Dan dicks of PressForLoot I mean PressForTruth. The list goes on! Sure, you’ll get some truth here and there, but they’ll only take you so far.

They are here to push the fear porn on the other end of the spectrum. Especially with this Coronavirus. Telling you how China, and the media are lying (which they are, to a degree), and things are much worse. They’ll tell you that people are dying in the street by the thousands.

There’s are a lot videos out now, showing the rough conditions in the quartined zones. Yeah, they look disturbing for sure. However, it’s nothing on the level thats been described. Besides, do you really think those videos are coming out without communist China’s approval?

I mean, China has the level of power and control over its citizens, and the internet that the rest of the powers that be have only ever wet-dreamed about.

That is until now, this whole new event 201 style Coronavirus, could be exactly what they need to create the panic needed in bringing about that level of ‘boots on face’ control, China has over its citizens, to rest of the world. A New World Order.


‘Juden’ Sather is right about the stocks, however. As my friend @camile1234 recently pointed out in a video she made about a company called Nanoviricides, who’s stocks started to soar upon news of that the Coronavirus was spreading.

“Biotech Stocks Soar Over Coronavirus”

That’s a very interesting company to look into. However, That’s for another post. Back to the fake news!



Mmm, the “much needed vaccines”?

Like what, the flu vaccines? lol Interestingly the novel coronavirus popped up right around the ‘influenza season’


It’s important to note that coronavirus is not a flu virus. However, it is an acute respiratory virus that includes that of the common cold in the coronavirus family.


Why is that important? Well this study.

So basically the study suggests that getting a influenza vaccine increases your chances of contracting other non-influenza respiratory infections.

Could partly explain why the high there’s a high infection rate in China, who is known for their high vaccination rates.

Anyways, flu for thought 😂

It’s important to also mention that China is one of the first countries to mass adopt 5G technology into their cities, including Wuhan.

Knowing that so little is actually known about the health effect of this technology (other than the logical sense that yes, it’s absolutely dangerous to our health!), this may explain why the novel Coronavirus is so much more lethal in China than anywhere else in the world people have been affected.



The CDC? A credible source? Wanna see how credible the CDC is?

Okay, so what VenomnymouS?

Did you catch the name of the ABC ‘reporter’?

Who is Richard Besser?


Now why was the director of the CDC (at the time) reporting for the ABC, just a few feet away from a man who was supposedly dead from Ebola? No mask, no protection at all?

Well, because your news is scripted. You might as well get your news from Star Wars. That is about as real of a story you’ll get.

The CDC is as real as your news. They are run by scumbags. Did you know that the CDC has over 50 vaccine patents?

Patents that CDC owns for VACCINES -- Conflict of Interest --Biased Towards Profit and NOT Public Health. - by @canadian-coconut

So is the CDC really a ‘credible’ source for information on the coronavirus? No, but Twitter controls the platform, and can manipulate you to see whatever they want you to.

Anyways, moving on.


Right, and they want you to stay within their approved echo-chamber.




Not those evil anti-vaxxers. Objecting to vaccines! Pfft it’s only 72 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 18. What could go wrong? 🤷‍♂️

Nothing according to Ethan Lindenberger. Who at the age of 18 defied his evil anti-vaxx mother, and went out to catch up on all his vaccines, he somehow managed to survive without all those years.

A Teenage Rebel Governments Would Be Proud of


Youtube didn’t just tweak shit. They practically wiped us out.


They even took a 70 billion hit in order to drives us out. Imagine the threat we must impose to go through so much to silence conspiracy theorists.


Now with all that out of the way, remember how in part 1 of my coronavirus coverage, I talked a little about event 201? Event 201, aka event 21, is a pandemic preparedness exercise, where a full blown pandemic is simulated and the players (official memebers of an array of different groups) discuss how to deal with the situation.

The exercise took place in New York City in October of 2019 (just a few months ago). The exercise was brought to you by the usual eugenicists suspects, Bill & Melinda gates foundation, World economic Forum, John Hopkins, etc.

The Event 21 simulated a pandemic that would end up killing about 65 million people by the end of

It. A coronavirus was the culprit in their scenario, which they referred to as CAPS, Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome.


The CAPS virus origin is in healthy pigs, how did the pigs get sick? Well, who knows, maybe a bat dropped a banana into a pen like in the movie contagion lol


All interesting ‘coincidences’ aside, it’s not how the outbreak starts that matters . It’s what they use it for that matters.

Real or fake, ”You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

  • Rahm Emanuel

Which brings us to the final section of my post.

Segment 4 - Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video

In the 4th event 201 video, they put a great deal of emphasis on controlling the flow of information, and the means in which to stop misinformation and conspiracy theories, using extreme measures. Going so far as to shutting down parts of the internet completely.

Do you understand how insane that is? Nothing like this has ever happened before. They are really putting a lot of effort to stop us this time. I think they really learned a lot from previous outbreaks. Zika, the EboLIE, these hoax/exaggerated outbreak narratives were largely thwarted by critically thinking people with keyboards and an internet connection.

This time round, they have their AI in place, they have control of the social media platforms, they have ‘googled’ the search results. It’s only a matter of time before we won’t be able to reach anyone ever again.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time where the only thing we can do to get the information out, Is by hand, dealing out flash sticks in data like some illegal drug.

It’s scary to think of how little control we will have over our lives of this all goes as they have planned.

Don’t worry though, you’ll still have your memes, and cat videos.

However, For yours truly...

This post is not for broadcast.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

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