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Hello friends I trust you're doing great! It's my delight to bring to this amazing contest that will encourage us to build our Steem Power! Yes it's a Power up contest, Power up to win juicy rewards that will help you grow.


The title of the contest is: We Love Power up Contest BY @USERNAME.

The important of Powering Up can't be overemphasize, it helps us in growing our Steem Power thus gaining influence in the platform. This contest is to encourage power up

  • provide a screenshot of your wallet before power up, during Power up and after power up.
  • Power up should be within today and Sunday.
  • You must be #club5050, #club75 or #club100 eligible.
  • you can write about the important of power ups.
  • you must make your post in Campusconnect community
  • Everyone is free to join
  • Avoid plagiarism of any kind, use personal photos.
  • invite 3 of your friends to this contest.
  • your post should contain at least 300 words
  • Upvote and resteem this post for others to see.
  • use the tags #steemgrowth #welovepowerups #steemexclusive #contest #club5050, #club75 or #club100 according to your eligibility.
  • make sure you're engage on fellow contestants post
  • mention @goodybest in your post so that I can easily locate your post. And make sure you drop your contest link as a comment under this post.

I personally power up to maintain my club75 status



3 winners who power up most steem will recieve booming support on their posts. And 6 Steems Power will be share for 2 runners Up. So we will have 5 Winners in total.

Although upvote is not guaranteed if your post is quality enough you can be selected among best posts of the day, and Community's curators can support you with the tag #steemgrowth and #contest.


This contest last until Sunday 7th August 2022. 11:59PM GMT

I'm Eagerly waiting for your entries!!

My Best wishes!!!



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Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 02nd August 2022 – Win 450+ STEEM

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#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

 2 months ago 

Thanks my friend!


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 2 months ago 

Thank you @Fombae!

Wow @goodybest I have love your contest and I will like to put my own entry soon

 2 months ago 

Okay dear I can't wait for your entry!

 2 months ago 

Nice contest and a great idea, I believe this will encourage more users to power up and participate, my entry soon.

 2 months ago 

Alright My friend I'm waiting for your entry!

Wow,what a nice contest as I will be dropping my entry soon

 2 months ago 

Okay I can't wait for your entry!

Hello @goodybest

Here is my contribution to the contest.

Link to the original entry 'Power Up'

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