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"Global Warming" by@Stef1


Hello dear Steemians,


This week I noticed this challenge that has a topic that nobody can ignore, we all hear about the Climate changes every day but because currently we do not feel much of its impact, we still do not take it seriously, but every day it we are approaching the time when it will be too late. That is why I wanted to share my thoughts about that and invite people to this challenge that is kindly presented by Incredible India community:

The post I wanted to decorate with the series of my Artwork that were dedicated to the topic of Climate change that I did on different stages of my Steemit Journey.


Three significant reasons behind environmental pollutions


  • Our human behaviour

One of the main reason is how we human behave ourselves. Often we see that there are many small and sometimes big pieces of rubbish on street. Often there are a cardboard cups from Cafe-to-go. There are many small cafe shops that provide a cafe for our morning journey to works. People do not bother to look for the bin and just dispose in a hedge.

We often see all the plastic garbage and also the cans from drinks laying on street, while we live at the coast much of them land in water, it is a shame how much of such garbage then been eaten by animals or birds which then can kill them.

We have to educate our children so that they grow cautious and loving of our nature and we have to teach not to through garbage around us.

"Plastic ocean" by @Stef1



  • The pollution secondary to CO2 emissions

This is something that we also can reduce when we decide to reduce using the cars and using bikes, using e-cars instead of for those using fuel. It is also a trend in Europe that people prefer to travel with train rather with plane, if many people will do hope the pollution rate will decrease.

  • Industry that is still producing a large % of CO2 emissions

The governments of every country has to pay attention to the industrial factories with appropriate regulations. Only that can bring significant changes.


What we can do to give our input in climate protection


We always get puzzled what we can do to fight the pollution. I always come back to the little girl who caused a huge reaction of the whole world starting very small, sitting in front of Swedish Parliament in August 2018 as an action against climate pollution.

Many school children and young people joined her action, that was the most popular movement since then until now it is still ongoing.




What we, everyone can do against pollution, here we have regular action to clean beaches, even in schools they organise one fo the day often it is end of the week, the children together with parents and teachers go to beach and clean it. That is also supported by local authorities and sponsored by some of the supermarkets that provide the children with some good and drinks but also energy companies try to take part and support this Initiative.

We plant the plants, there are many trees that every year become old and die, the role of ever of us to plant some trees, at least once in our life. We need to inspire others and to encourage people to do it.

Walk instead of taking a car, bus. When you go shopping take a bag made of clothes and do not buy any plastic bags. Maybe have some day cooking without meat. There are many small things that we can do and if we all follow that we can delay the worse and hopefully will have more time to fix the problems.


I would like to invite my friends with interest to hand craft: @crafter, @bambuka , @digi-me


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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 last year (edited)

Hi Stef, thanks for the invitation.

No Doubt Climate Change is the Biggest and Most Dangerous Issue infront of whole world.

Countries,WHO and many Socialist are trying their best but till now no resolution or rule has been made for this,as it is not possible on a small level.

You are right everyone needs to work on this and need to do his / her share of work as individually or as a team.
As done by the small girl in 2018. We all have to think out of the box

On my level, I am trying to avoid plastic,I have started using steel or glass utensils at my house. Even tiffin and water bottle of my children are of steel.

I don't have a garden in front but I made a terrace garden at my house and Studio with plenty of plants in earthen pots..
In our country there is a tradition of using earthenware and seriously the taste of that food turns to be awesome.
If possible you also make a try. Start with a small earthenware glass and try to have your tea or coffee in it you will definitely find a different taste.

Going for the artwork I will definitely make a poster ,for spreading the information and share with you all on the same. Is there any you can suggest please do share it with me.
One more thing shall


 last year 

Thank you Neha for this wonderful comment and it was very interesting to learn your opinion. Like you we also stopped using plastic bags, the plastic bottles here are reusable or returnable and we pay deposit and get it back when returning the bottles. But of course, bottle made of glad and steel are the best because they can last for very long time.

I also like an idea of earthenware, you made me curious so need to try it, I can imagine that the taste of water will be different.

I know how creative you are and pretty sure to see some new ideas in regards to climate protection from you. Wishing you a nice day!

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I really liked what i read, but there are some holes i want to fill. Firstly most of the climate propaganda about climate change is garbage, banks don't believe in the climate change, if this was true you wouldn't be able to get a loan from the bank to buy a house on the beach. About Greta, she wanders around the world talking about climate change, but travels on jets, i don't even wanna mention when a reporter asks her a genuine question she just stays on "stanby". The real pollution is the garbage in the ocean and the materials we dig from the earth to make the electric batteries for our electric cars for example lithium. Electric cars are worse for the environment than petrol or diesel cars.

Your comment has been successfully curated by @stef1 at 10%.

Wow thanks 😊


Dear @stef1 sir,,,,

We have to educate our children so that they grow cautious and loving of our nature and we have to teach not to go through garbage around us.

I wholeheartedly support your argument. For the sake of our future generations we should give them proper knowledge about environment.There is no alternative to educate them.

The best thing for me was the idea of ​​traveling by train instead of planes. If awareness can be raised in this way, then I think environmental pollution can be reduced slowly.

I wish you all the best in your steemit journey.

 last year 

Thank you very much @nasir04 for your nice comment and appreciate for reading my post, there are many small things that we learn one from another and we see that there is always a way for improvement. While reading your comment I thought that it is something that we all,the people on earth have to deal together, this is our little home and we are like a family.

Dear @stef1 sir,,,,
Absolutely right, we all have to work jointly to reduce pollution from the earth, reading your post I really came in contact with a lot of unknown information.
Be well sir.

Nice post @stef1, have you seen the film Endgame 2050, a documentary on global warming, plastic in water and so on.. its heartbreaking we need to act now! btw great paintings. 😃👍

 last year 

Wow, that is hard to see that all and realise how much has happened by now. Very scary, I do not know why the politicians do not act, they have power and that is something that needs to come from the top floor. I need to watch the whole documentary, I just watched a trailer. Thanks for hint and for liking my Art :)

Yes it made me cry half way in the film, see it so we can enlighten others. :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the important topic of climate change. It's true that despite hearing about it frequently, many people still struggle to fully grasp the magnitude of its impact. Climate change is a global issue that requires collective action from individuals, communities, and governments to address.

 last year 

Yes, indeed, we all have to be more cautious and take it seriously, it is possible not possible to reverse but at least to slow down with everything that we have.

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 last year 

Your post is very well presented. The causes of environmental pollution have been presented very nicely. In fact, there is no shortage of reasons for environmental pollution. But we have to protect it. Anyway good luck to you in the contest.

 last year 

Thank you @max-pro for reading my post and for your opinion, it is a task of all of us and hope that people realise that too no matter what country they live.

Disagree. Most lithium is the bottom of the mud of bodies of water. Lithium is one element that keep the water from sinking into the ground. Remove all the lithium and...we arrive at flooding or worse, steam in the deeper caverns of the crust of the earth. There are better ways to power electric vehicles that batteries. As far as socialist countries, doing the most to stop global warming, well that's not true either.

Anyways I do know what the solutions are: don't use air conditioning.
Don't nuke. Don't... Nice painting though and lithium is a rare element. There are other atomic molecular structures that more efficient and not rare.

Yes, unfortunately much of humanity is ignoring the climate change issues and the progenitor is getting angrier and angrier.

 last year 

Yes, some of politicians claim that climate change does not exist and there are people who follow this idea, that is a problem.

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