Steemit Communities Support Program For Steem Geography Community (From 29 july to 30)

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On this platform, from the communities that have become part of the support program from the steemit team. some posts are selected for the steemit support program every day through the community admin moderator. our steem geography community also a part of the steemit community support program. We select regular posts and create weekly reports.
Below are the reports of the posts selected on 29th July and 30th July.

For 29 July

Account NamePost Link

For 30 July

Account NamePost Link

Thank you to the all steemians who are involved with our #steemgeography community. And i would like to thanks to the community admin @belenguerra and mod @bright-obias for all the good work they are still doing in #steemgeography community.

And specially,
Your support is our inspiration
Thank you 💚

 6 months ago 

I am very happy to you that as be owner MOD @badsha1 you are doing work with honestly. And I am very thankful to our community ADMIN @belenguerra and other MOD @bright-obias are very hardworkers.So,due to this community is stable and without any plagiarism and out any problems.We are all joined family liked in this @steemgeography.



 6 months ago 

Good slection sir

 6 months ago 

Gracias amigo @badsha1 por mi selección. Agradecida con la comunidad #STEEM GEOGRAPHY por el apoyo. Cada día daré lo mejor de mi para de alguna forma contribuir a mejorar esta hermosa comunidad. Un gran saludo y bendiciones Para todos.

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