Contest || Wk-05 || Let's learn and teach, expand the scope of knowledge.

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Greetings everyone
How are you all my friends? I hope you all are very well and healthy by the grace of Almighty Allah. This week I have come with new dynamic where we can learn and gain knowledge about many things but surely your participation will take it to another level. So I hope you all will participate in this contest and tell all your all steem friends to participate in this amazing contest.

Topics Of This Contest.

Let's learn and teach, expand the scope of knowledge.

The steem4professionals community is made for people of all professions. So this is an ideal community for you where you can share your profession and the knowledge, skills and experience you have acquired so that others can learn and benefit from it. Also you will learn a lot from others to increase communication and register them. I believe if we can So, dear friends, in this context, I have put the theme of this contest "Let's learn and teach, expand the scope of knowledge." There was no entry in past week so now started the 5th week of this contest. Hopefully your presence will help keep this contest running consistently. Below I have given some tips to make this contest easier:

✅ Describe what we are going to learn today from your profession.

✅ Share it in tutorial form step by step or whatever way you prefer to do it.

✅ Share your cautionary guidance on this topic for others.

  • Post should be in Steem4Professionals Community.

  • The title of the post should be:
    Let's learn and teach, expand the scope of knowledge.

  • It would be better if you use original images otherwise you can use images from copyright free image sites and must share the source link.

  • A minimum of Club 5050 is required to participate.

  • I will appreciate you if you participated in the burnsteem25 project of the steemit team, which has an effective role in the growth of steem. Set 25% beneficiary to @null account and then use #burnsteem25 tag in your post.

  • Write up to 300+ words in any language to make this post good quality.

  • Upvote and resteem this post to know everyone about the contest and invite your three or more active steemain friends.

  • Don’t forget to share your entry link below in my comment section.

  • Use this tag must in your post #s4p-tutorial, #learnwithsteem , #steemexclusive, # yourcountry, # club 5050,75,100 as are you in.

  • Plagiarism posts of any kind will not be accepted and users receiving Bitbot services will not be allowed.

End Time:-Until the post pays out.
CONTEST PRIZE- 07 Steem Power.
1st3 Steem Power
2nd2 Steem Power
3rd2 Steem Power

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