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I often hear this question, "How do we find time in our busy lives?" True, we cannot stop the clock or increase the hours in a day! No, it is not possible to stop the clock. It will keep moving at its own pace. The laws of physics govern the passage of time.

You must have read Einstein's theory of relativity. You can not stop or reverse the time, so what can you do to have more time?

The answer is Better Time Management

In short, the concept of "stopping time" is not possible, so you will have to do something so you have more time.


During my childhood, I once asked this question to my mother, who was a working housewife should have thought. She gave the example of a 'cupboard', in which if the clothes and accessories are kept in a proper way, most of them will be accommodated perfectly, but if kept haphazardly, half of the things will remain outside. So it was all about how we manage things.

Time is also like a cupboard in which the daily routine has to be managed in a proper order. If you look carefully, there is a lot more space in it, and you can use more of your time.

In today's time, after the internet and social media, a new item has been added to our cupboard, which keeps worrying us even if we try to find a solution. A new word called 'screen time' has been added to the vocabulary of information technology. Everyone, from youth to pensioners, is spending a lot of time on this issue.

Since news, articles, books, information, etc. are available at a fast pace on the internet, one cannot turn away from them. In the era of smartphones, it is a tough challenge for all of us, "How to manage the time, or how is time management possible?"

As far as I am concerned, instead of blaming the digital age, it is better to make it a 'weapon'. One thing that has come to my attention in the digital study is that our reading speed has increased considerably, and our attention span has decreased. That means if you read an article of 615 words, for example, this article, in three minutes, only sixty percent of it reaches your mind, and you move on to the next article.

In such a situation, we have to note down the difficult points while reading. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more accessible in the digital age that you can copy links or specific excerpts. Since we read the article once in five minutes, we can read it twice in seven minutes or even three times in ten minutes. The article is the same, but if you repeat reading, the frequency will increase.

I can give you a good example of this. Like earlier, when we used to play test matches of cricket, we used to score 300 runs in a day's play. Then we used to score 600 runs in one-day matches in fifty-over tournaments in a day, but now we score double that score in 20-20 cricket in less than four hours.

Let me say that when we wake up in the morning, we should set our goals. For this, the old technique was to make charts on paper and write the names of the subjects. This outline should be kept in mind, and the topics, pace, and frequency of study should be determined accordingly. In life, every morning is new, every day is new, and every coming minute is new. But the goal is definite, and we have to reach it within the stipulated time.

So let's get started and practice perfect time management.

I invite @waqarahmadshah, @deepak94 and @aaliarubab


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